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Deceive Inc. Characters Tier List: Unveiling the Best Characters in the Game

Decieve Inc. offers a thrilling twist to the first-person shooter genre. As an elite spy, your mission is to blend seamlessly into the crowd, outsmart your rivals, and seize the objectives. However, you won’t be alone in this high-stakes game. Other players will embody rival spies, competing against you for the same objectives.

With an initial roster of eight diverse playable Agents, you’ll have a wide array of options to explore and identify the playstyle that suits you best. Just like any other shooter, certain characters possess unique abilities that set them apart from the rest.

In this comprehensive Deceive Inc. Characters tier list, I’ll discuss the most exceptional characters in the game, guiding you on who to consider trying out when you embark on your espionage journey. Remember, this tier list aims to enhance your gaming experience and help you have fun.

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Deceive Inc. General Information

Before diving into the tier list, let’s familiarize ourselves with the various roles in Deceive Inc. Each Agent assumes a distinct role, which informs their playstyle. Here’s an overview of these roles:

  • Vanguard: A well-rounded, self-reliant fighter.
  • Tracker: Specializes in locating, singling out, and hunting down targets.
  • Scoundrel: Masters the art of using dirty tricks to achieve victory.
  • Disruptor: An expert at controlling space and disrupting the flow of battles.
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Apart from their roles, Agents also possess a weapon, an expertise, and a passive ability. Let’s delve into these details:

  • Weapons: Each Agent wields a basic weapon. However, additional weapon variants can be unlocked.
  • Expertise: These are active skills that Agents can utilize. In addition to their basic expertise, two extra abilities can be unlocked.
  • Passive: Agents come with a set of passive abilities that are always active. Initially, you have one passive ability, but more can be unlocked as you progress.

Now that we’re equipped with this essential information, let’s proceed to explore the phenomenal characters that Deceive Inc. has to offer.

Deceive Inc. Characters – S Tier


  • Role: Vanguard.
  • Weapon – Lace: This silenced pistol excels at close-range combat, boasting medium damage, a fast fire rate, and reasonable reload speed.
  • Expertise – Eyes on the prize: Instantly detects valuable items within a large area, highlighting them for Squire and his allies.
  • Passive – Always ready: When damaged, Squire receives an amped-up speed boost. However, this ability remains inactive until Squire finds cover again. It does not activate in response to fall damage.

Squire claims the top spot in our tier list due to its versatility, accommodating players of all skill levels. Utilize Squire’s expertise to provide valuable information to your team. Moreover, when danger looms, Squire’s passive ability enables a swift retreat to safety.


  • Role: Vanguard.
  • Weapon – Sentinel: This powerful standard revolver shines in mid-range encounters with moderate fire rate and reload speed.
  • Expertise – Hard Boiled: Temporarily renders Chavez invulnerable, impervious to damage, with limitations on interactions limited to unlocked doors.
  • Passive – Tough Luck: A portion of damage received by Chavez transforms into grey health, gradually regenerating over time. The amount of grey health depends on the damage inflicted.
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Chavez stands as one of the sturdier Agents, thanks to the invincibility offered by the expertise and the regenerating grey health from the passive ability. Keep his resilience in mind during challenging battles.

Deceive Inc. Characters – A Tier


  • Role: Scoundrel.
  • Weapon – Silence: This throwable pocket pistol excels in close-range combat, delivering decent damage with a rapid fire rate and swift reload speed. When the magazine is empty, Larcin hurls the weapon, dealing damage.
  • Expertise – Adieu: Becomes invisible, with close allies receiving a speed boost upon activation. While invisible, Larcin remains impervious to damage and detection tools, with interactions limited to unlocked doors.
  • Passive – Merci beaucoup!: Larcin’s melee attacks steal opponents’ highest-value items. If the rival has no items, Intel will be taken instead.


  • Role: Disruptor.
  • Weapon – Tactical Slingshot: Fires reliable and potent pellets. Holding the trigger charges the shot, resulting in a slower fire rate and reload time.
  • Expertise – EMP blast: Equips an EMP pellet in her Slingshot, creating an EMP field upon impact. This field slows rivals, drains their cover, and destroys their gadgets.
  • Passive – Quick fix: Accelerates gadget regeneration when destroyed.


  • Role: Tracker.
  • Weapon – Dragoons: Alternating dual pistols, delivering considerable power at medium range with a swift fire rate and moderate reload speed.
  • Expertise – Investigation: Capable of examining various objects that rivals have interacted with. Once the investigation is complete, the targeted rival is traced.
  • Passive – Tigers leap: Cavalier can charge her melee attack, lunging forward a short distance and inflicting bonus damage.
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Deceive Inc. Characters – B Tier


  • Role: Tracker.
  • Weapon – Queen of Diamond: A scoped sniper rifle renowned for its remarkable power and efficiency in long-range combat. It has a slow rate of fire and reload speed.
  • Expertise – Queen’s Gaze: Ace applies a mark to the last-hit rival or the currently scoped target, leaving a trail to their current location.
  • Passive: Ace charges her next shot when aiming down sights, dealing bonus damage.

Madam Xiu

  • Role: Scoundrel.
  • Weapon – Zhulong: An automatic crossbow with low damage per shot but a swift fire rate and reload speed.
  • Expertise – Cobra’s Deceit: Enters a stance to shift towards a selected target within a large radius, leaving behind a dissolvable decoy. Both Agents lose cover, but it does not affect out-of-cover rivals.
  • Passive – Viper’s knowledge: Displays an icon when cover is blown nearby, visible regardless of line of sight. However, it does not track the rival.


  • Role: Disruptor.
  • Weapon – The Hook: A hand-mounted shotgun with two modes. The hipfire mode boasts a powerful shotgun blast with a medium spread. The ADS mode enables the Slug-mount, delivering precise single shots.
  • Expertise – Incapacitor orb: Fires an energy orb that neutralizes rivals’ expertise and slows them down.
  • Passive – Dreadful presence: Projects an energy wave when breaking cover, causing rivals’ cover to collapse.


And there you have it—the character tier list for Deceive Inc. armed with a starting roster designed to cater to all players’ preferences. Select an Agent that catches your eye, keep these insights in mind, and embark on an exhilarating gaming experience.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, sharing your preferred Agent and any suggestions you have for new players. After all, sharing is caring!

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