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Contraverse Hold Exotic: Unlocking and Optimizing for Maximum Effectiveness

Contraverse Hold, while not as dominant as before, still holds immense potential for creating devastating builds. With various ways to enhance grenade damage and effects, Contraverse Hold stands as one of the top PvE Exotics for Warlocks in the current meta. In this article, we delve deep into the intricacies of Contraverse Hold: its mechanics, acquisition methods, and the most effective builds and fashion to accompany it.

Mastering Contraverse Hold: Unleashing its Power

To fully harness the power of Contraverse Hold, the gameplay loop is simple yet effective. By charging a Void grenade using Chaos Accelerant, Feed the Void, or Handheld Supernova, you can resist incoming damage and gain an amount of grenade energy on a hit. With just a well-placed charged Vortex Grenade, Contraverse Hold can trigger, replenishing nearly half of your grenade energy. When utilizing Echo of Remnants, this process can occur twice with a single grenade, potentially restoring your entire grenade without any additional effort.

Understanding the Mechanics: Breaking Down the Numbers

According to’s community research, here’s a breakdown of Contraverse Hold’s mechanics:

  • While charging a grenade, Chaotic Exchanger grants a 20% damage resistance.
  • Grenade hits activate Chaotic Exchange, providing an additional 2000% [PVP: 1000%] base grenade regeneration for 1.75 seconds, with a 4-second cooldown.
  • A charged Vortex Grenade can proc twice if enemies are hit by both the initial explosion and the last few ticks.
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Optimal Void 3.0 Builds with Contraverse Hold

To elevate Contraverse Hold to its fullest potential, there are several synergistic builds worth considering. Among them, our favorite is the Commander of Chaos build, which excels in Grandmaster Nightfalls, focusing on debuffing Vortex Grenades while maintaining survivability through Devour.

Commander of Chaos Build: The Ultimate Grandmaster Nightfall Loadout

  • Excels In: Grandmaster Nightfalls
  • Build Goal: Utilize debuffing Vortex Grenades while retaining Devour for enhanced survivability.
  • Mandatory Gear: A primary weapon with Demolitionist will greatly aid in this build. Contraverse Hold is indispensable for this loadout.

Key Components of the Build:

  • Aspects: Chaos Accelerant and Feed the Void.
  • Fragments: Echo of Undermining, Echo of Remnants, and Echo of Persistence or Instability.
  • Abilities: Vortex Grenades are essential for maximizing this build’s potential.
  • Stats: Prioritize Discipline and Recovery for optimal performance.
  • Mods: Elemental Ordnance is a clear choice, as it synergizes with the abundance of grenade kills. Beyond that, the choice of additional mods is flexible and can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Gameplay Loop

The gameplay loop is straightforward: unleash a charged Vortex Grenade using Chaos Accelerant, and Contraverse Hold will take care of the rest. Damaging enemies with the grenade will trigger Contraverse Hold, replenishing almost half of your grenade energy. Additionally, every kill with the grenade grants you Devour, ensuring your survival. Moreover, Elemental Wells spawn upon grenade kills, providing energy for all your abilities. This build can be further customized with additional mods to incorporate damage resistance or bolster void weapon effectiveness. The Commander of Chaos build serves as a solid foundation that can be expanded upon to suit various activities.

PS: For other noteworthy Warlock Exotics, consider checking out Starfire Protocol!

Contraverse Hold Fashion: Unleashing Style

While Contraverse Hold may not be the most visually stunning armor piece, there are ways to fashionably incorporate it into your wardrobe. However, be aware that Contraverse Hold has a section that cannot be customized with shaders and will always remain purple, requiring some creativity to achieve a cohesive look.

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Here’s an exemplary display of a well-executed Contraverse Hold fashion (courtesy of Youtuber Fixedtony):

Contraverse Hold Fashion Fixedtony Destiny 2

Grasp of the Void: The Contraverse Hold Ornament

For those aiming to further personalize Contraverse Hold, the Grasp of the Void ornament offers a fascinating choice.

Unlocking Contraverse Hold: Acquiring the Exotic

Contraverse Hold can be obtained through Exotic engrams or by completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors solo on days when Arms armor is dropping. Keep in mind that the Season Pass provides several Exotic engrams, while Xur sells a solitary Exotic engram every weekend.

Destiny 2 Exotic Engram

In terms of Exotic engrams, they have a higher chance of dropping from end-game activities. Thus, if collecting exotics is your priority, Nightfall: The Ordeals would be your ideal pursuit. The higher the difficulty, the greater the chance of obtaining one.

Alternatively, you can opt to farm Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo on Arms days. Lost Sector rewards rotate daily, with specific days dedicated to various armor pieces. To stay updated on the daily rotation, refer to the Lost Sectors daily schedule.

With the right understanding of Contraverse Hold’s mechanics and the appropriate build, you’ll be able to wield this Exotic with mastery and dominate any situation on the battlefield.

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