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Dark and Darker: The Ultimate Solo Rogue Build


This guide delves into the intricacies of the Dark and Darker solo Rogue build. Here, you will discover the most effective rogue perks, abilities, and gear for solo play. Additionally, you will gain valuable gameplay tips and learn how to kickstart your journey as a rogue.


  • Swift movement speed
  • Devastating damage over time


  • Fragile health, susceptible to easy defeat
  • Not recommended for beginners

Playing as a rogue may initially seem daunting. Carelessness can result in swift defeat from both monsters and fellow players. To succeed, you must strategically select and engage in battles, utilizing your speed as an advantage. Moreover, the rogue heavily relies on suitable gear, and acquiring decent equipment can prove challenging at first.

Nonetheless, by leveraging your strengths, the rogue class can excel in solo gameplay.


For the Dark and Darker solo rogue build, we recommend focusing on the following two skills:

  • Hide
  • Rupture

These abilities offer reliability and exceptional effectiveness, particularly for solo players and in group settings. Stealth enables you to conceal yourself, setting up attacks to inflict damage over time (DOT) on your target. Rupture, combined with Poisoned Weapon, will do most of the work for you, but only if you manage to land them!

solo rogue skills dark and darker


To optimize this build, we suggest the following perks:

  • Poisoned Weapon: This passive perk is undoubtedly one of the best for rogues. Continuously stack damage over time on your target, applying immense pressure while evading their attacks.
  • Shadow Runner: Exiting the Hide skill grants a 15% increase in movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • Ambush: The first attack within 3 seconds of breaking stealth deals an additional 50% weapon damage.
  • Stealth: While in hiding, you can take 10 steps while crouching or moving slowly.
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To maximize the potential of Poisoned Weapon, prioritize gear with the “Additional Magic Damage” stat. Even a green item with additional damage might surpass a purple item lacking it. If you come across gear with multiple perk bonuses, follow this priority:

  1. Additional Magic Damage
  2. +All Attribute
  3. Agility
  4. Strength

Consider these additional tips when equipping your rogue:

  • Utilize a rapier in your main hand and a dagger in your offhand to extend your range and amplify damage. Early on, you can easily acquire a low-cost rapier from a weaponsmith to clear dungeons more efficiently.
  • Both the Gambeson and Marauder outfit serve as viable gear choices. Remember to prioritize “Additional Magic Damage” over other perks.

Lastly, ensure you equip yourself with an ample supply of bandages and health potions. The rogue class lacks sustainability within its kit.

How to Play the Dark and Darker Solo Rogue Build

The essence of this build lies in inflicting damage through Poisoned Weapon and maximizing “Additional Magic Damage.” Strike your enemy a few times, then swiftly move away to minimize danger.

In PvE, heavily rely on Poisoned Weapon, avoiding excessive use of active cooldowns. Once you accumulate enough Additional Magic Damage, you should be able to strike most undead foes a few times before retreating. Utilize Rupture when dealing with high-health monsters such as bosses, and take advantage of your Ambush passive whenever possible.

PvP demands a more tactical approach. Your primary objective is to initiate sneak attacks on enemies from behind, making the first strike. To achieve this, strategically utilize darkness and your Stealth ability to gain advantageous positioning. Dim the surroundings by extinguishing lights and activate Stealth when enemies draw near.

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Following this, cast Rupture, aiming for your opponent’s head, and strike from behind to break stealth. Most enemy classes should succumb to a few backstabs, allowing Rupture and Poisoned Weapon to work their magic. Utilize your movement speed to dodge attacks from other melee classes, and Shadow Runner provides an excellent means to close in on your target.

REMEMBER, POISON WEAPON STACKS! Landing as many attacks as possible significantly increases the damage over time inflicted by your dots.

As a rogue, you lack sustain, so be sure to carry health potions and bandages when entering each dungeon. Additionally, exploit any health shrines you come across.

Dark and Darker Solo Rogue Build Conclusion

That concludes our comprehensive guide on the Dark and Darker Rogue Build! For more general information or beginner-friendly rogue guides, be sure to check out our additional resources. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your rogue prowess!

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