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How to Acquire The Jade Rabbit and Its Catalyst in 2023

Destiny 2 The Jade Rabbit

“What harebrained scheme do you have in mind this time?”

The Jade Rabbit, an Exotic Scout Rifle, is the ideal weapon for those seeking precise hits with minimal shots. This exceptional firearm can fire up to 150 rounds per minute and boasts a 10-round capacity before requiring a reload.

Players can capitalize on The Jade Rabbit’s unique ability to stack damage from body shots and deliver it as bonus damage when their target is vulnerable to a precision shot.

Obtaining The Jade Rabbit

To obtain The Jade Rabbit, players can open Exotic Engrams, dropped by defeated enemies or awarded upon mission completion. Additionally, Powerful Engrams can be earned by completing weekly milestones.

The Jade Rabbit’s Perks

The Jade Rabbit Catalyst

1) Polygonal Rifling (Barrel)

The Jade Rabbit’s barrel is optimized to reduce recoil, resulting in improved stability.

  • Increases Stability

2) High-Caliber Rounds (Magazine)

Shots fired from The Jade Rabbit have a stronger knockback effect on targets.

  • Increases Range

3) Zen Moment (Trait)

Dealing damage with The Jade Rabbit enhances its stability.

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The Jade Rabbit’s Intrinsic Traits

The Fate of All Fools

Chain body shots to amplify damage on your subsequent precision shot and replenish ammo in the magazine.

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Not only does this ability increase the damage dealt after chaining attacks and hitting a precision shot, but it also restores ammunition without the need for reloading. This is particularly useful in fast-paced combat situations, allowing you to halt your enemies with body shots and finish them off with precision.

Obtaining The Jade Rabbit Catalyst

The Jade Rabbit’s catalyst enhances the weapon’s stability by 27, greatly improving its handling and shot accuracy. This makes it easier to achieve precision hits after stacking damage with body shots.

To acquire The Jade Rabbit catalyst, defeat other Guardians in the Crucible. It is not necessary to win the match, as simply participating and securing kills will contribute towards obtaining the Catalyst. Defeat 250 Guardians while equipping The Jade Rabbit in Crucible matches to unlock its catalyst.


Similar to most Scout Rifles, The Jade Rabbit possesses considerable stopping power, allowing players to disable enemies momentarily with body shots. Weakened and flinching enemies are especially vulnerable to precision shots, making this technique ideal for utilizing The Jade Rabbit’s abilities. Additionally, each shot that causes damage increases the weapon’s stability, enhancing accuracy when relentlessly attacking foes.

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