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Unraveling the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Macrocosm and The Explicator Boss Fight – A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Destiny 2 has introduced its newest raid, Root of Nightmares, with an exhilarating third encounter called Macrocosm. In this encounter, players embark on a mission to align the planets in their proper attunement while simultaneously battling against the formidable Cabal forces. Join us as we delve into the mechanics and strategies of the Root of Nightmares Macrocosm encounter in Destiny 2.

Root of Nightmares: Macrocosm Mechanics

The focal mechanic of Macrocosm centers around Planetary Alignment. Inside the ship’s Planetarium, you’ll encounter projections of planets scattered throughout the rooms. Beneath these planets lie four triangular platforms, each with planets directly aligned on top of their corners. Additionally, three more planets are situated in the center of the room, connected to three circles on the floor. The boss presides in the far middle section of the room, but it remains inactive until the DPS phase commences.

Two of the planets emit a Light aura and a Dark aura (facing the boss on the left and right, respectively). Consequently, the platforms on the left side assume the Light attunement, while the other platforms reside on the Dark side.

The objective of this mechanic is to align all the planets based on their Light or Dark attunement. Initially, none of the planets exhibit their auras until you acquire the Planetary Insight effect.

To obtain the Planetary Insight effect, head to the platform of your choice and eliminate ads, dispatching Centurions until the Terrestrial Lieutenant spawns. The player who lands the final blow on the lieutenant gains the effect, bestowing the ability to perceive the attunement of the three planets situated above their platform. It’s essential for all players assigned to different platforms to defeat their respective lieutenants to acquire the effect.

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Once you discern the attunement of your planets, select the planet that does not belong to your side. For instance, if you’re standing on one of the platforms on the Light side (left), choose the dark planet. Simultaneously, a teammate on the opposite side of the room should do the same but with the opposite attunement.

Interact with the glowing orb beneath the identified planet to activate the Planetary Attunement effect. This effect promptly shifts to Planetary Shift, lasting only a few seconds. During this fleeting period, you and your partner on the opposite side should exchange platforms and interact with the correct glowing orb to switch each other’s planets.

The challenge lies in not being able to see the attunement of the planets on each other’s platforms. Consequently, you must call out the planets you’ve chosen. An effective call out involves referring to the middle section of the room, determining whether a planet is closer or farther from the boss. These two fixed points serve as reliable reference markers. Once all the planets on the platforms match the attunement on their respective side, a wisp of light manifests in the middle of each platform.

After aligning the planets atop the platforms, you must align the three remaining planets in the center of the room. To accomplish this, have three of your team members kill another lieutenant to regain the Planetary Insight effect, which reveals the attunement of the remaining planets. Choose the planet that corresponds to your current side and interact with any of the glowing orbs on the platform. Proceed to the circle that aligns with the chosen planet and interact with the orb situated on top of it. Keep in mind that the circles and planet positions are slightly shifted, so ensure you’re aiming for the correct circle.

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Once all the planets have been aligned, it’s time to engage the boss.

Root of Nightmares: Macrocosm Strategy

The strategy for maneuvering through this mechanic is straightforward. Divide your fireteam evenly to cover all platforms, with players on opposite platforms partnering up. Assign the two remaining members to clear adds. Important note: Add clearers must refrain from killing the lieutenant to avoid acquiring the effect.

Destiny 2 Boss Fight

Conquering Zo’Aurc, the Explicator of Planets Boss Fight

After completing the Planetary Alignment phase, the boss will commence its attacks. It will manifest either a Light shield or a Dark shield. Observing the shield it acquires, promptly make your way to the circle in the middle that corresponds to the matching attunement. This will allow your attacks to penetrate the boss’s shield and inflict damage.

Pay close attention to the activity section on the lower left. Once it states “The Explicator shifts focus,” be prepared to relocate to a circle with an attunement opposite to your current position. The boss will switch to a different shield attunement. It is imperative that all members of the fireteam avoid inadvertently stepping on the wrong circle, as it will waste an attack opportunity.

The boss will continue alternating shields until its health dwindles to 50%. At this point, you will need to embark on another round of Planetary Alignment. Following that, engage in another DPS round against the boss until it is vanquished.

To witness a visual representation of how to complete the Root of Nightmare’s Macrocosm encounter in Destiny 2, refer to KackisHD’s video below:

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Video Link: Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Macrocosm and The Explicator Boss Fight Walkthrough

Stay vigilant, Guardians, and may victory be yours in the Root of Nightmares Macrocosm encounter in Destiny 2.

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