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Best Destiny 2 Titan Builds: Unleash the Power of the Titans

Destiny 2: Season 21 has arrived, and with it, the community is discovering the most powerful builds in the game. If you’re a Titan looking to dominate the battlefield, fear not. We have you covered. In this article, we will explore the best Titan builds available right now.

Master the Art of Buildcrafting

Buildcrafting in Destiny 2 has undergone a complete revamp with the release of Lightfall. While the new system is more user-friendly, there is still much to learn. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, we’ll guide you through the best builds for Titans.

Titan Strand Synthoceps Build: Unleash the Power

Strand, the new subclass for Titans, has brought a wealth of opportunities for buildcrafting. While Warlocks have their powerful Strand build centered around Necrotic Grips, this Titan Strand build might just be the most fun in all of Destiny 2: Lightfall.

This build combines the use of Strand and Synthoceps, allowing you to shred through Champions, Majors, and even Bosses with ease. You’ll be swinging around with a grapple, delivering devastating punches, and rapidly regenerating your Super. It’s an absolute blast to play with.

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Titan Strand Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments

To fully unleash the potential of the Strand build, you need to understand the key abilities, aspects, and fragments:

  • Class ability: Rally Barricade
  • Jump: Catapult Lift
  • Melee: Frenzied Blade
  • Grenade: Grapple


  • Into the Fray: Enhance your armor with Woven Mail, increase melee regeneration, and grant Woven Mail to nearby allies when destroying a Tangle or casting your Super.
  • Drengr’s Lash: Activate your class ability to create a ripple in reality that damages targets.


  • Thread of Mind: Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.
  • Thread of Warding: Dealing damage generates grenade energy.
  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy.
  • Thread of Fury: Damaging targets with a Tangle grants Melee Energy.

Arm Yourself with the Right Weapons and Exotics

To maximize your effectiveness in battle, equip the following weapons and exotics:

  • Primary: Kinetic shotgun, such as Heritage, for up-close encounters.
  • Secondary: Void primary, like Funnelweb, to utilize the Volatile Flow Artifact mod.
  • Heavy: Adapt to the situation, but consider using Two-Tailed Fox or Leviathan’s Breath for their unique abilities.

Customize Your Armor with the Perfect Mods

To optimize your armor for the Strand build, focus on the following mods:


  • Stat mod of choice – up to 4
  • Void Siphon – 1
  • Hands-On – 3
  • Ashes to Assets – 1


  • Stat mod of choice – up to 4
  • Impact Induction – 1
  • Firepower – 1
  • Heavy Handed – 3


  • Stat mod of choice – up to 4
  • Font of Endurance – 3
  • Concussive Dampener – 3


  • Stat mod of choice – up to 4
  • Void Weapon Surge – 3
  • Innervation – 1
  • Recuperation – 1
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Class Item:

  • Stat mod of choice – up to 4
  • Distribution – 3
  • Bomber – 1
  • Outreach – 1

Prioritize the Right Stats for Your Titan

When considering stat allocation for your Titan, prioritize the following:

  • Resilience: Despite the nerf in Lightfall, resilience remains crucial for survival.
  • Discipline: Focus on grenade generation for more frequent ability usage.
  • Recovery: Prioritize faster health regeneration for critical moments.

How to Use the Titan Strand Build

Now that you’ve assembled your perfect build, it’s time to unleash chaos on the battlefield. Here’s how to make the most of the Titan Strand build:

  1. Grapple into enemies, especially those surrounded by others.
  2. Use your melee ability at the end of a swing for massive damage.
  3. Throw Tangles at enemies and use your Rally Barricade strategically.
  4. Repeat this rotation, using your Super whenever possible.
  5. Create Orbs of Power to fuel your ability regeneration.
  6. Enjoy the mayhem and have a blast with this build.

Explore the Solar Loreley Splendor Helm Build

If you prefer an unstoppable Solar Titan build, look no further than the Loreley Splendor Helm. This build offers exceptional survivability, relying on powerful aspects and the healing power of Sunspots.

Similar to the Strand build, the Solar Loreley Splendor Helm build grants you near-invincibility, making it perfect for close-quarters combat. Harness the power of Sunspots and unleash devastating hammers to dominate the battlefield.

Solar Titan Weapons, Exotics, and Armor Mods

Arm yourself with the following weapons, exotics, and armor mods for the Solar Loreley Splendor Helm build:


  • Kinetic: Use a slug shotgun like Heritage for close-quarters combat.
  • Energy: Opt for an Incandescent weapon to spread Scorch and cause ignitions.
  • Heavy: Choose a weapon that suits your needs, such as Falling Guillotine.
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Armor Mods:

  • Customize your armor with mods that enhance your stats and abilities.

Embrace Unrivaled Resilience

To ensure your survival, focus on resilience as your primary stat. This build is designed to make you nearly unkillable, so bolster your defenses.

Unleash the Power of the Sun

With the Solar Loreley Splendor Helm build, you have the power of the sun at your command. Follow these steps to unleash its full potential:

  1. Throw a Firebolt Grenade to start the carnage.
  2. Use your Incandescent weapon to reach Roaring Flames x3.
  3. Strike enemies with your Throwing Hammer to create Sunspots and heal.
  4. Collect Orbs and Firesprites to fuel your ability regeneration.
  5. Activate your Super whenever it’s available.
  6. Repeat this rotation and revel in your near-invincibility.

Trustworthy Information for Guardians

We hope these Titan builds have provided you with a solid foundation for your adventures in Destiny 2. Remember, there are countless combinations and possibilities to explore, but these builds are an excellent starting point.

Now, go forth, Guardian, and face the darkness with renewed synergy. And if you’re hungry for more Destiny 2 content, check out our other guides for the latest tips, tricks, and explanations.

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