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How to Quickly Level Up in Dark and Darker

What’s the secret to leveling up fast in the newly relaunched Dark and Darker? As fans flock to the PvPvE experience, both new and returning players are eager to reach level 15 swiftly. With eight classes already available and more on the way, finding the fastest route to gain levels is essential. In this guide, we’ll show you some surefire strategies to level up quickly in Dark and Darker while ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

Prioritize Blue Portal Extraction

For new players, escaping from the dungeon through blue portals is key to gaining large chunks of early XP. The more loot you can bring back, the better! Opening as many blue portals as possible will grant you some extra XP. Just remember to extract safely, as dying before extraction means you’ll lose everything.

Blue portal extraction is key to leveling up fast in Dark and Darker

Get the Last Hit on Enemies for XP

If you’re playing in a team, it’s crucial to understand that XP is not shared between players. Whoever lands the final blow on a monster or enemy player will be the sole recipient of XP. If you’re a lower-level player teaming up with more experienced allies, let them weaken the enemies for you. This way, you can swoop in for the final blow and level up effortlessly.

Play Solo in the Goblin Caves

The addition of the Goblin Caves offers players the opportunity to venture solo. With simple AI and plenty of decent loot, this is an excellent spot to level up. Be mindful of other players trying to do the same. Equipping a bow and attacking from above is an effective strategy. Additionally, the Goblin Caves provide a great environment to hone your skills and improve your gameplay fundamentals.

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Level up fast in Dark and Darker by playing solo in the Goblin Caves

Use Red Portals for Higher XP

Once you reach level 5 or above, the first floor of the dungeon won’t offer as many opportunities for quick leveling. It’s time to delve deeper! Red portals will lead you to more dangerous depths, but they guarantee substantial XP gains upon successful extraction. Be prepared to face stronger enemies, but don’t worry—they drop better loot and yield more XP as well.

Maxing out your levels unlocks new perk slots at levels 5, 10, and 15, providing you with more customization options for your build. By utilizing the strategies mentioned above, you’ll quickly grind out those levels and be ready to conquer the darkest dungeons in no time.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering about playing Dark and Darker on Steam, be sure to check out what we know so far.

Remember, the key to leveling up fast in Dark and Darker is to embrace the challenges while enjoying the thrilling journey. Good luck, adventurer!

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