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Dark and Darker: Class Tier List and Optimal Builds

Picking the perfect class in Dark and Darker is only the first step. To truly excel, you also need to find the right build for your chosen path. While any combination can technically work, the ideal build can make your journey through this punishing RPG much easier and more enjoyable. In this guide, we will explore the class tier list and provide insights into the best builds for each class.

Class Tier List

Dark and Darker offers a variety of classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While every class can be effective, some are more suited for certain playstyles or team compositions. Consider your preferred playstyle before committing to a class.

S-Rank Classes

These classes are the cream of the crop, capable of withstanding most threats with relative ease.


Fighters are truly versatile, excelling in both offense and defense. With the ability to wear heavy armor and master shield skills, they make formidable tanks. You can specialize in offense or balance both aspects, creating the ultimate all-rounder.


Though squishier than fighters, Rangers excel at ranged combat. Utilize their powerful ranged attacks and traps to dispatch foes from a safe distance. A well-aimed headshot can swiftly eliminate most enemies, while stealth allows you to evade danger.

A-Rank Classes

These classes are strong choices but require more finesse to reach their full potential.

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Wizards possess immense magical power but require practice to master. With long spell cast times, they can easily be overwhelmed without proper support. Nonetheless, their potent spells can turn the tide of battle, making them formidable allies in the right hands.


The Rogue’s effectiveness depends on your ability to be sneaky. While they may not be the strongest class, their stealth skills, poison attacks, and strategic timing can make them a force to be reckoned with. Familiarize yourself with map layouts and make use of the environment to gain the upper hand.

B-Rank Classes

These classes may require more effort to succeed with, but can still be viable options.


The Cleric occupies a unique space between support and offense. Offering a mix of buffs, healing, and both magical and physical attacks, they provide versatility. While not excelling in any particular area, their balanced skill set can be a valuable addition to any team.


Barbarians can be challenging to master, especially at lower levels. Their slow speed in both movement and attack leaves them susceptible to being overwhelmed. However, with proper support from a Cleric and careful play, their brute strength can crush anything in sight.

Optimal Builds for Dark and Darker

As you progress in Dark and Darker, your class will gain access to a variety of skills and abilities. However, not every option is worth using. Here are our recommended builds for each class that have proven to be highly effective.

Best Fighter Build

This build focuses on defense, self-healing, and overall improvements in attack and movement speed. The essential ability is Second Wind, which allows you to recover and keep fighting. Choose between Sprint and Victory Strike based on your preferred playstyle.

  • Perks:

    • Swift
    • Defense Expert
    • Combo Attack
    • Shield Expert
  • Abilities:

    • Second Wind
    • Sprint OR Victory Strike
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Best Ranger Build

The best Ranger build emphasizes distance, maximizing headshot damage, and utilizing traps. Consider taking Trapping Expert to set up traps faster and reduce danger. Alternatively, choose Sharpshooter if you have sufficient cover to increase headshot damage.

  • Perks:

    • Nimble Hands
    • Ranged Weapons Expert
    • Trapping Expert
    • Tracking
  • Abilities:

    • Field Ration
    • Quick Fire

Best Wizard Build

Wizards have a plethora of viable builds, given their wide range of spells. We recommend a balance between offense and support. Quick Chant is the preferred perk, reducing cast time by 20%.

  • Spells:

    • Magic Missile
    • Fireball
    • Haste
    • Slow
  • Abilities:

    • Spell Memory
    • Intense Focus

Best Cleric Build

The Cleric offers a unique blend of support and offense. Focus on spells that buff your party, healing, and a defensive mix of magic and physical attacks. Choose between Judgment and Smite as your ability, based on whether you prioritize damage or enemy control.

  • Spells:

    • Divine Strike
    • Lesser Heal
    • Holy Light
    • Protection
  • Abilities:

    • Spell Memory
    • Judgment OR Smite

Best Rogue Build

Rogues excel at ambushes and debilitating attacks. This build prioritizes stealth skills and debilitating attacks, allowing you to weaken foes while making your escape.

  • Perks:

    • Backstab
    • Poisoned Weapon
    • Stealth
    • Ambush
  • Abilities:

    • Hide
    • Rupture

Best Barbarian Build

Barbarians excel at taking damage and dealing quick, decisive blows. This build aims to shorten fights and restore HP as much as possible.

  • Perks:

    • Smash
    • Carnage
    • Morale Boost
    • Toughness
  • Abilities:

    • Savage Roar
    • War Cry

If you need further assistance in Dark and Darker, be sure to check out our helpful tips on extracting safely, healing and reviving, and casting spells. With the right class and build, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the depths of this challenging RPG.

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