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All Locations of Resonance Amp in Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2 brings back some new and old weapons to the loot pool. Alongside the fresh Warmind weapons, the fan-favorite IKELOS guns are also making a return with shiny perks like Voltshot on the IKELOS SMG.

Similar to Season of the Haunted, Season of the Seraph has two loot pools that work together. While you can obtain the new guns from the seasonal activity, you can also hunt down Override Frequencies to acquire the refurbished IKELOS weapons, just like how Haunted offered Opulent weapons from Opulent Keys.

To get your hands on IKELOS weapons, you will need to obtain Override Frequencies. These frequencies become available once you gather enough Resonant Stems. Once you decode a frequency, it will guide you to a specific location on one of the destinations. The code provides hints about the location. For example, “Europa.Eventide” points you towards the Eventide Ruins in Europa, and the rest of the code gives a hint about where exactly in that area you can find the Warmind Node containing the IKELOS gear. These Warmind Nodes emit a distinct audio cue and create a yellowed glow on your screen.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create Override Frequencies using the Resonance Amp, how to use them to obtain IKELOS gear, and provide all the locations you need to visit.

How to Create Override Frequencies using the Resonance Amp

Once you have collected four Resonant Stems, open your character menu (default F1) and navigate to the Inventory tab. Among the consumables, you will find the Resonance Amp. When you have four or more Resonant Stems, you can consume four of them by pressing F on the Resonance Amp. This will generate an Override Frequency, which will give you a clue to find a hidden Warmind Node somewhere in the solar system.

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All Locations of Resonance Amp and Override Frequencies in Destiny 2: Europa


This Override Frequency takes you back to where you first set foot on Europa during the Beyond Light campaign intro. Start at the Exo Stranger’s camp at Beyond and look to your right. Follow the path, jump over a ledge, and continue along the ice. You will come across red-tinted glaciers and eventually spot Riis-Reborn and Jupiter in the distance. Look for the Warmind node at the far end of the path.


This Override Frequency leads you to the spawn at Charon’s Crossing. Head to Variks and leave the outpost. As you cross the door, look across from you to find a broken catwalk. Follow it to another catwalk below, where you will find the Warmind node. You can even spot this location from the spawn zone.


To find this Warmind Node, go to Charon’s Crossing and take a left towards Cadmus Ridge. As the area changes, you will notice spikes on the left side of the road. Look for a ledge on the left side, just before the final set of spikes, to find the location for this Override Frequency.


Head to Asterion Abyss and follow the path towards the large Vex structure, as if you were heading towards the Concealed Void Lost Sector. When you reach a gap above the entrance to the Lost Sector, get off your Sparrow and look for a ledge on the right side. The Warmind Node can be found there.


This Override Frequency takes you to a Warmind Node hidden inside Mithrax’s hideout from Season of the Splicer. From the landing zone, look for the glacier close to you (the one with the box-like power structure above it). Hug the left side of it to find an entrance to a cave marked by green lights. Head inside and continue through Mithrax’s former stronghold until you find this Warmind Node.

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From the Eventide Ruins landing zone, look slightly to your left to find the remains of a buried dome, similar to the ones on the Moon. Once you locate it, enter and look at the far end of the circular catwalk hanging above the floor.

All Locations of Resonance Amp and Override Frequencies in Destiny 2: Moon


Spawn at Sanctuary and go left towards Archer’s Line. In that area, you will notice a colossal dome on the far-right side. Enter the dome and find the Warmind Node on top of a catwalk accessible via a ladder.


Another Override Frequency that leads you to Archer’s Line. From the spawn in Sanctuary, head to Archer’s Line and look for green light emanating from a fissure (where the Vex Harpies usually reside). Follow the tracks that lead to a makeshift ramp. Jump across the ramp and look behind you to spot a stack of boxes and a crashed transport truck across the chasm. The Warmind Node can be found there. We discovered this location with the assistance of content creator xHOUNDISHx.


Land on Sorrow’s Harbor and backtrack to the Hellmouth. Once in the area, look for the remnants of a wall with Nightmares hovering above it. Make a right and enter a small cave. Spot the alcove on the other side of the room to find this Warmind Node.


This Warmind Node is hidden on an easily noticeable structure. Head to Anchor of Light (take a right from Sanctuary) and locate the round structure where Fallen enemies gather, just before the entrance to the nearby Lost Sector. Once inside, search for the Warmind Node.


The “Sorrow.Altar” part of the code gives a clue about the broad area where this Warmind Node is located. From the landing zone in Sorrow’s Harbor, head towards the entrance of the Scarlet Keep. With your back to the entrance, go to the area where Nightmares attempt to sacrifice. Descend the stairs on your left and jump across the ledge. Once you touch the ground, turn around to find a small cave entrance. Enter the cave, make a right, and you will find this Warmind Node. This one is also close to a regional chest.

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This Warmind Node is right in Sanctuary, so you won’t need to walk much to find it. Get close to Eris or the Lectern of Enchantment and search for a ledge on the other side of the knee-high wall near the Lectern.

All Locations of Resonance Amp and Override Frequencies in Destiny 2’s Operation: Seraph Shield


Once you climb into the elevator and reach the Engineering area, you will have to jump across a small gap with a Servitor to unlock the terminal. Deposit the Scanner buff to progress. Before entering the door, look for a platform on your left, leading to another one on top. The Warmind Node will be on the final platform, above the door.


After the Operator buff appears, you will have to shoot a series of buttons throughout Operation: Seraph Shield. One of these buttons is located in a server room, and the Warmind Node will be right by it. Look between two pillars on your right as you walk into the room.


Once you finish the Spacewalk 2.0 section, you will enter an entrance hall. Look for a laser wall on the right side of the room (there is a doorway on the right side as you enter). Carefully move through the lasers to reach and acquire this Warmind Node.


This Warmind Node is located at the far end of the mission, after the final boss fight. When prompted to inject the virus, look to the left of the terminal to find this Warmind Node, completing your Resonance Amp hunt for the IKELOS weapons in Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph.

During our testing, each of these four Warmind Nodes awarded a Deepsight Resonant version of a different IKELOS weapon. However, it is uncertain if everyone will receive guaranteed Deepsights as rewards.

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