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A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring the Dark and Darker Goblin Caves


The Dark and Darker Goblin Caves offer a thrilling solo dungeon experience. This map is strictly for individual adventurers, with no option for party play. While you won’t come across any Red portals, you’ll encounter a formidable Troll boss and a hidden extraction point.

Inside these treacherous caves, you’ll encounter a horde of menacing creatures, including goblins, spiders, mummies, zombies, and more. Beware of the goblins, as their weapons are coated in poison, inflicting lasting damage. It’s crucial to avoid their poisonous blades and arrows at all costs, as they can be lethal. Survival in this dungeon demands familiarity with the map and an understanding of what lies ahead. Knowing the intricacies of the terrain will significantly increase your chances of making it out alive.

goblin cave map dark and darker

Outlined below are explanations for each segment of the Dark and Darker Goblin Caves, providing insights into what you can expect in each area.

Types of Enemies and How to Overcome Them

The Dark and Darker Goblin Caves are teeming with various types of enemies. Here’s a breakdown of the creatures you’ll encounter and strategies for defeating them:

  • Skeleton Champion: This formidable boss monster wields a sword and shield and packs a powerful punch. Avoid engaging in close combat and be mindful of its swift attacks. Keep distance, strike quickly, and step back to minimize damage.

  • Death Beetles: These flying pests can be quite a nuisance. They will fly around you and spit venom. Dodge their ranged attacks and dispatch them swiftly with a few strikes.

  • Giant Dragonfly: This rare creature is found only in the northeastern part of the map. They attack from a distance and can be challenging to hit due to their small size. Watch out for their venomous projectiles and eliminate them with caution.

  • Skeleton Archer: There’s only one of these archers near the center of the map. Take cover from their arrows and strike when they are in your line of sight.

  • Skeleton Guardsman: Equipped with swords, these guardsmen possess a decent range but attack at a slow pace. Employ hit-and-move tactics to avoid their strikes.

  • Spiders: Dealing with multiple spiders simultaneously can pose a challenge. Aim for the ground while stepping back and swinging your weapon to defeat them. Destroy the spider pot to prevent continuous spider spawns.

  • Goblin Archer: These archers wield poison-coated arrows. Line up your attacks when they are within your line of sight. Watch out for the venomous poison and ensure you evade it.

  • Goblin Warrior: Armed with poison blades and shields, these warriors can inflict significant harm. Engage in hit-and-back strategies, allowing them to swing before striking again. Once you understand their attack patterns, avoiding their strikes becomes relatively easy.

  • Death Skull: These bat-like creatures will charge at you when their eyes turn yellow. Sidestep or duck to evade their onslaught. They can be eliminated with just one or two well-placed hits, but their flying nature makes them somewhat tricky targets.

  • Mummy: Mummies move slowly and telegraph their attacks. Strike and step back, then repeat the process until they are defeated.

  • Skeleton Footman: Similar to the Skeleton Guardsman, these footmen yield swords and shields. Employ hit-and-move tactics to minimize damage.

  • Zombie: These creatures emit poisonous clouds that deal damage. They share a similar attack pattern with mummies but are slower. Strike, evade the poison cloud, and attack again after they have finished their assault.

  • Goblin Mage: These spellcasters employ long-range magic attacks. Though they possess less durability, they can inflict considerable damage. Take advantage of their line of sight and strike when they are not casting spells.

  • Goblin Axeman: Armed similarly to the Goblin Warrior, the axemen possess short-range, devastating attacks.

  • Cave Troll: As the boss of the map, the Cave Troll is located in the central chamber. Be warned: it possesses tremendous strength, capable of dealing devastating blows. The troll is armed with a ground smash and a powerful scream, both of which can inflict massive damage.

  • Giant Centipede: This mini-boss is a recent addition to the map. While it packs a punch, its moves are easily predictable. Alternate between strafing left and right to dodge its attacks, and avoid its venomous spit.

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In the top-left spawn, you’ll encounter a couple of goblins. Be cautious not to agitate them while looting a nearby chest. Exercise vigilance as you navigate through this area, as it also contains a spider pot and numerous traps. Should you manage to eliminate the initial goblins, another chest awaits you for looting. Beware of the dragonflies and death beetles that lurk in the top-left section of the map.


The northern part of the map poses a significant danger right from the spawn point. Tread carefully, as there is a chance of encountering other players in the vicinity. A door separates this area from a potential player spawn point, offering an opportunity for early-game confrontations. Additionally, goblin warriors roam this region, so exercise caution to avoid their poisonous blades. Employ hit-and-back tactics to steer clear of their attacks. With their limited reach, dodging their strikes should be relatively straightforward. In the center of the northern area, a goblin mage, accompanied by a few goblin warriors, awaits. While the mages are weak, they can deal considerable damage. If you engage the mage, ensure you take cover from its attacks while dispatching the surrounding warriors.

dark and darker goblin map 2


The northeast section of the cave features two floors. Accessing the second floor requires navigating the upper part of the map and finding the doorway. Exercise caution, as this room is highly dangerous, hosting death beetles, goblin warriors, goblin archers, and a goblin mage. Additionally, a special random chest awaits you in the top northeastern corner of the lower floor.

dark and darker goblin map 3


Spawning on the east side places you in close proximity to the secret escape route. If a blue portal for escape is unavailable, you can resort to the stairs as an alternative. Keep in mind that metal bars block the escape route until near the end of the dungeon timer. If you choose to utilize this method, be aware that only one person can escape this way. Should someone have already used it, you won’t be able to access it. Apart from the extraction point, you’ll also find a lootable dead body nearby. Exercise caution in this area, as it is infested with traps and harbors goblin archers, goblin warriors, a zombie, and a goblin mage. Approach large groups with care, as provoking all of them simultaneously could result in your demise.

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Center – Troll Cave Entrance

To reach the cave troll, the unique boss of the Dark and Darker Goblin Caves, you must journey to the center of the map. This area is teeming with spiders, traps, and skeletons, instead of the typical goblins found elsewhere in the caves. You’ll encounter a spike trap that can be advantageous in eliminating the skeletons. The entrance to the troll cave lies beyond a ramp, where a stone door awaits, guarding the boss.

dark and darker goblin map 4


The left side of the map harbors numerous goblin archers, goblin warriors, and floor spike traps. Exercise extreme caution while exploring this area, as traps may be present anywhere. The ground floor boasts bountiful chests but is also riddled with spikes. Keep an eye out for wall spikes, as they are prevalent in this region. When near a wall, crouch to avoid unnecessary damage.


Should you spawn in the southwest area, you’ll find a chest nearby. Like other parts of the map, this region teems with goblins, both archers and warriors. Prepare to evade poison damage. Furthermore, this area features abundant Rubysilver and Cobalt ore, making it an excellent spot for ore farming. However, be mindful of the concentration of mobs, as it can prove dangerous. Departing this area can be achieved through either of the doors near your spawn.

dark and darker goblin map 5


Spawning in the southern area places you before a wooden blockade. Take advantage of a nearby chest before breaking through the blockade to continue your dungeon exploration. This region is primarily occupied by goblin warriors. However, as you move north, you’ll encounter a few goblin archers and a mummy guarding a shrine of protection.

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The bottom-right spawn is relatively favorable, albeit infested with death skulls and featuring a spider pot near one of the doors. Take care to provoke the death skulls one at a time, and if successful, you’ll have access to several chests in the area. Exercise caution for wall spikes, of which there are a couple in the vicinity. As you venture further north, expect to face a couple of mummies.

southeast goblin cave dark and darker

High Roller Goblin Cave

Update: The Goblin Cave now boasts a High Roller mode, similar to the Crypt’s High Roller mode. Access to this mode requires paying an entrance fee. The Cave’s High Roller variant offers increased loot, a unique layout, and, of course, more formidable versions of goblins and other creatures. The High Roller map features a brand-new trap—stone piston traps. These traps consist of stone pillars that rapidly extend from the side walls, striking with force and pushing you. Exercise caution when exploring this version of the map, as other players will be heavily equipped.


Embarking on your initial journeys into the Dark and Darker Goblin Caves might prove brutal. Remember, understanding the map is crucial. Once you become familiar with the layout and the enemy spawns, navigating and surviving the caves become much more manageable. For more Darker and Darker guides, don’t forget to explore our complete Dark and Darker guide section here.

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