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Dark and Darker Ranger: A Guide to Build, Perks, Spear, Trap & Weapons

Dark and Dark Ranger

“The Ranger is an excellent survivalist. With a keen eye and quick hands, the Ranger tracks his enemies, sets traps, and ambushes unsuspecting prey.”

Rangers are skilled ranged combatants in the game Dark and Darker, specializing in long-range attacks with limited melee capabilities. While primarily focused on ranged combat, they can also be adapted to use melee weapons or specialize in wielding a Spear.

These hunters excel at fighting from a distance, easily finding, trapping, and eliminating players who have let their guard down.

Best Weapons for Rangers

Rangers are most effective when equipped with ranged weapons such as Bows or Crossbows, as they have lower damage output with melee weapons. For regular combat, it is advised to use a Bow, while a Crossbow is ideal for sniping enemies.

Alternatively, a combination of a Bow and a melee weapon can be used to counter enemies who close in on the Ranger. The Spear is the best choice for a melee weapon, as the Ranger gains a bonus of 10 Strength when using it. Bows synergize well with the Ranger’s skills, allowing them to deal significant damage.

Pros and Cons of the Ranger


  • Attacks quickly when using a bow
  • Can track down other players
  • Has the ability to set up traps
  • Can set up a campfire quickly


  • Unable to wield most melee weapons
  • Has low melee damage
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Ranger Stats

The Ranger has moderate health and is specialized in ranged damage, suffering penalties in melee attacks. Here are the Ranger’s stats:

  • Strength: 10
  • Agility: 20
  • Will: 10
  • Knowledge: 10
  • Resourcefulness: 25
  • Health: 90
  • Weight Limit: 0/0
  • Spell Memory: 0/10
  • Utility Effectiveness: 0
  • Move Speed: 100%
  • Action Speed: 5%
  • Spell Casting Speed: -50%
  • Equip Speed: 25%
  • Regular Interaction Speed: 56%
  • Magical Interaction Speed: -25%
  • Buff duration: -11%
  • Debuff Duration: 12.40%
  • Armor Penetration: 0%
  • Magic Penetration: 0%
  • Headshot Reduction: 0%
  • Projectile Damage: 0%
  • Physical Damage Reduction: -10%
  • Magic Resist: 2.5%
  • Physical Power Bonus: -11%
  • Magic Power Bonus: -25%

Dark and Dark Ranger Stats

Ranger Perks

The Ranger’s perks enhance their hunting abilities, proficiency with ranged weapons, and provide advantages in specific situations. The following perks are available to the Ranger:

1) Crossbow Mastery

Improves the Ranger’s performance with a Crossbow, providing a 5% bonus in physical damage, 50% reload speed, and increased movement speed while reloading.

2) Enhanced Hearing

Sharpens the Ranger’s senses, allowing them to hear enemy footsteps from a further distance and determine their location.

3) Kinesthesia

Increases the Ranger’s movement speed by 10% when aiming the bow and about to release an arrow.

4) Nimble Hands

Increases the Ranger’s shooting speed with a bow, enabling them to fire arrows 15% faster.

5) Ranged Weapons Expert

Boosts the Ranger’s physical attack power by 5% when using a ranged weapon like a Bow or Crossbow.

6) Sharpshooter

Increases the damage dealt by headshots with long-ranged weapons by 15%.

7) Spear Proficiency

Enhances the Ranger’s effectiveness when using a Spear, providing an additional 10 points of physical strength.

8) Tracking

Allows the Ranger to detect enemy footsteps, revealing their previous and potential locations.

9) Trap Expert

Reduces the time required for the Ranger to set up trap-type items, aiding in quick ambush preparations.

Ranger Skills

The Ranger’s skills further enhance their combat abilities and survival instincts. Here are some notable skills:

1) Field Ration

The Ranger searches for and consumes an emergency Field Ration, restoring 25 HP. This skill can be used up to 3 times per match.

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2) Multishot

Enables the Ranger to prepare and fire 5 arrows simultaneously, unleashing a spread shot attack.

3) Quickfire

Provides a 50% boost in action speed for a short duration when using a Bow-type weapon, allowing the rapid firing of arrows.

4) Quickshot

Allows the Ranger to ready 3 arrows for quick successive shots, maximizing damage output in a short period.

5) True Shot

Increases projectile flight speed and provides a 5% increase in physical attack power for a short duration, enhancing accuracy and damage.

Ranger Weapons

Rangers have a range of weapons at their disposal, although they perform best with long-range options. Here are the weapon choices for the Ranger:


  • Arming Sword
  • Rapier

Ranged Weapons

  • Recurve Bow
  • Long Bow
  • Survival Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Windlass Crossbow


  • Spear (Requires Spear Proficiency Perk)

Ranger Builds

Different builds cater to varying playstyles and combat preferences. Here are some popular Ranger builds:

1) Ranger Bow and Spear Build

This build focuses on using a Bow as the main weapon for long-range engagements. When enemies get close, the Spear serves as a backup for close-quarters combat. Recommended skills: Quickshot, Field Ration. Recommended perks: Nimble Hands, Ranged Weapons Expert, Sharpshooter, Spear Proficiency.

2) Ranger Bow and Crossbow Build

This build utilizes both a Bow and Crossbow, providing flexibility in combat. It is best suited for team play, enabling the Ranger to switch between ranged shots with the Crossbow and the Bow. Recommended skills: Quickshot, Field Ration. Recommended perks: Nimble Hands, Ranged Weapons Expert, Sharpshooter, Crossbow Mastery.

3) Ranger Spear and Crossbow Build

This build heavily relies on the Spear for close combat, complemented by the Crossbow for ranged damage. The Ranger can engage enemies from a distance with the Crossbow before closing the gap and striking with the Spear. Recommended skills: Trueshot, Field Ration. Recommended perks: Nimble Hands, Ranged Weapons Expert, Sharpshooter, Crossbow Mastery.

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4) Ranger Bow Build

This build focuses on maximizing the potential of Bows, utilizing both a quick-firing Bow like the Recurve Bow and a high-damage Bow like the Long Bow. The primary Bow allows for continuous fire during combat, while the Long Bow deals immense damage from a distance. Recommended skills: Quickshot, Field Ration. Recommended perks: Nimble Hands, Ranged Weapons Expert, Sharpshooter, Tracking.

5) Ranger Hunter Build

This build emphasizes tracking and trapping opponents, employing traps to set up lethal ambushes. A Bow is essential for this build, while a Spear can be used to engage trapped foes. Alternatively, a Crossbow and Spear can also be effective. Recommended skills: Quickshot, Field Ration. Recommended perks: Enhanced Hearing, Tracking, Trap Expert, Sharpshooter.

Ranger Arrows

Rangers have an unlimited supply of arrows but can only ready a few at a time, requiring time to reload. When out of arrows, the Ranger cannot fire more unless using the Quickshot ability, which bypasses the arrow count. Note that the Ranger’s movement speed significantly decreases during the reloading animation. It is best timed when enemies are at a distance.

Ranger Spear Equipping

Initially, Rangers cannot equip Spears. However, once the Spear Proficiency perk is obtained, Rangers can equip Spears and gain an additional 10 points of physical strength, increasing their attack power. As a result, the Spear is the optimal melee weapon choice for Rangers.

Ranger Trap Techniques

Rangers can set up traps and campfires for free when acquiring a new set of gear after losing items in a dungeon. Setting up traps quickly provides a tactical advantage as enemies need to spend time removing them, leaving them vulnerable to the Ranger’s attacks. Placing traps in front of doors or in dark areas can catch enemies off guard.

Ranger Best Perks

The best perks for the Ranger are those that enhance their ranged attack capabilities. Since the Bow is the Ranger’s primary weapon, the following perks are recommended:

  • Nimble Hands: Shoot arrows faster
  • Ranged Weapons Expert: Deal more damage
  • Sharpshooter: Increase headshot damage
  • Spear Proficiency: Boost Spear damage as a backup weapon

In Conclusion

Rangers excel at long-range combat but require accuracy as enemies often attempt to evade their attacks. Setting traps before engaging enemies enables quick dispatching, especially when combined with the Quickshot skill. The Field Ration skill provides excellent survivability, allowing Rangers to navigate solo dungeons with ease.

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