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Destiny 2’s Finest Auto Rifles – Tier List (2023)

Types of Auto Rifles and Which Ones to Use

Like any weapon type in Destiny 2, auto rifles have various subtypes that are not limited to the legendary or exotic rarity. The primary distinction between each subtype lies in the unique frame, which determines many of the initial characteristics of the rifle, including its firing rate.

In the game, there are a total of 4 subtypes of auto rifles:

  1. Rapid Fire Frame (720 RPM): This subtype boasts the highest firing rate, slightly lower optimal range compared to other subtypes, and relatively low damage per shot. Many popular auto rifles in Destiny 2 belong to this subtype due to their impressive DPS capabilities.

  2. Adaptive Frame (600 RPM): Considered to be the most versatile subtype, adaptive frame auto rifles offer increased range and almost no difference in recoil compared to the 720 RPM subtypes. Gnawing Hunger is widely regarded as the best auto rifle in Destiny 2 and falls into this category. Adaptive Frame auto rifles strike a balance between the Rapid Fire Frame and Precision Frame subtypes, making them powerful and well-rounded.

  3. Precision Frame (450 RPM): This subtype features the most controllable recoil compared to other auto rifles and boasts an impressive range. However, competitive weapons in this category are scarce compared to the Adaptive and Rapid Fire Frame subtypes, as their DPS is reduced.

  4. High-Impact Frame (360 RPM): Auto rifles in this final category deliver overwhelming damage per shot, but suffer from high recoil and low DPS. Despite having an impressive range, high-impact auto rifles have an exception in the form of the Cerberus+1 exotic auto rifle, which functions more like a semi-shotgun. Exotic auto rifles deal 40% more damage to red bar enemies compared to legendary auto rifles. Therefore, certain exotic alternatives may be more suitable for challenging activities like Master Raids or Dungeons.

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Exotic Auto Rifle

The Best Legendary Auto Rifles

This list includes the top legendary auto rifles in Destiny 2 that can be obtained by completing various activities. If you have a god roll weapon like The Summoner, it’s time to put it to the test and not let it gather dust in your vault.

Rufus’s Fury

Rufus's Fury

Rufus’s Fury stands out with its Strand damage and the available perks. If you enjoy using the strand subclass in PvE, the Demolitionist + Hatchling perk combination might be the best choice for you, making Rufus’s Fury an exceptional primary weapon and the best PvE auto rifle in Destiny 2 for an extended period.

Alternatively, the Rewind Rounds / Reconstruction + Target Lock perk combination offers a more versatile option. The latter is perfect for dealing damage not only to red bar enemies but also to orange bar enemies.

If you’re looking to obtain the best legendary auto rifle Lightfall, we strongly recommend unlocking the crafting pattern for Rufus’s Fury. Keep in mind that having a reliable team is crucial for obtaining this and other weapons from the Root of Nightmares raid. Our service can assist you in obtaining Rufus’s Fury, its god roll, and crafting pattern, as well as other meta weapons from this raid.

The Last Breath

The Last Breath

For players without a team for raid farming, The Last Breath is the solution. Its perk combination allows it to fit into many builds, making it deserving of a place on our list of the best auto rifles in Destiny 2.

If you prefer using auto rifles in PvP, an alternative perk combination of Killing Wind + Rangefinder is suitable. Additionally, you can obtain The Last Breath without having any expansions purchased on your account.



Perpetualis, with its ease of acquisition and decent perks, is considered the best auto rifle in Destiny Lightfall by many players. The main difference from its main competitor, Rufus’s Fury, is its subtype, which may feel more familiar to most players. However, it is impossible to obtain perks like Demolitionist, Rewind Rounds, and Reconstruction in the first perk column.

Nevertheless, its main advantage lies in the fact that you can obtain a god roll while playing solo. All you need for this is a sufficient number of Defiant Engrams.

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Chroma Rush

Chroma Rush

Despite its longevity in the game, Chroma Rush remains on the list of top auto rifles in Destiny 2 due to its potential to have excellent damage perks like Rampage and Kill Clip. With the combination of Feeding Frenzy + Kill Clip or Subsistence + Rampage, you can unleash the full potential of this weapon. However, the RNG factor poses a problem. We do not recommend actively farming Dares of Eternity specifically for obtaining this auto rifle, as it may require hundreds of attempts. Nevertheless, any player can obtain it without purchasing any DLCs.

Ammit AR2

Ammit AR2

Ammit AR2 might just be the best energy legendary auto rifle currently available in Destiny 2. It offers easy recoil control and synergy with Solar 3.0 abilities, making it an excellent choice for all players, especially those who use a gamepad. Furthermore, you can easily acquire a crafting pattern for it after completing The Enigma Glaive unlock quest.

Auto Rifle

Season of the Deep Updated Auto Rifles

Based on leaked information found on the Internet, we want to highlight 2 auto rifles that will receive updates in Season 21. We strongly recommend paying attention to them when Season of the Deep is released.

Tommy’s Matchbook

Tommy's Matchbook

In Season of the Deep, the focus will be less on the Tommy’s Matchbook auto rifle itself and more on its catalyst. The new feature is that when the Ignition Trigger perk is activated, you will apply a scorch effect to your enemies if you have the catalyst. This feature may make Tommy’s Matchbook the best energy auto rifle in Destiny 2, especially for those who use the solar subclass.

Age-Old Bond

Age-Old Bond

In Season of the Deep, Age-Old Bond will receive a number of new perks, including a unique origin trait. Additionally, players will have the ability to craft this weapon, allowing them to use enhanced perks.

Auto Rifle

The Best Exotic Auto Rifles

Although the following auto rifles occupy an exotic weapon slot, they provide undeniable advantages in PvE when paired with appropriate abilities.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

If your build heavily relies on frequent use of charged melee attacks, we highly recommend trying out Monte Carlo. This exotic weapon earns its spot on our list of top auto rifles in Destiny 2 for several reasons. Firstly, it can increase your damage output by 65% for 1 kill of any enemy in close combat, or by 13% for a regular kill (slaying 5 enemies with Monte Carlo also grants a 65% buff).

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Secondly, when dealing damage, you rapidly regenerate your melee ability. Additionally, when killing an enemy, you have a 25% chance to fully recharge it. The synergy between Warlocks using the Solar 3.0 subclass with Sunbracers and Monte Carlo, the best kinetic auto rifle in Destiny 2 for them, allows for endless grenade spam without waiting for the melee ability to recharge.

Quicksilver Storm

Quicksilver Storm

Quicksilver Storm is the best auto rifle in Destiny Lightfall for clearing groups of enemies and dealing damage to single targets. Its standout feature is the ability to switch to grenade launcher mode, dealing massive splash damage. All it takes to activate this mode is landing a series of accurate shots.

Furthermore, Quicksilver Storm synergizes well with the strand subclass, enhancing your strand build. This makes it the best auto rifle in Destiny 2 for any activity.

Vex Mythoclast

Vex Mythoclast

Despite being classified as a fusion rifle in the game, Vex Mythoclast deserves inclusion in this list due to its similarities to auto rifles. Its unique trait allows you to switch to linear fusion mode after killing several enemies. When activated, you have 3 shots that deal increased damage.

To switch to this mode, you need to kill 5 red bar enemies, which allows for frequent use. The only obstacle is the time required to obtain the weapon, which can take months. If you wish to save time and guarantee obtaining Vex Mythoclast, our service offers reasonable prices and a guaranteed result.


With the 25% damage increase buff to auto rifles, many weapons in this category have become viable again. While acquiring some of them may require a reliable team and a significant investment of time, their increased damage output justifies the effort.

We hope that you find a suitable weapon from our tier list of the best legendary auto rifles in Destiny 2, as well as the exotic auto rifles tier list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto rifle in Destiny 2?

When it comes to legendary auto rifles, Rufus’s Fury stands out. For exotics, Quicksilver Storm takes the crown.

What is the strongest gun in Destiny 2?

Among all the auto rifles, Monte Carlo is one of the strongest due to its ability to increase damage output by 65% with just 1 enemy kill.

What is the best rifle in Destiny 2 PvE?

Currently, the most versatile and best option would be Rufus’s Fury, as it does not take an exotic slot and offers perk combinations for different playstyles.

Is Krait auto rifle good?

Krait is far from being the best auto rifle. Perpetualis and The Last Breath are superior options that perform much better in PvE.

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