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Dark and Darker: A Medieval Extraction Looter Taking Steam Next Fest by Storm

It’s no secret that whenever a new medieval multiplayer game hits Steam, it tends to gain immense popularity. The same can be said for the highly anticipated Dark and Darker, whose demo is currently causing a stir at Steam Next Fest.

Dark and Darker: A Unique Take on Extraction Looters

Dark and Darker, developed by Ironmance, introduces an exciting twist to the extraction looter genre. Picture a battle royale, but instead of simply fighting to the death, you must escape with the spoils you find. In this dark and maze-like dungeon, you’ll enter alongside up to three other players. As time ticks away, a danger zone closes in, forcing everyone closer together until a winner emerges.

Similar to battle royale games, your goal is to equip yourself with better gear and find useful items like health potions and bandages by exploring chests and areas. However, Dark and Darker takes it a step further by offering players various classes to specialize in. Whether you prefer the agility of a rogue, the brute force of a barbarian, or the mystic powers of a wizard, each class brings unique abilities and spells to the table. As you progress, your character can level up and acquire perks, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Persistence Pays Off

In Dark and Darker, your journey doesn’t end with a single dungeon dive. Between expeditions, you can purchase and equip superior equipment and weapons, as well as replenish your consumables. Of course, acquiring these upgrades is contingent upon successfully escaping the dungeons you explore. Fail to find a portal to exit, and you’ll fall victim to the swarm, leaving empty-handed.

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It’s worth noting that the dungeons aren’t solely inhabited by real players. You’ll also encounter computer-controlled enemies like skeletons, transforming Dark and Darker into a thrilling PvPvE experience.

A Tense and Engaging Gameplay

Dark and Darker is an atmospheric game that excels at creating tension and immersion. The artistry, particularly the character portraits and loading screens, evokes a Warhammer-esque aesthetic, immersing players in a gritty world. However, the gameplay itself can be somewhat awkward, especially in first-person melee combat. You’ll need to carefully navigate through the darkness, avoiding drawing unnecessary attention with your torch. Swing weapons, hold up shields, and strategize your moves to survive the hordes of enemies that stand in your way. While combat may feel rudimentary initially, the inclusion of spells and the importance of balanced group composition open up deeper strategic possibilities.

The Verdict

Although Dark and Darker may have its shortcomings, there’s no denying its allure. While the gameplay may lack sophistication, it compensates with an engaging mix of exploration, combat, and character progression. Whether you’re a fan of extraction looters or simply seeking a fresh multiplayer experience, this game has something to offer. Enjoy the flickering torches, the beckoning hallways, and the adrenaline-inducing battles as you delve into the depths of Dark and Darker.

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Medieval extraction looter Dark and Darker is having a moment in Steam Next Fest
Oh mummy!

Medieval extraction looter Dark and Darker is having a moment in Steam Next Fest
This is my new best friend who I’m about to let get killed, but they don’t know that yet.

Medieval extraction looter Dark and Darker is having a moment in Steam Next Fest
The lobby screen. I quite like it. Can you see how much energy I’m giving out in chat? That’s what I do. I’m a team player. (They left not long after this was taken.)

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