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Destiny 2 ‘A Guardian Rises’ Quest Guide

Destiny 2 offers an expansive world filled with thrilling adventures and an ever-expanding universe. From regular expansions to seasonal content drops, Bungie’s hit looter-shooter continues to captivate players. However, for newcomers, navigating the vast landscape of Destiny 2 can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Bungie has made efforts to improve the user experience, particularly with the New Light tutorial section. In this article, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of the first New Light quest in Destiny 2: ‘A Guardian Rises.’

How to Begin the ‘A Guardian Rises’ Quest in Destiny 2

To initiate the ‘A Guardian Rises’ quest in Destiny 2, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Navigate through Cosmodrome and Locate Shaw Han

destiny 2 shaw han
As mentioned earlier, the ‘A Guardian Rises’ quest consists of 21 steps. It commences with a brief cutscene, illustrating how humans encountered The Traveller, The Light, and the protector of The Last City on Earth. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in Cosmodrome, Old Russia. Your Ghost will guide you towards your next destination. Keep following its lead, and you will soon acquire a weapon. Proceed through the remnants of Cosmodrome, battling waves of enemies along the way until you encounter Shaw Han, the first friendly face you’ll meet.

Step 2 – Complete the Schism Quest

destiny 2 a guardian rises
The Schism quest is the first of several sub-quests within the ‘A Guardian Rises’ questline. Shaw will instruct you to clear out Fallen enemy camps and investigate an antenna in the area. This mission follows the familiar structure of Destiny 2 quests: go to a location, investigate an object, defend your Ghost while it scans the object, and move on. During the scan, you will obtain the coordinates of another guardian named Maeve, only to discover her lifeless body at the hands of a wizard named Navota. Return to the camp and rendezvous with Shaw Han.

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Step 3 – Complete The Divide Lost Sector and Bounties

a guardian rises destiny 2
Shaw will assign you a task to recover data scraps, introducing you to one of Destiny 2’s PvE activities – Lost Sectors. These tight quarters are filled with red bar enemies and a final boss, taking approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Shaw will also require you to finish bounties, which yield valuable XP for leveling up your season rank and unlocking rewards in the battle pass. Almost every vendor in Destiny 2 offers bounties for you to undertake. Complete the Divide Lost Sector and Shaw’s bounties to progress the quest and unlock the next phase.

Step 4 – Complete the Cold Boot Quest

destiny 2 a guardian rises
This phase entails locating an Array and activating it to gain access to a chamber containing a Superconductor, a crucial item for obtaining your first exotic weapon in the game. The objectives are straightforward: go to the designated area, scan an object, protect your Ghost during the scan, survive, and repeat as necessary. Be cautious during this mission, as you will encounter stronger enemies, including the Revenant Knight and the explosive Hives. Once you’ve accomplished all the objectives, return to Shaw’s camp and rendezvous with him.

Step 5 – Complete the Vendetta Mission

destiny 2 a guardian rises quest
Upon arriving at your destination, you’ll discover that Shaw has ventured alone to confront Navota and has restricted your access to the area to ensure your safety (a noble but somewhat reckless act on his part). Shaw will leave behind a Sparrow, a vehicle that facilitates exploration across various planets. Your objective is to generate a key for the chamber and rescue Shaw. Follow the typical objectives: head to the marked location, scan an object, eliminate enemies, and unlock your intended destination. Inside the chamber, engage in a brief battle with Navota, although it is cut short when Navota decides to flee. Find Shaw, retrieve the Superconductor, and make your way to the Last City.

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Step 6 – Interact with Residents of the Last City

destiny 2 a guardian rises quest
To reach the Last City, access the mission indicator on the map. Once there, you’ll be tasked with conversing with several prominent residents of the Tower. Get ready to become familiar with their faces as you progress through the game. Begin by meeting Zavala, the leader of the Titan Vanguard, who will warmly welcome you and direct you to other Tower residents. Ikora, the leader of the Warlock Vanguard, is next on the list. Speaking with Ikora not only unlocks the ability to customize your subclass abilities but also grants access to the remaining three subclasses. You will also have an opportunity to converse with The Drifter, the Tower’s Gambit expert, who will reward you with your first Sword. Lord Shaxx, the Titan in charge of The Crucible, Destiny 2’s PvP activity, will also be available for dialogue, granting access to the game’s Triumphs System. Banshee-44, the game’s gunsmith, will reward you with an energy weapon, while Master Rahool, the Tower’s Cryptarch, unveils the game’s Seasons System, providing access to all seasonal content. Finally, return to Zavala and prepare for the quest’s final mission.

Step 7 – Complete The Disgraced Strike

destiny 2 a guardian rises quest
Zavala will assign you The Disgraced Strike, a mission requiring you to defeat Navota once and for all (or not). Strikes are three-player PvE activities that offer new weapons, armor, and valuable crafting resources. This will be your most challenging encounter thus far, so make sure to equip suitable weapons and armor to face Navota. Cooperation with other players is crucial for success in these intense battles. Defeating Navota concludes the Disgraced Strike and the ‘A Guardian Rises’ quest, while simultaneously initiating the ‘A Spark of Hope’ exotic quest.

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That wraps up our guide for the ‘A Guardian Rises’ quest in Destiny 2. For more news and updates about Destiny 2, please explore our dedicated section or refer to our comprehensive Guides & Tutorials.

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