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Burden of Guilt God Roll Guide for Destiny 2 PvP and PvE

The Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle has become the latest addition to the vast collection of Destiny 2 weaponry. While Trials of Osiris has seen its fair share of gear that has shifted the Crucible meta over time, Fusion Rifles have not been its strongest suit. Weapons like Exile’s Curse have been overshadowed by the likes of Main Ingredient and Snorri FR5.

However, the Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle is now available in the flawless loot pool from July 1 to 5, giving players the opportunity to obtain the Adept version for the first time. The normal version has been obtainable through focusing since Season 17 Day 1. In this article, we will explore the best perk combinations for the Burden of Guilt in both PvP and PvE.

What are the Best Perk Combinations for the Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2?


Introduced with Season of the Haunted, the Burden of Guilt is a Kinetic Stasis Fusion Rifle, ranking second to the Riptide from The Crucible and Deliverance from Vow of the Disciple. While Adaptive Framed Fusion Rifles are not the preferred choice in PvE, Precision ones can be just as lethal with the right perks.

In PvP, Fusion Rifles remain one of the primary special-ammo choices for players. The Burden of Guilt comes with Crucible-friendly perks like Killing Wind, Perpetual Motion, and High Impact Reserves, all of which have the potential to one-shot opposing players. Additionally, the Fusion Rifle boasts a damage falloff of 15 meters while aiming, making it comparable to the Main Ingredient.

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PvP God Roll

The Burden of Guilt is a risky weapon to use in Destiny 2 PvP due to its limited range. Even if you prioritize Range perks, it will come at the cost of Stability. However, certain perks can help compensate for both Range and Stability, allowing you to land all the Fusion bolts from a fair distance.

It’s important to note that greater Stability generally increases the chances of landing all the bolts from a distance. This was the primary reason why Xur’s Main Ingredient was so popular in PvP.

The best perk combinations for the Burden of Guilt in PvP are as follows:

  • Chambered Compensator for increased Stability and Recoil Direction.
  • Particle Repeater for additional Stability.
  • Killing Wind for increased movement speed and Range on the weapon after a kill, or Perpetual Motion for Stability and Handling while in motion.
  • High Impact Reserves for 3% to 6% increased damage in PvP.

While you can choose Killing Wind to enhance the Range of the weapon, Perpetual Motion can guarantee a one-shot kill from 15 to 16 meters away.

PvE God Roll

Although not ideal for PvE, the Burden of Guilt can still be utilized in melee builds. Pair it with Titan hammers, Hunter knives, or Warlock snaps for an effective combination. The following perks work well for PvE:

  • Corkscrew Rifling for increased Stability, Range, and Handling.
  • Liquid Coils for additional Impact.
  • Well Rounded for increased Handling, Stability, and Range with powered melee hits.
  • Swashbuckler for 33% increased damage after a melee kill.

The last two perks synergize exceptionally well together, making the Burden of Guilt a decent add-clearing machine in Destiny 2 PvE.

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By following these recommendations, players can maximize the potential of the Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Choose the perks that suit your playstyle and dominate the battlefield with this powerful weapon.

Disclaimer: This article expresses subjective opinions based on personal experience and should be used as a guide rather than a definitive rule.

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