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The Ultimate Guide to the Goldtusk Hunter Sword God Roll

Do you want to add the powerful Goldtusk Hunter Sword to your Destiny 2 arsenal? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best ways to obtain the Goldtusk God Roll, its delivery method, estimated time of arrival, and the exciting rewards you can expect. Whether you’re a PvE enthusiast or a PvP master, we’ve got you covered!

The Goldtusk Hunter Sword – A Force to Be Reckoned With

The Goldtusk Sword, introduced in Destiny 2: Season of the Defiance, is a legendary weapon that packs a punch. Obtained by completing Battlegrounds and opening Defiance Engrams, this sword is a must-have for any Guardians looking for a powerful melee weapon.

Delivery Method – Efficiency and Convenience

To bring the Goldtusk Sword to your inventory, our team of professional boosters will embark on multiple Defiance Battleground runs to farm Engrams on your behalf. Rest assured, this service is available in Piloted mode only, with account sharing. Our expert boosters will log into your account, complete the Goldtusk recovery service, and notify you via email and notification when it’s done. We prioritize your convenience and safety throughout the process.

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ETA for Goldtusk Sword Boost – Swift and Reliable

The estimated time for the Goldtusk boost is approximately 1-4 weeks, depending on RNG, the number of previous orders in the queue, and the availability of our boosters. If you choose the Express option, consider your order a high priority, reducing the ETA by 30%. We understand your excitement to wield this legendary sword, and we strive to deliver your order in a timely manner.

✔️ Goldtusk Sword God Roll Recovery Rewards – Unleash Its Full Potential

When you opt for our Goldtusk Sword God Roll Recovery Service, you’re guaranteed to receive a variety of valuable rewards, including:

  • 100% Guaranteed Goldtusk Ultimate God Roll – We won’t stop until we get your desired ultimate god roll.
  • 100% Guaranteed Goldtusk God Roll – We’ll farm until we find the perfect god roll of your choice.
  • Guaranteed Goldtusk(s) – The number of weapons you purchase will be obtained through our efficient farming method.
  • Neomuna specific loot that drops.
  • Legendary Weapons & Armors acquired during the service.
  • Glimmer, Consumables, and Resources might drop during the service.
  • XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

⚙ Service Options – Tailored to Your Preferences

To ensure a personalized experience, we offer various service options for your Goldtusk Sword God Roll Recovery. Take a look at the choices available:

  • Platform: From the dropdown menu, select your preferred platform (PC, Xbox, or PlayStation) for the booster to complete your service.
  • Service Type: Choose between Normal Farm or the 100% Guaranteed God Roll. With the Normal Farm option, we’ll farm a specific number of weapons without any roll guarantees. However, if you’re looking for the perfect roll, the 100% Guaranteed God Roll allows you to choose the two perks in columns 3 and 4. For the ultimate customization, the 100% Guaranteed Ultimate God Roll lets you select all four perks in columns 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Delivery Speed: Opt for Normal delivery to join the queue and have your order completed in turn. Alternatively, select Express delivery to receive high-priority treatment, with the quickest available booster starting your order.
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⚠️ Service Requirements – Prepare for Action

Before embarking on your Goldtusk Sword journey, please ensure that your Guardian’s Power Level is a minimum of 1800. If your Guardian falls short of this requirement, don’t worry! We offer a Power Level Boost so that you can participate in this thrilling adventure.

ℹ️ Additional Information – Stats and Rolls

Here’s some additional information about the Goldtusk Sword:

Goldtusk Sword Stats:

The Goldtusk Sword is a legendary class sword that deals Void Damage. Its notable stats include Swing Speed: 80 and Impact: 60. As you can see, it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Goldtusk Sword God Roll for PvE & PvP:

For PvE enthusiasts, the perfect God Roll for the Goldtusk Sword is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates!
PvP masters, hold your breath! The PvP God Roll for the Goldtusk Sword is still under review. We’ll keep you posted.
If you’re hungry for perfection, the Ultimate God Roll for PvE and PvP is a mystery waiting to be unveiled.

For a detailed overview of all the available stats and perks for the Goldtusk Sword, head over to!

Now that you have all the information about the Goldtusk Hunter Sword God Roll at your fingertips, it’s time to unleash its power on the battlefield. With our reliable service and expert boosters, you can rest assured that your Goldtusk Sword will be in the hands of Destiny 2 professionals. Prepare to wield this legendary weapon, conquer your enemies, and become the ultimate Guardian. Order your Goldtusk Hunter Sword God Roll today!

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