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What is Streamer Mode in Games? (Explained)

what is streamer mode in games

Streamer Mode is a revolutionary feature that allows gamers to maintain a clear distinction between their private lives and gaming personas. It provides a platform for gamers to showcase their true gaming skills to the world. With the advent of Streamer Mode, Discord has transformed into a multifaceted online media platform with millions of users. By combining the best features of streaming and Skype, Discord has become the go-to platform for gamers.

Understanding Streamer Mode

Streamer Mode is a fantastic tool that enables users to stream their gameplay on any gaming streaming service effortlessly. It seamlessly integrates with various gaming platforms, allowing gamers to enhance their streaming experience. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of Streamer Mode and explore its key differentiators from Normal Mode.

How Does it Work?

To activate Streamer Mode, you need to ensure that your streaming application has enabled integration settings. Access the “Settings” option and navigate to “Connections” on the left-hand side. From there, proceed to “Server Settings” and click on “Integration Settings.” Look for the streaming platform you wish to integrate with and finalize the process by selecting the SYNC box. By doing so, you will successfully activate the integration.

Most new users utilize Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), which offers a seamless integration experience through its freeware kit. Once the integration is complete, you can effortlessly stream your gameplay and engage in chat and voice communications. Download OBS and follow the prompts to gain access to your chosen streaming platform.

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The Difference Between Normal Mode and Streamer Mode

Unlike Normal Mode, Streamer Mode allows you to conceal all private information from your screen, ensuring the safety of your real identity. It only projects the gameplay and your Gamer Tag, eliminating any unwanted distractions. In Normal Mode, users may unwittingly display more information than desired, such as server invites or pop-up admin notifications.

Streamer Mode is designed to hide these notifications and messages, ensuring they do not appear during your gaming sessions. While you will still receive these messages, they will not be visible on your stream. Here are a few examples of what Streamer Mode hides that Normal Mode does not:

  1. User Personal Information: Streamer Mode hides any personal information that you may have projected before, such as other user information, email addresses, and tags. It also conceals information from integrated apps.

  2. Invite Links: When streaming, it is common to receive invite links that can disrupt the flow. Streamer Mode allows you to hide all server information and any other details associated with the link. Viewers will only see the “Streamer Mode” displayed on the screen.

  3. Notifications and Sounds: In Normal Mode, viewers can hear system notification and message sounds during a stream. Streamer Mode eliminates system sounds and notifications, allowing only the user’s voice to be streamed over the application.


In conclusion, we have explored the key aspects of Discord’s Streamer Mode in this article. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about whether to utilize Streamer Mode for your own streaming endeavors or simply disregard it like other Discord features. Regardless, Streamer Mode is a valuable addition to the platform that many find helpful. It ensures the security of your personal information while streaming games to friends and viewers alike.

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