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Bug-Out Bag: Unleash the Power of Solar Subclasses in Destiny 2

Solar 3.0, a formidable subclass in Destiny 2, boasts incredible synergy with an array of Solar weapons. Season of the Haunted introduced the reissued Calus Mini-Tool, which featured the game-changing Incandescent perk. This combination of Solar Ignition and Scorch effects made the weapon a must-have for players tackling enemy-packed PvE content using a Solar subclass.

However, players who missed out on the Calus Mini-Tool or failed to craft their own version have struggled to find effective alternatives. Season of the Deep has come to the rescue, bringing a wave of reissued weapons with a plethora of new perks to chase. Among them is the Bug-Out Bag, an Adaptive Frame Solar SMG that features the same coveted perks as its predecessors.

Whether you crave the ad-clearing power of the Incandescent roll or prefer the versatility of Swashbuckler and Multikill Clip, the Bug-Out Bag offers plenty of options worth pursuing. While it may not be craftable, acquiring the god roll shouldn’t pose a significant challenge if you spend enough time fishing on the EDZ banks during Season of the Deep.

Enhancing Bug-Out Bag’s Performance: Barrel and Magazine Choices

To optimize Bug-Out Bag’s performance, it’s vital to select the right barrel and magazine options. These choices can address the weapon’s shortcomings, such as handling or stability, and enhance its overall feel in different encounters. While not crucial, these enhancements can make a noticeable difference.

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Don’t settle for perfection solely in the third and fourth perk columns. Dive deeper to find a Bug-Out Bag drop with the ideal barrel, magazine, and masterwork to further fine-tune your experience.

Bug-Out Bag PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

Incandescent and Subsistence are equipped in the perk slots.

For players seeking the perfect Bug-Out Bag PvE roll, consider the following perks:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • First perk: Subsistence
  • Second perk: Incandescent

While Enhanced Incandescent may not be attainable for Bug-Out Bag, this god roll remains a strong replacement for those unable to acquire the Calus Mini-Tool during its prime availability. The Bug-Out Bag, being an Adaptive Frame rather than a Lightweight Frame, offers increased stability and a more powerful impact.

In the third perk column, choose between Subsistence and Slideways based on your playstyle. Subsistence generally proves to be the more consistently beneficial choice in most situations. However, don’t hesitate to explore other available perks that may suit your preferences.

For encounters against tougher targets, Perpetual Motion becomes an excellent alternative to Subsistence due to its passive benefits, including stability and reload speed improvements.

In the fourth column, while Incandescent stands out, there are other enticing options for players less interested in Solar-specific perks. Swashbuckler and Multikill Clip offer varying approaches to enhancing damage output, while the new Collective Action perk provides a solid choice for Stasis or Void subclasses. Swashbuckler and Multikill Clip deliver the highest damage buffs, yet Collective Action’s flat 20-percent bonus proves easier to maintain with the right ability build.

Bug-Out Bag PvP God Roll in Destiny 2

Perpetual Motion and Killing Wind are the equipped perks.

Crafting the perfect Bug-Out Bag PvP roll in the Crucible requires careful consideration of the following perks:

  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds or High-Caliber Rounds
  • First perk: Perpetual Motion
  • Second perk: Killing Wind
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Navigating the Crucible to determine the optimal roll for Bug-Out Bag can be tricky. The effectiveness of SMGs in PvP is limited to a narrow range of perks. Range and stability take center stage, making Smallbore, Perpetual Motion, and Killing Wind crucial components for success.

When it comes to the magazine, there is some flexibility. Bug-Out Bag’s reissued perk pool offers a selection of strong options, particularly those with range-boosting effects. Ricochet Rounds takes the top spot, enhancing both range and stability. However, High-Caliber Rounds presents a compelling case with its added opponent flinch, potentially providing an advantage in close-range gunfights.

While limited perk choices exist outside this narrow subset for PvP, minor adjustments can be made to suit personal preferences. For a similar set of stat boosts, consider swapping Perpetual Motion with Slideways if its activation requirements align better with your playstyle. Additionally, the now-buffed Fragile Focus in the fourth column presents a solid neutral game alternative to Killing Wind. With the requirement changed to shielding being broken instead of any damage taken, the additional 20 range stays intact, leading to versatility in your loadout.

Unlike SMGs such as Shayura’s Wrath, Bug-Out Bag lacks the robust suite of base stats necessary to effectively utilize damage-enhancing perks like Kill Clip. The absence of perks like Moving Target or Rangefinder further limits its potential in utilizing Multikill Clip or Swashbuckler in the Crucible.

Remember, whether you’re embarking on a PvE campaign or facing off in PvP, Bug-Out Bag’s god rolls in Season of the Deep offer thrilling possibilities. Choose your perks wisely, and harness the immense power of Solar subclasses in Destiny 2.

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