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The 5 Best Arc Fragments for Titans in Destiny 2

Bungie’s first elemental power revamp in Destiny 2 brought about the introduction of Arc 3.0 alongside the Season of Plunder. This update came with a plethora of Aspects and Fragments that allowed Guardians to create unique character builds based on their playstyle. In this article, we will explore the top five Fragments that Striker Titans can utilize to maximize the potential of their Arc 3.0 builds in Destiny 2.

Exploring the Buffs and Debuffs of Arc 3.0

Similar to the Solar and Arc subclasses, the Arc 3.0 update introduced buffs and debuffs that greatly enhance gameplay. While there are fewer than before, they are still remarkably effective. Let’s take a closer look at these buffs and debuffs:

  • Amplified: This provides a speed boost and increased weapon handling until you come to a stop.
  • Blind: In PvE, it disorients enemies and renders them unable to shoot. In PvP, it temporarily obscures the screen and removes the HUD of blinded Guardians. It also stuns Unstoppable Champions.
  • Jolt: Enemies affected by this debuff periodically release chain lightning to nearby enemies while taking increased damage. Additionally, it stuns Overload Champions.

1) Spark of Shock

Spark of Shock

Spark of Shock is an exceptionally powerful Arc Fragment within the new Arc 3.0 subclass. This Fragment enhances Arc grenades by jolting targets, making them more potent. For Striker Titans, Spark of Shock is a must-have Fragment as it proves useful in both PvP and PvE content. To create an Arc Titan build utilizing this Fragment, pair it with the Touch of Thunder Aspect. The combination of Spark of Shock and Touch of Thunder will unleash devastatingly strong grenades in any Destiny 2 activity.

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2) Spark of Ions

Spark of Ions

Next on our list is Spark of Ions, another excellent Fragment for Striker Titans. Defeating jolted targets spawns Ionic Traces which, when picked up, grant 12.5 percent grenade and melee energy, along with 15 percent class ability energy. Whether you’re creating an end-game PvE build or a casual PvP build, Spark of Ions is an S-tier choice for Arc Titans. Combine Spark of Ions with aspects like Touch of Thunder to unleash havoc upon your enemies in Destiny 2.

3) Spark of Haste

Spark of Haste

In Destiny 2, every Guardian has six character stats: Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. These stats affect various aspects such as health, movement speed, and ability cooldowns. Spark of Haste focuses on enhancing character stats like Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery until you stop moving. With a +30 increase across all three stats, this Fragment is an S-tier pick for any Destiny 2 activity. Striker Titans can pair Spark of Haste with Titan aspects like Juggernaut, which provides a frontal shield that blocks incoming damage while sprinting, allowing you to engage enemies up close and personal.

4) Spark of Magnitude

Spark of Magnitude

Similar to Spark of Shock, Spark of Magnitude enhances Arc grenades by increasing their duration. However, this buff only applies to lingering grenades such as Lightning Grenade, Pulse Grenade, and Storm Grenade. Before creating an Arc Titan build, remember to pair Spark of Magnitude with the Touch of Thunder Aspect. This combination ensures that your Arc Titan build is ready for end-game activities, maximizing the duration and potential of your grenades in Destiny 2.

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5) Spark of Resistance

Spark of Resistance

Out of all the character stats, Resilience is of utmost importance for Titans. Resilience directly affects damage resistance and barricade cooldowns. True to its name, Spark of Resistance provides damage resistance when surrounded by enemies. Additionally, it subtly increases Strength by +10, giving you a small boost. Striker Titans utilizing Spark of Resistance can pair it with Juggernaut and Spark of Haste to experience a taste of immortality in Destiny 2.

Please note that this list reflects the subjective opinions of the writer. Each Fragment mentioned offers unique benefits that, when combined with the right aspects, can elevate your Arc Titan build to new heights in Destiny 2.

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