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The Ultimate Guide to Building the Best Barbarian in Dark and Darker

If you’re looking to unleash massive damage and wreak havoc on your enemies in Dark and Darker, the Barbarian class is your go-to choice. With the ability to wield a fearsome two-handed Axe and Hatchets, the Barbarian is the most hard-hitting class in the game. But that’s not all – the class perks and skills will also grant you various buffs and advantages.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the perks and skills of the Barbarian class in Dark and Darker, and show you how to build a formidable Barbarian character both in solo play and team play. We’ll start by explaining the fundamentals of the Barbarian class and then provide a detailed list of all the skills and perks available for you to choose from.

Barbarian Class: The Damage Dealer Extraordinaire

The Barbarian class in Dark and Darker is tailor-made for players who love inflicting heavy damage on their foes. With a significantly higher HP pool than other classes, the Barbarian can withstand punishing blows. However, this advantage comes at a cost – the Barbarian suffers from slow movement and attacking speed. Thankfully, the power of the two-handed Axe allows you to dish out damage equivalent to wielding two weapons simultaneously, enabling you to dispatch enemies swiftly. Moreover, the Barbarian’s unique ability to break chests and doors with their Axe eliminates the need to waste time on tedious activities.

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The Barbarian build comprises perks and skills that are essential for both solo and team play. While it excels in solo runs, allowing you to gather loot quickly and efficiently, it can also be a valuable asset in team-based gameplay, contributing to DPS and supporting your allies.

Mastering the Perks of the Barbarian Build

The Barbarian class offers a total of nine perks in the Class Menu. However, you can only select four perks as you level up your Barbarian class to level 15. Initially, you can only add one perk to the perk slots, but as you progress, additional slots will unlock. The second slot becomes available at level 5, the third at level 10, and the fourth at level 15. Here is a comprehensive list of all the perks available for the Barbarian class:

  • Axe Specialization: Adds 10% weapon damage to your Axe attacks.
  • Berserker: Grants a 2% attack power bonus for every 10% health lost, with a maximum bonus of 18%.
  • Carnage: Increases Strength by +10 after killing an enemy.
  • Iron Will: Raises your character’s Magic Resistance by 100%.
  • Morale Boost: Provides a 10% HP gain after killing an enemy.
  • Savage: Increases physical damage bonus by 10% if not wearing any chest armor.
  • Smash: Allows your character to destroy containers and doors, and deals extra damage against parrying and defending enemies.
  • Toughness: Boosts HP by 10%.
  • Two Handed Weapon Expert: Bestows a 5% attacking power boost to two-handed weapons (Axe) while wielded.

Barbarian Build Perks and Skills

Mastering the Skills of the Barbarian

The Barbarian class offers four skills that can be equipped from the Class Menu. You can choose any two skills for your character, even from the start of the game. Here are the skills available for the Barbarian class:

  • Rage: Greatly increases your character’s strength and movement speed by 15% but reduces defense by 20% for a short duration.
  • Reckless Attack: Ignores 75% of the enemy’s armor on the next hit after activating the skill.
  • Savage Roar: Frightens enemies within a 7.5m range for 6 seconds, reducing their damage bonus by 25%.
  • War Cry: Increases your character’s and nearby allies’ max HP by 25% for 7 seconds.
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Building the Best Barbarian for Solo and Team Play

Whether you prefer solo play or teaming up with friends, your class build matters. The gameplay dynamics differ in each scenario, and your role as a Barbarian may vary from being an aggressive damage dealer in solo play to a supportive team player. It will depend on whether you need to face enemies head-on or provide healing support to your allies.

For a solo build, equip the Rage and Savage Roar skills. This combination allows for increased movement speed and the ability to frighten enemies, making it easier for you to obliterate them. To maximize your effectiveness, select the Berserker, Savage, Toughness, and Axe Specialization perks. Since you’ll be playing aggressively in solo mode, it’s vital to dispatch enemies swiftly and move swiftly while wielding your powerful two-handed Axe.

Barbarian Solo Build

For team play, the Rage and Savage Roar skills are still recommended, as they allow you to keep pace with your allies in dungeons. However, the perk selection should be adjusted. Opt for the Morale Boost, Berserker, Smash, and Carnage perks. These perks will allow you to contribute as a team player, clearing out enemies and opening chests and doors swiftly. Additionally, the Morale Boost perk ensures that you can replenish your health by eliminating enemies.

Embrace the Barbarian Class and Prepare for the Dark and Darker Adventure

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Barbarian class in the third playtest of Dark and Darker. However, keep in mind that changes may occur in future playtests or upon the game’s official release. Stay tuned for any updates. In the meantime, experiment with different perks and skills to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle.

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Remember, as you embark on your Dark and Darker adventure as a Barbarian, prioritize E-E-A-T principles – user experience, expertise, authority, trustworthiness, and your life experiences – to establish trust with your audience. Happy gaming!

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