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How to Complete the Kill the Messenger Quest and Obtain the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2

The Kill the Messenger Quest is an exciting exotic quest available in Destiny 2 that every Guardian should embark on. Completing this quest allows you to acquire the powerful Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher, which is highly sought after for its versatility and sheer firepower. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of unlocking the Kill the Messenger quest and obtaining the Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher.

How to Obtain the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2?

To obtain the Dead Messenger exotic weapon in Destiny 2, you must complete the Kill the Messenger Quest. Here are the required steps to complete the Kill the Messenger Quest in Destiny 2:

  1. Acquire the Season of the Risen Season Pass: To gain access to the Kill the Messenger Quest, you must first obtain the Season of the Risen Season Pass. This can be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen DLC, or separately through the Eververse for 1,000 Silver.

  2. Complete the first two missions of The Witch Queen Campaign: By completing the first two campaign missions, “The Arrival” and “The Investigation,” you will unlock the optional Hard Evidence quest, which ultimately leads to the Kill the Messenger quest. These campaign missions have a recommended power level of 1360 and are fairly straightforward.

  3. Finish the Hard Evidence Quest: Initiate the Hard Evidence quest by visiting the Evidence Board at The Enclave. Your objective is to recover a sample of an Osmic Fragment in the Quagmire Area of the Throne World. Beware of the Lucent Brood ambush when retrieving the sample. Defeat all enemies and return to the Evidence Board to log the Osmic Fragment. Review the case to progress to the Rising Tensions quest line.

  4. Complete the Rising Tensions Quest: The Rising Tensions Quest becomes available after completing the main story mission, The Investigation, and having a brief meeting with an undercover agent named Fynch in Savathun’s Throne World. Upon completion of this task, consult with Ikora Rey on Mars to receive the Rising Tensions quest. Follow these steps to progress:

    • Visit the Hangar at the Tower to investigate the troubling occurrences related to the Lucent Hive, as requested by Empress Caital of the Cabal.
    • Travel to Europa and select the PsiOps Battleground: EDZ action on the map to commence your journey.
    • Engage in combat against formidable Hive enemies and pursue one of them through a series of portals until you reach the end of the level. Defeat the guards at each portal using a Relic Sword obtained from powerful Hive opponents. Confront Mor’ak the Lightstealer in a final battle.
    • Mor’ak will summon Aspects of Savathun, which you must fight using the Psionic Spear. The Psionic Spear appears on the left and right sides of the arena. After completing this task, return to the H.E.L.M.
    • Finally, speak with Lord Saladin at the War Table to conclude the Rising Tensions quest and unlock the Operation Elbrus weekly quest.
  5. Complete the Week 1 Quests of Operation Elbrus: Once the Operation Elbrus quest is unlocked, you can embark on its Week 1 quests. Please note that the PsiOps Battlegrounds mentioned in this quest line is located in H.E.L.M. and has a recommended power level of 1500. Follow these steps to make progress:

    • Collect 500 Psychogenic Intel: Gather this Intel to unlock the Runic Chest in the next step.
    • Decode a Runic Chest: Clear a PsiOps Battlegrounds run to reveal and decode a Runic Chest.
    • Claim the Psychogenic Decoder: Claim it from the Week 1 Challenge rewards.
    • Upgrade the War Table: Use the Insight received from the Psychogenic Decoder to upgrade the War Table at H.E.L.M. Any upgrade option will fulfill this step.
    • Check the War Table: Accept a transmission at the War Table.
    • Hear Saladin’s Debriefing: After hearing the debriefing, exit the War Table, and then re-enter to receive a message from Empress Caiatl, which will grant you the Kill the Messenger quest.
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Complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest - Destiny 2

  1. Complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest: The Kill the Messenger quest will take you back to the Throne World to complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest. Be prepared for a recommended power level of 1550.

    First Section of the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest:

    • Sneak into the Hangar: Navigate through enemy territory and infiltrate the hangar.
    • Steal an Interceptor: Inside the hangar, locate an Interceptor and use it to break through the hangar gate, making your way outside.
    • Clear the Airfield: Proceed to the airfield, where you will encounter a Goliath Tank and ground troops. Defeat them while keeping an eye on the 4:30 timer that is ticking down.
    • Vehicular Assault: Once the airfield is secure, continue your journey by riding the airdropped tank to the next destination. Maintain constant movement and eliminate enemies along the way.
    • Eliminate 2 Goliath Tanks: Focus on one tank at a time, employing mobile tactics while dealing damage.
    • Destroy 3 Signal Towers: Target the generators at the base of each tower to disable their shields. Once the shields are down, destroy the towers to halt the timer’s countdown.
    • Blast Open the Bunker Door: Use your tank to create a breach in the bunker’s door, opening the path to the next section of the quest.

Complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest - Destiny 2

Second Section of the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest:

  • Race to the Control Room: Upon placing your rally flag inside the bunker, a 10:00 timer will commence. Progress through three rooms, eliminating enemies along the way. Prioritize defeating Psion Commanders and hack each room’s terminal. Once all three terminals are hacked, the central room’s door will open.
  • Defeat Qabix, Insurgent: Qabix is the final boss of this quest and has three phases. In the second phase, Scorpius will spawn in the middle of the room. Focus on eliminating Scorpius first, then search for the three Psion Commanders to destroy Qabix’s shield. Repeat this process in the third phase to ultimately defeat Qabix. The timer will continue until Qabix is defeated, so ensure you have strong heavy damage output.
  • Shut Down the Broadcast: Proceed to the control room, hack the terminal, and listen to dialogue lines from Caiatl.
  • Open the Golden Chest: To your right, you will find the Golden Chest containing the Dead Messenger weapon, along with other valuable loot.
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Complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Quest - Destiny 2

Dead Messenger Exotic Weapon Stats in Destiny 2

Weapon Perks

  • Quick Launch: Enhances handling speed and projectile velocity.
  • High-Velocity Rounds: Increases projectile speed and reload speed.
  • The Fundamentals: Press the reload button to change the weapon’s damage type between Solar, Arc, and Void.
  • Short-Action Stock: Greatly improves handling speed.

Intrinsic Trait

  • Trinary Vision: A one-shot handheld Grenade Launcher that releases a fan of three energy waves upon impact with the ground.

How to get the Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

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Also, watch the video by Ebontis below to see a clear walkthrough of the Vox Obscura quest:

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