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Every New Weapon in Destiny 2: Season of the Witch (S22)

Destiny 2, the ultimate loot-chasing game, keeps players on their toes with the release of exciting new weapons every season. In Season of the Witch (S22), Bungie has introduced a plethora of shiny new weapons, including Exotics, seasonal weapons, and beloved fan favorites. This comprehensive guide will keep you informed about all the new weapons released so far in Season of the Witch.

Season of the Witch (S22) Weapons

New Exotic Weapons

Let’s dive into the details of the new Exotic weapons introduced in Season of the Witch, including the highly sought-after Necrochasm Raid auto rifle.

Witch Weapons

Discover all the new Witch weapons and learn the best farming methods to acquire them in no time.

Recovered Red War Weapons

This season also brings back several weapons from Year 1 of Destiny 2. You can farm these weapons at the H.E.L.M. and add them to your collection.

New Nightfall Weapons

Nightfall weapons can now be infinitely farmed. However, please note that these weapons rotate on a weekly basis, so be sure to stay updated.

New Trials of Osiris Weapons

If you’re willing to spend some resources, Trials of Osiris allows you to focus Trials engrams and obtain the exact weapon or armor piece you desire.

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New Iron Banner Weapons

By participating in Iron Banner matches and turning in Iron Banner tokens, you can get your hands on the new Iron Banner weapons.

New Playlist Weapons

Complete activities from the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit playlists to acquire these new weapons and enhance your arsenal.

New World Pool Weapons

These weapons can be obtained randomly as end-of-match rewards or through Legendary and Prime engrams. Keep an eye out for these valuable additions to your collection.

Crota’s End Raid Weapons

Although the reprised Crota’s End raid is not yet available, it will be released on September 1, 2023, featuring several exceptional weapons. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting raid.


How to Get Weapons in Destiny 2

Finding weapons in Destiny 2 can be an adventure of its own. Let’s explore the various methods to acquire both new and old guns.

When it comes to obtaining new guns, the avenues are more limited but equally rewarding:

1. Raids & Dungeons

Raids and dungeons offer some of the most sought-after weapons in the game. Each encounter within these activities has a chance to drop specific loot, allowing you to actively farm for your desired weapon. Keep in mind that raids have a weekly lockout, allowing you to clear them only once per character per week. However, exceptions like Grasp of Avarice can be farmed indefinitely.

2. Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is renowned for its exceptional loot, particularly its weapons that are often considered the best in class. With the improved loot system, Trials now allows you to target farm specific weapons, making it a worthwhile activity even for those who dislike PVP. This guide provides comprehensive coverage of every Trials weapon, including Adept versions and their rotation.

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3. Nightfall: The Ordeals

Nightfalls have been significantly improved in terms of loot rewards. Master and Grandmaster difficulty Nightfalls offer unique weapons that cannot be found elsewhere, and some of them are truly impressive. While farming these weapons is straightforward, the drop rates can be challenging. This guide offers insights into every Nightfall weapon, their weekly rotation, and more.

4. Exotic Quests

Exotic weapons are among the best in the game and often require completing unique and thrilling missions to obtain them. While some Exotic quests have been removed from the game, they can still be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower. This guide provides details on every Exotic quest and includes requirements and video guides to assist you on your quest.

5. Seasonal Activities

Each new season in Destiny 2 introduces exciting activities and enticing weapons. Seasonal weapons are generally of a higher caliber and provide a great incentive to participate in the season’s content. With the extension of seasonal content for a whole year, there are numerous activities to explore. Refer to the tables below for a complete overview of every seasonal activity and the specific weapons they offer.

6. Iron Banner

Despite its outdated farming system, Iron Banner still features some excellent weapons. However, acquiring the desired weapon can be quite challenging due to the archaic tokens system. With 18 weapons and an armor set in the loot pool, getting what you want requires patience and persistence. Nevertheless, some of the newer Iron Banner weapons are worth the effort.

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7. Playlist Activities

Playlist activities have transformed into rewarding experiences in Destiny 2. Each mode offers unique weapons, some of which are surprisingly exceptional. While targeting specific weapons can be challenging due to the vast perk pool for each weapon, drop rates have improved. Utilizing the right Ghost mod can significantly increase your chances of obtaining playlist weapons.

8. Special Events

Destiny 2 hosts four special events throughout the year: The Dawning, Festival of the Lost, Guardian Games, and Solstice. These events have limited availability, usually spanning a few weeks. Participating in these events grants you access to event-specific weapons. The loot pools are small, making it relatively easy to farm and secure a few desirable rolls.

9. Destination Weapons

Certain weapons are exclusive to specific planets, such as Europa, the Moon, the Dreaming City, and the Leviathan. By completing bounties, missions, and events on these planets, you can acquire these unique weapons. While some are average, others stand out as best-in-class. Familiarize yourself with the methods to farm these weapons on each planet and expand your collection.

10. World Loot Pool

Lastly, there are numerous weapons that drop randomly throughout the game. The world loot pool is vast, making farming for specific weapons incredibly challenging. Although most of these weapons are average, it’s advisable not to dismantle them hastily. However, it’s generally more efficient to target farm weapons from other sources.


With Season of the Witch (S22) in Destiny 2, the world of weaponry expands further. Stay up to date with the latest guides covering the exciting new features and loot introduced in this season, including new Exotic armor, Exotics, armor sets, Deep weapons, and Neomuna weapons. Embrace the challenge, arm yourself, and conquer the universe of Destiny 2!

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