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Destiny 2: Top Weapons to Counter Titan Barriers in Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris, the intense 3v3 Elimination mode in Destiny 2, demands quick thinking and strategic play. With short rounds lasting only 90 seconds and the potential for 30 seconds of overtime, every decision counts. One crucial element of this mode is the ability to revive fallen teammates, but it comes with its own risks. That’s where Titan Barricades become invaluable. However, Bungie recognizes the impact of this ability and is rebalancing it for the upcoming introduction of Trials in Destiny 2.

To create a high-risk, high-reward scenario, Barricades will now have 600 health, and many weapons will deal increased damage against them. This change aims to make it more challenging to revive a teammate while under the protection of a Barricade. So, it would be wise to equip weapons that excel at destroying these barriers before heading into Trials. Here are a few weapons we believe will work exceptionally well:


Introduced in Season of Dawn, Bastion is a Fusion Rifle that packs a punch. Each slug from a Bastion shot deals 30 damage in PvP, and with seven slugs per shot, that’s a total of 210 damage. But here’s where it gets interesting. Charging the weapon fires three spreads of slugs, bringing the damage potential up to a staggering 630 if they all land.

While this alone would be enough to wreck a Barricade, Fusion Rifles, including Bastion, will receive a 60 percent damage boost against barriers. This means that firing three spreads of slugs will break the Barricade with slugs to spare, which could potentially eliminate the Titan hiding behind it.

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However, it’s important to note that the weapon’s power may be considered overpowered. Whether Bungie decides to nerf the gun or adjust its effectiveness against Barricades remains to be seen. Additionally, Bastion occupies the Kinetic slot, so you’ll have the coveted Energy slot available for a weapon to use in regular firefights. Credit goes to the diligent Redditor who initially did the math on this lethal combination.


For those who enjoy sniping in PvP, Revoker is a name that often elicits mixed reactions. This sniper rifle refunds missed shots, making it a favorite for some and a frustrating opponent for others. However, this very feature grants it a significant advantage against Titan Barricades.

When you hit a Barricade with Revoker, it counts as a missed shot, ensuring that you won’t waste your precious ammo in the process of destroying it. Furthermore, Bungie will boost Sniper Rifles’ damage to barriers by 30 percent, making tearing down Barricades a breeze. Keep in mind that you can shoot indefinitely at Barricades with Revoker without needing to reload, but if you fire another bullet before the first one gets refunded, it won’t refund the second one.

Eriana’s Vow (possibly)

Eriana’s Vow, a powerful hand cannon, stands out as the only weapon capable of intrinsically countering Titan Barricades. With its shield-piercing capabilities, it deals 30 percent increased damage against these annoying force fields.

Moreover, Eriana’s Vow features the Death at First Glance trait. This trait enhances the weapon’s damage on the first shot and extends its effectiveness with every precision hit. Bungie has hinted that hitting a Barricade with a counter weapon will result in yellow damage numbers, which may imply that these hits count as precision hits and trigger the extension of Death at First Glance.

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With all this in mind, Eriana’s Vow deals 103 damage per shot unless it’s a headshot. With the 30 percent damage increase, each shot will deal 134 damage on a barrier. Therefore, four shots are needed to get rid of the Barricade. Although this is slower compared to Bastion, Eriana’s Vow offers a more reliable option at range, especially if your preferred Kinetic weapon excels in close-quarters combat.

Remember to choose your weapons wisely when facing Titan Barriers in Trials of Osiris. With these top picks, you’ll increase your chances of success and dominate the Crucible. Good luck, Guardian!

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