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Destiny 2 Final Warning: How to Obtain the Exotic Strand Sidearm

Destiny 2 Lightfall Final Warning
Final Warning Exotic Weapon

The world of Destiny 2 is filled with powerful Exotic weapons, and in the upcoming Lightfall expansion, players can expect a new addition to their arsenal – the Final Warning Strand Sidearm. This article will provide you with detailed information on this exotic weapon, including how to obtain it and its unique perks.

Final Warning Strand Sidearm

The Final Warning is an Exotic Strand Sidearm that utilizes “Charged tracking rounds.” This weapon is the first of its kind in Destiny 2, firing strand projectiles that seek out their targets.

Destiny 2 - Final Warning - Exotic
Destiny 2 – Final Warning – Exotic

The Final Warning’s Exotic weapon comes with two distinct perks:

  • All at Once: By holding down the trigger, the Final Warning marks targets within range and loads multiple bullets. Upon releasing the trigger, these bullets fire in a burst, providing increased stability. If a marked target is hit with a fully charged burst, they will be unraveled.

  • Pick Your Poison Hipfiring: Projectiles fired from the Final Warning will track marked targets and deal increased body shot damage upon impact. When aiming, the projectiles have a significantly higher velocity and deal extra critical hit damage to marked targets.

How to Obtain the Final Warning Strand Sidearm?

To acquire the Final Warning, players must complete the “The Final Strand” quest. This quest becomes available after finishing the full Lightfall campaign and unlocking the strand subclass. Once the Lightfall campaign is complete, the Strand subclass is unlocked, but not all aspects and fragments are accessible. The next step is to unlock all Strand abilities at the Pouka Pond. Afterward, the final journey begins, and players can embark on the quest that will reward them with the Final Warning Exotic Strand Sidearm.

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How to Unlock All Strand Aspects and Strand Fragments?

Players need to collect Strand Meditations, the currency used to unlock additional Strand subclass abilities, aspects, and fragments. Earning Strand Meditations is possible by using Strand abilities anywhere in the system and completing activities in Neomuna. Additionally, players can obtain the currency from all sources while in the Vex Incursion Zone in Neomuna.

  • Each Aspect costs 150 Strand Meditations.
  • Each Fragment costs 200 Strand Meditations.
  • Each Grenade Ability costs 50 Strand Meditations.

The most optimal place to farm Strand Meditations is the Vex Incursion Zone, located in the world of Neomuna. Not only will players obtain the currency, but they will also be rewarded with a new exotic gear piece.

How to Complete “The Final Strand” Quest?

To complete “The Final Strand” quest, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat the Shadow Legion looters.
  2. Read the Shadow Legion Looters’ orders.
  3. Retrieve the Veil spectrometer from the Typhon Imperator.
  4. Return to the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna.
  5. Search for Strand-inoculated gadgets in Veil Containment in Neomuna.
  6. Head to Straiders’ Gate in Neomuna and speak with Nimbus.
  7. Complete Osiris’ training program in Radiosonde.
  8. Return to the Pouka Pond to claim your Final Warning Strand sidearm.

How to Obtain the Final Warning Catalyst?

Information on how to obtain and unlock the Final Warning Catalyst is not available at this time. We will update this guide as soon as Lightfall launches on February 28th, 2023.

Other Ways to Obtain Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 New Exotics Season 19

Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are highly sought-after by players due to their power and effectiveness. While they can be challenging to acquire, there are various ways to obtain them. Consider the following:

  • Legacy Exotics: These are retired exotics that can no longer be obtained through in-game activities. However, they can still be acquired from the Exotic Archive, located near the vault in the Tower. Refer to our detailed guide for more information.

  • Xur: Xur is a mysterious vendor who appears randomly each Friday and disappears on Tuesday. Players eagerly search for him every week to purchase new gear. Learn more about his whereabouts in our Xur guide and locations.

  • Lost Sectors: These activities feature a boss at the end and numerous enemies to defeat. Each day, a different lost sector is in rotation, offering a specific armor piece as a reward. By completing a lost sector solo on Legendary or Master difficulty, players have a chance of obtaining an exotic armor piece.

  • Other Ways: Some exotics are unique or seasonal rewards, while others can be obtained by completing specific quests.

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