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A Guide to Obtaining the Wish-ender Exotic Bow in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken introduces the spectacular Wish-ender bow, one of the game’s most coveted weapons. This exotic bow stands out as the only one available through a quest, and it packs a punch in both PvE and PvP activities. However, acquiring the Wish-ender is no easy feat and requires a significant investment of time. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the necessary steps to add this remarkable bow to your collection.

Note: This quest is accessible only when the Shattered Throne dungeon is available, which occurs every three weeks.

Step 1: Conquer the Shattered Throne Dungeon

The Shattered Throne offers a unique dungeon experience in Forsaken. Combining elements from both raids and strikes, this dungeon poses a significant challenge. With a recommended power level ranging from 570 to 580, it stands as one of the most demanding activities in the game. Be prepared to face formidable foes or rally supportive friends for assistance.

To embark on this quest, you must first conquer the Shattered Throne. Overcome various encounters within the dungeon until you reach Sedia, the cleansed boss of the Corrupted strike. Speak to her and enter the grand portal in the background. After defeating the final boss, it may appear that you have reached a dead end, but a secret mission lies ahead.

Step 2: Embark on the Secret Mission

Upon completing the Shattered Throne, travel to the Tangled Shore. Take the elevator up to the Four-horned Gulch and proceed to the main area. Summon your Ghost, and you will discover a mission icon nearby. Approach the building and interact with the mysterious Taken ball, which challenges you to “prove your worth.”

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This will initiate a straightforward mission on the Tangled Shore. Battle your way through the formidable Taken forces until you reach the final room. Here, you will confront three powerful Taken bosses.

Defeating these bosses is a relatively manageable task, especially when working as a team. Upon their defeat, you will receive three tokens, each bearing the boss’s name. However, you must return to the Shattered Throne to cleanse them.

Step 3: Cleanse the Tokens

The time has come to return to the Shattered Throne and partake in an engaging quest segment that allows you to vanquish the final dungeon boss. Enter the dungeon and progress through the opening section until you encounter the massive Ogre boss.

While traversing the dungeon, you will need to locate orbs and carry them to their corresponding statues to cleanse the tokens.

Token 1 (Querim)

In the first area of the dungeon, known as the Labyrinth Architects, the statue requiring the orb is situated on the roof of the largest building. Look for a circle of statues, one of which lacks an orb.

Locate the orb in the Tower of the Deep, above the room with the symbol. Accessing this area is easiest from the roof, where you will find a small basin for the orb to spawn. (Note: Orb spawn locations may not be random, so check similar locations in other towers if you are unable to find it.)

Once you have the orb, make your way back to the roof of the central building. You can reach it by skillfully navigating across rooftops. Insert the orb into the statue, and a Taken Minotaur will spawn. Dispatch the Minotaur swiftly to summon Querim, the Waking, and cleanse the Querim token.

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You do not need to worry about any more orbs until you reach the room with scaffolding and Ogres.

Token 2 (Eriviks)

Cleansing this token requires two orbs. Upon entering the Ogre room, where you must traverse beams above a vast pit, proceed as usual and eliminate all enemies. Return to the room’s entrance and head to the right of the door. Behind a pillar, you will discover an orb spawn point.

Pick up the orb and proceed to the far side of the room, where you will encounter a group of statues. Pass the first group of statues and proceed to the second one. Insert the orb and continue onward; there is nothing else to see at this point.

The next orb awaits you in the Thrall room. After passing through the portal and experiencing slowed movement, ascend the stairs to your right and search the entryway for the orb. Once obtained, navigate through the section, taking care to protect yourself from the relentless Thrall. Utilize jumps and wall grabs to enhance your safety.

Upon reaching the end of the Thrall hallway, descend into the large room below. The desired statue can be found on the right. Place the orb into it and exit the room through the door.

Placing both orbs in their designated locations will open a large door on the opposite side of the chasm. Proceed to the door and enter it to confront a horde of Taken enemies. Eliminate them and defeat the subsequent boss to cleanse the Eriviks token.

Token 3 (Xavoth)

Cleansing this token poses the greatest challenge, as it involves battling an exceptionally challenging boss. When you arrive at the boss fight against the massive Ogre, eliminate the accompanying Wizards and survive long enough to collect sufficient marks to weaken the fire and disable the boss’s shield.

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Once the shield is down, divert your attention from the Ogre and search the room for a hidden Taken Minotaur (note: they may turn invisible). Upon defeating the Minotaur, it will drop an orb. Retrieve the orb and carry it to the left side of the room, where you will find another statue.

After placing the orb in the statue, a second boss Ogre will spawn in the center of the room. Unlike the main boss, this one lacks a shield. Dispose of it to cleanse the Xavoth token.

Take your three tokens to the statue located just beyond the Ogre boss fight and claim your Wish-ender bow from the statue of Sjur. Congratulations! Enjoy wielding your newest exotic weapon.

With this guide, you now possess the knowledge needed to embark on the challenging journey to obtain the Wish-ender exotic bow in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Embrace the power it bestows upon you and excel in your adventures.

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