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Dark and Darker: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting the Perfect Bard Builds

Dark and Darker, an immersive and challenging battle royale game set in a dark fantasy dungeon, has garnered a devoted fan base. With its unique PvPvE combat and addictive gameplay loop, it offers a thrilling twist on the extraction genre. At the heart of Dark and Darker lies its class system, which comprises 8 distinct classes that significantly shape your playstyle. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Bard class, providing you with expert advice on how to create the ultimate Bard build.

An Introduction to the Bard

The Bard is not your ordinary magic-user class; their spellcasting revolves around a rhythm-based mini-game. While this introduces an extra layer of complexity to gameplay, it also grants them a diverse repertoire of spells, including damage-dealing, healing, buffing, and debuffing abilities. Among all the magic users, Bards boast the highest Strength and Agility stats, but their Will stat is comparatively lower. This results in slightly reduced magic resistance and spell power/duration. To maximize the potential of this class, it is crucial to master the art of performing songs with perfect accuracy, as the effectiveness of the Bard’s spells hinges on achieving Poor/Good/Perfect results.

Available Bard Perks

Perks play a passive role in enhancing your character’s abilities. You can customize your perk loadout in the ‘class’ tab. Initially, you only have access to one perk slot at Level 0, but as you progress and reach Levels 5, 15, and 20, you unlock additional slots for more perk options.

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Available Bard Skills

Skills are active abilities with a designated duration, triggered by pressing ‘Q’ or ‘E’. The Bard’s skills possess a unique feature—they can store other abilities known as Sheet Music. This distinctive mechanic adds a layer of versatility to the Bard’s arsenal.

Available Bard Sheet Music

Sheet Music serves the same function as spells. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to equip at least one Music Memory Skill to perform sheet music effectively.

Best Bard Builds

Beginner Bard Build

Embrace the learning process and don’t be discouraged by a few off-key moments. Everyone starts somewhere!

Recommended Loadout: Focus on acquiring upgraded versions of your instruments.

Recommended Perks: Superior Dexterity is an essential perk for any Bard, streamlining the transition between instruments and melee weapons.

Recommended Skills: Equip Encore to secure a freebie perfect performance. Although this build only allows for one Musical Memory, five sets of Sheet Music provide ample opportunities for beginners to become familiar with the class. Choose Tranquility, Harmonic Shield, Shriek of Weakness, Accelerando, Unchained Harmony, and Piercing Shrill.

Support Bard Build

Unlock the healing potential of music, ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and your allies.

Recommended Loadout: Consider wielding a Rapier as an additional melee option.

Recommended Perks: Try out Melodic Protection, Superior Dexterity, Story Teller, and Wanderer’s Luck. This selection includes two indispensable Bard perks (SD and WL), a robust defensive perk, and a Will/Knowledge buff.

Recommended Skills: Utilize both Musical Memory slots with Harmonic Shield, Song of Shadow, Tranquility, Beats of Alacrity, Unchained Harmony, Rousing Rhythms, Aria of Alacrity, Song of Silence, Peacemaking, and Allegro.

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Beastly Bard Build

Unleash the power of aggressive melodies—this build is a headbanging masterpiece.

Recommended Loadout: Equip the formidable Falchion sword for devastating blows, and don the protective Regal Gambeson armor for maximum defense.

Recommended Perks: Once again, Superior Dexterity is a must-have for swift battle-style transitions. Additionally, consider selecting Reinforced Instruments, War Song, and Wanderer’s Luck to complete your perk loadout.

Recommended Skills: Opt for two Musical Memories and include Sheet Music such as Lament of Languor, Chaotic Discord, Banshee’s Howl, Piercing Shrill, Din of Darkness, Allegro, Shriek of Weakness, Beats of Alacrity, Song of Silence, and Ballad of Courage.

For in-depth guides on other classes like the Warlock or the Fighter, make sure to check out our comprehensive build guides.

Remember, the key to mastering the Bard class lies in honing your musical prowess and experimenting with various combinations of perks, skills, and sheet music. Take the stage, embrace your inner virtuoso, and lead your party to victory in the dark and treacherous world of Dark and Darker!

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