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Dark and Darker Best Weapons Tier List (September 2023)

Much of the gameplay in the popular game Dark and Darker revolves around venturing into challenging dungeons to find the best weapons, armor, and loot. These treasures not only give you the upper hand against enemies but also allow you to explore deeper into the dungeons in future adventures. However, figuring out which weapons are worth wielding can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created this Dark and Darker weapons tier list to help you make the right choices.

Weapon Tier List Key

Before we dive into the rankings, let’s go over what each tier means:

  • S – Near perfection. The best weapons in the game.
  • A – Excellent. Great in almost any scenario.
  • B – Good with minor flaws that can be mitigated.
  • C – Decent overall, despite some significant flaws.
  • D – Poor. Offers limited utility.
  • F – Never worth equipping.

S Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

In the S tier, you’ll find the crème de la crème of Dark and Darker weapons. These are the unique weapons with super high-stats and special features like damage modifiers and enemy debuffs. However, obtaining these weapons is no easy task, as they can only be acquired from bosses in the challenging High-Roller dungeons. But if you manage to conquer these dungeons, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best gear in the game. Some notable S tier weapons include Aegis, Heater Shield, Life After Death, Famine, Elven Bow of Truth, Nipalan, Pestilence, Pulverizing Prayer, Cinder, Fulgor, and Kuma’s Fang.

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A Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

The A tier features weapons that won’t disappoint you. Here, you’ll find reliable choices like the Longsword, a well-balanced melee weapon with defensive abilities like parry and riposte. The A tier also includes essential items for magic users such as the Spellbook and the Crystal Sword. Additionally, you’ll find some powerful two-handed weapons that don’t compromise your movement speed. Other notable A tier weapons include Pavise, Battle Axe, Felling Axe, Double Axe, Longbow, Recurve Bow, Windlass Crossbow, Morning Star, War Maul, Wizard Staff, Halberd, Spear, Kuma’s Claw, Rondel Dagger, and Zweihander.


B Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

The B tier includes weapons that are just a step below greatness. While they may have some minor drawbacks, they still offer solid performance. One interesting entry in this tier is the Flute, a Bard-specific weapon that can be used for musical spells and even parrying and riposting. However, it falls short of making it to the A tier. Other notable B tier weapons are Hatchet, Horseman’s Axe, Hand Crossbow, Crossbow, Kris Dagger, Stiletto Dagger, Flanged Mace, Magic Staff, Quarterstaff, Flute, Arming Sword, Falchion, Short Sword, Viking Sword, and Viola.


C Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

In the C tier, we have the rest of the Bard-specific weapons. While the Bard class is interesting, its equipment doesn’t shine as brightly. We also find the weaker shield options here, as they don’t provide enough protection to justify sacrificing a hand that could be better occupied. The C tier weapons include Buckler, Round Shield, Survival Bow, Crystal Ball, Lyre, Drum, Lute, Rapier, and Castillion Dagger.

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D Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

The D tier includes two weapons that didn’t quite make the cut. The Magic Wand is the weakest magical weapon, with only debuffs to your movement and action speed as its stats. On the other hand, the Bardiche offers high damage and range but comes with severe penalties to movement speed, attack speed, block reaction, and defense. Considering the significant trade-offs, these weapons find themselves in the D tier.

F Tier Dark and Darker Weapons

Lastly, we have the F tier, which consists of a single entry: Unarmed. Unless a Monk class is introduced in Dark and Darker, attempting to complete the dungeon with bare fists is not a feasible strategy.


All in all, remember that the effectiveness of a weapon can vary depending on the class you choose. If you want more information on that, be sure to check out our class guides such as the best Rogue build or the best Fighter builds. Happy dungeon crawling!

Note: This article is based on the Dark and Darker Best Weapons Tier List as of September 2023.

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