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Destiny 2: How to Acquire Iterative Loop and Optimal Rolls

Destiny 2 offers a limited selection of esteemed Rapid-Fire Frame Fusion Rifles, and finding one with Arc damage is even rarer. Enter Iterative Loop, a Fusion Rifle that meets both criteria and boasts an impressive perk pool. Whether you’re a fan of PvP or PvE, Iterative Loop proves to be a versatile weapon without any specific specialization. Read on to discover how to obtain it and the god rolls you should aim for.

How to Obtain Iterative Loop in Destiny 2

If you’re eager to acquire Iterative Loop, your best bet is to embark on the From Zero… quest, available near the start of the Lightfall campaign. Completing this quest on all three characters rewards you with three Deepsight versions of the Fusion Rifle.

However, outside of the quest, finding Iterative Loop becomes considerably more challenging. Here are the most reliable methods:

  • Completion of a Legend Patrol: These yellow-icon patrols rarely appear in the current Vex Incursion Zone. Finishing these patrols guarantees a Neomuna weapon, which has a chance to be Deepsight enhanced.
  • Unlocking a chest at the end of a Terminal Overload activity.
  • Turning in Neomuna vendor engrams once you reach rank 30 reputation. These engrams also have the potential to be Deepsight enhanced.

Optimal God Rolls for Destiny 2 Iterative Loop Fusion Rifle

As a Rapid-Fire Frame, Iterative Loop thrives when it possesses two key attributes: Range and Controllability. Any additional perks that enhance its lethality are a bonus. Fortunately, this weapon delivers regardless of the activity you undertake.

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Iterative Loop PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Extended Barrel
  • Magazine: Accelerated Coils, Liquid Coils
  • Trait 1: Under Pressure, Killing Wind
  • Trait 2: Kickstart, Adagio

While Arrowhead Brake remains an excellent choice, Extended Barrel provides a significant Range boost to Iterative Loop. The choice between Accelerated Coils and Liquid Coils depends on your preference for speed or stopping power.

Under Pressure proves to be a reliable Fusion Rifle perk in Crucible, while Killing Wind caters to the aggressive player seeking an advantageous edge. Kickstart demands sprinting and sliding, making it an ideal trait for those who can incorporate both actions into their playstyle. Meanwhile, Adagio shines when you manage to secure a kill.

Iterative Loop PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Same as PvP
  • Magazine: Accelerated Coils, Enhanced Battery
  • Trait 1: Compulsive Reloader, Killing Wind
  • Trait 2: Voltshot, Demolitionist

In PvE encounters, your playstyle with Iterative Loop is similar to PvP. However, in higher-difficulty content, you’ll benefit from perks that provide more flexibility and space. Opt for Accelerated Coils and Extended Barrel to achieve this, while Compulsive Reloader ensures you stay topped up and mobile.

Killing Wind and Enhanced Battery cater to an aggressive playstyle, assuming you can secure kills consistently. Voltshot is the top choice for the second trait, excelling in both sustained damage and crowd control. Nevertheless, if you specialize in grenades, Demolitionist can be a valuable alternative.

With a bit of luck, you’ll obtain an Iterative Loop with a combination of these highly sought-after perks. Alternatively, you can craft one to guarantee the optimal rolls you desire. For more information on god rolls for other Destiny 2 weapons, such as The Immortal, Imperial Decree, and Eyasluna, be sure to check out our comprehensive D2 guides hub.

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