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How to Perfect Your Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is more than just a game with intricate storylines and DLC content – it’s all about the gameplay. The ultimate objective in this looter-shooter is to acquire superior weapons, upgrade them, and, since the release of The Witch Queen, shape them into their most formidable versions for any end-game activities. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of leveling up and mastering weapons in Destiny 2.

Understanding Masterwork Weapons in Destiny 2

Masterwork weapons in Destiny 2 bring numerous advantages. Prior to The Witch Queen, these weapons facilitated Orb generation. In 2023, leveled-up masterwork weapons offer additional random stats such as increased reload speed or enhanced handling. They also track and display the number of enemies defeated. When dismantled, masterwork weapons provide valuable resources like Enhancement Cores and Legendary Shards.

Fortunately, mastering weapons in Destiny 2 is relatively easier compared to mastering armor.

How to Masterwork Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2

To masterwork a legendary weapon, you will need the following resources:

Level Resource
2 – 2,500 Glimmer
3 – 2,500 Glimmer, 1 Legendary Shard
4 – 2,500 Glimmer, 1 Legendary Shard, 1 Enhancement Core
5 – 2,500 Glimmer, 2 Legendary Shard, 1 Enhancement Core
6 – 2 Legendary Shard, 2 Enhancement Core
7 – 3 Legendary Shard, 2 Enhancement Core
8 – 3 Legendary Shard, 3 Enhancement Core
9 – 5 Legendary Shard, 3 Enhancement Core
10 – 10 Legendary Shard, 5 Enhancement Core

How to Masterwork Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Unlike legendary weapons, you won’t need to level up your exotics to enhance their power. Instead, you’ll require a catalyst, which can be obtained by completing quests and various activities. Different exotic quests provide different methods for acquiring catalysts.

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How to Masterwork Adept Weapons in Destiny 2

Adept weapons are potent variations of existing weapons that can be obtained through end-game activities, such as raids and trials. Masterworking adept weapons follows a similar process as legendary weapons. However, adept weapons offer unique bonus stats. When you masterwork an adept weapon, one of its core stats increases by 10 points, while the other stats increase by 3 points each.

How to Masterwork Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

With the introduction of The Witch Queen expansion, weapon crafting has become an integral part of Destiny 2’s gameplay loop. To masterwork crafted weapons, you must first level them up to unlock enhanced intrinsic traits. These intrinsics provide similar stat bonuses as masterwork weapons. Once your desired enhanced intrinsic traits are unlocked, you can reshape the weapon you want to masterwork using those perks. This process requires Ascendant Alloy, which can be obtained from the Wellspring activity, weekly Witch Queen missions, or purchased from Master Rahool.

That wraps up our guide on mastering weapons in Destiny 2.

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