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Destiny 2’s New Exotic Weapon: Devil’s Ruin

Unveiling the Hidden Perk that Elevates Devil’s Ruin’s Power

Destiny 2

I’m starting to warm up to Destiny 2’s Devil’s Ruin exotic quest. Would I rather go through the grind of killing Fallen, generating orbs, and getting Crucible kills for a random exotic quest? Or would I prefer to wander around an empty map while enjoying the banter between Saint, Osiris, and Shaxx? Honestly, I’ll choose the latter if a more elaborate exotic quest isn’t available.

As for the weapon itself, I genuinely like it. It’s become a running joke that I’ve never obtained Rat King and deleted all the quests for it, making Devil’s Ruin my first exotic sidearm in Destiny 2. Sidearms happen to be one of my favorite weapon classes in the game.

However, what I’ve discovered since acquiring Devil’s Ruin is that it possesses a hidden perk that enhances its lethality. This information might be news to you since it hasn’t been widely discussed.

Devil’s Ruin operates on three different levels. At the first level, it functions as a single-shot sidearm when fired normally. But if you hold down the fire button, it unleashes an entire magazine in one burst, creating a fusion rifle/trace rifle-like laser beam that can stagger unstoppable champions.

Destiny 2

Additionally, Devil’s Ruin has the capacity to utilize ammo from your reserves to enable this secondary fire. For instance, if you only have two shots left and you fire the gun, it won’t give you anything less than a full 15-shot beam, drawing upon your existing ammo supply.

There’s some debate about whether this functionality is what the Pyrogenesis perk refers to, which states “fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves.” While it’s open to interpretation, I believe this actually alludes to what people refer to as the “hidden” perk of the gun. Surprisingly, you can use this perk extensively without even realizing it.

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Here’s the secret: if you release the fire button when the laser is fully charged, you’ll witness a brighter, bigger laser that doesn’t deal extra damage. However, it completely refills your magazine with 15 shots without requiring a reload. In theory, this means that if you time it correctly, you can continuously fire the laser in full bursts without ever having to reload.

In practice, though, it’s quite challenging to execute. Frankly, I’m not convinced it’s worth the effort. While having a full magazine after a complete laser burst is fantastic for repeating the process, the timing window for this maneuver is extremely narrow and easy to miss. Wait too long, and you’ll fire the laser as usual. But if you don’t wait long enough, you’ll accidentally shoot a single round instead of the beam, wasting the time you were hoping to save by avoiding a reload. Even worse, you might fail to deal the necessary damage in a crucial moment, resulting in dire consequences.

This isn’t as straightforward as executing a perfect draw on Le Monarque to activate its core perk. In my opinion, the timing window is probably too tight to be consistently useful. However, I’ve only had a day to experiment with the weapon, so it’s possible that it becomes easier and more intuitive to execute over time, akin to achieving a perfect Gears of War reload.

As for Devil’s Ruin in general, I genuinely appreciate it. It’s a must-have in the Sundial activity as it excels at dispatching Unstoppable Incinerators and Bombardier Centurions. The laser beam is also a one-hit kill against most basic enemies, including formidable foes like Elite Phalanxes. Yes, it does consume ammo rapidly, but finding primary ammo isn’t particularly challenging. And hey, maybe consider equipping the sidearm ammo finder perk for the first time in your life.

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I haven’t had the chance to test the gun in PvP yet, but I’ve already witnessed skilled players eliminate opponents with the beam. Although it has less range and a slower charge time compared to prime Erentil, it still holds potential usefulness, especially considering its perfect in-air accuracy.

Anyway, I genuinely like this gun. It’s creative, fun, and it even treated us to Shaxx singing upon acquisition. I didn’t have much time to play with it yesterday, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

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