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Destiny 2: Cold Comfort God Roll and How to Obtain It

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding the perfect God Roll for the Cold Comfort rocket launcher in Destiny 2. In this article, we will discuss the significance of the Cold Comfort rocket launcher, how to obtain it, and the recommended perks for both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Destiny 2 Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher

Rocket launchers have long been revered as the kings of damage in Destiny 2 due to their immense power. The Cold Comfort rocket launcher, in particular, belongs to the Aggressive Frame Stasis category and has the potential to be the best boss damage weapon in the game.

Why You Should Get the Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher

So, what makes the Cold Comfort rocket launcher a must-have weapon? Here are a few reasons:

  • Damage Monster: The Cold Comfort’s damage output is unparalleled, making it an essential tool for taking down tough bosses.
  • Unique Attributes: This rocket launcher can hold up to 3 rockets in its chamber, a feat that no other weapon can match.
  • Best in Slot Option: The Cold Comfort rocket launcher is highly sought after and considered a Best in Slot weapon due to its exceptional performance.

Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Location in H.E.L.M

How to Obtain the Cold Comfort God Roll in Destiny 2

To obtain the Cold Comfort rocket launcher in Destiny 2, players must own the Dungeon Pass released alongside the Lightfall Expansion and play the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon. The Cold Comfort can be earned as a drop from any encounter in the dungeon or from the two hidden chests once it is unlocked in collections.

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PvE Cold Comfort God Roll

For PvE gameplay, the following perks are recommended for the ideal Cold Comfort God Roll:

  • Barrel: There isn’t a wrong choice for the barrel in PvE. Quick Launch is typically preferred, but other options work well too.
  • Magazine: Impact Casing is a must-have perk as it adds a direct buff to damage.
  • Column 3 Trait: Envious Assassin is the best-in-slot perk here, allowing you to have 3 rockets in the chamber at 9 stacks.
  • Column 4 Trait: Bait and Switch or Explosive Light are excellent choices for maximizing DPS.
  • Origin Trait: The origin trait offers a free reload for finishing a combatant or reviving an ally.
  • Masterwork: Handling or Velocity is the best choice for the Cold Comfort rocket launcher.
  • Mods: Equip a Boss spec mod to enhance boss damage.

With the perfect combination of perks, the Cold Comfort rocket launcher becomes the ultimate weapon for DPS phases on bosses, surpassing even the Apex Predator.

PvP Cold Comfort God Roll

In PvP gameplay, consider the following perks for the ideal Cold Comfort God Roll:

  • Barrel: Volatile Launch is the best option, as it adds to Blast Radius.
  • Magazine: Look for options that grant additional Blast Radius, with Black Powder being the top choice.
  • Column 3 Trait: Tracking Module or Danger Zone can help you hit moving targets effectively.
  • Column 4 Trait: Bipod is an experimental pick that may grant additional ammo, while Cluster Bomb is a safe choice.
  • Origin Trait: This passive perk is less useful in PvP but still offers some benefits.
  • Masterwork: Masterworking Blast Radius is the optimal choice.
  • Mods: Quick Access Sling allows for quick weapon swapping, ideal for making game-changing plays.
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While the Cold Comfort rocket launcher may not be the top priority for PvP gameplay, if you happen to obtain the PvP roll, it can still be a decent option depending on how Bipod affects ammo pickups.


In conclusion, the Cold Comfort rocket launcher is a highly desirable weapon in Destiny 2 for both PvE and PvP content. Its potential to hold 3 rockets in the chamber and its exceptional perks make it the go-to choice for intense boss damage phases. Make sure to farm for the perfect God Roll to enhance your gameplay experience.

Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Cold Comfort God Roll guide. Remember, this weapon is versatile and can be used with any class, subclass, and in various PvE and PvP modes. For more Destiny 2 content, including news, builds, and guides on Seasonal and Weapon God Rolls, consider following us on Twitch and YouTube.

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