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Diablo 4 Legendary Rerolling Guide – How to Customize Your Occultist Affix in D4 After the Latest Update

If you’ve stumbled upon an item in Diablo 4 and found an affix that doesn’t quite suit your build or personal preferences, fear not! In this guide, we’ll discuss the best methods for rerolling affixes on your D4 occultist gear, providing you with the flexibility to optimize your gameplay as desired. It’s important to note that this occultist affix rerolling guide does not apply to weapons and possibly shields.

Unveiling the World of Diablo 4 Occultist Affix Rerolling

Before diving into the Diablo IV rerolling techniques, let’s take a moment to explore a valuable resource: D4 This website hosts a wealth of information on Diablo 4 builds, featuring six tabs across the top of the page. Click on the sixth tab labeled “database” to access a comprehensive list of possible affix rolls for various classes, including the Necro, Barbarian, Sorcerer, and more. The “all classes” section represents affixes that can drop for any class, while subsequent sections are specific to individual classes. For instance, the glove section indicates that lightning critical strike damage can drop for gloves, while Rogue characters have a chance to obtain an affix that increases attack speed upon dodging. With this knowledge in hand, let’s now explore the best way to reroll legendaries in Diablo 4 after the recent nerf.

How to Reroll Legendary Items in Diablo 4 After the Patch

To embark on your rerolling journey, start by locating a nearby stash box and interacting with it. From there, choose an item you wish to modify and transfer it to the stash box. Notably, the only Diablo 4 items currently compatible with this technique are armor pieces such as legs, chest pieces, gloves, amulets, and rings. Unfortunately, the method doesn’t work as effectively for weapons.

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Once you have the desired item safely stored in the stash box, pause the game and exit. Select an alternate character, whether it be a Necro, Barbarian, or any other character you have available. If you lack a second character, simply create one and proceed to complete a dungeon to unlock the occultists.

Returning to your stash box with the newly created character, retrieve the item you previously transferred or select another suitable item from your collection. Easily discern which item is intended for your character’s class, as it will be marked as exclusive to a specific class, such as Sorcerers or Barbarians.

With the item in hand, make your way to the occultist. If you find yourself in Kyovashad, seek the occultist situated at the top left side of the map. Interact with the occultist, specifically targeting the gloves, and prepare to replace one of the affixes. If you possess a legendary item with a perfect roll, you can choose to swap out a particular stat to further enhance its effectiveness.

Suppose you decide to discard the affix option presented by the occultist. In that case, you can simply back out of the screen and click on the occultist again to swap the gloves over once more. The ultimate objective is to trigger the desired effects. If your ideal roll doesn’t manifest immediately, repeat the process by exiting out and attempting another reroll. Be patient, as it may take a few attempts before achieving the desired results.

Once you’ve successfully obtained the affix you sought, head straight back to the stash box. Safely stash the altered item and feel free to leave the game momentarily or even join a different session.

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Return to the stash box and locate the items on the left side. You may notice that the icon has undergone a transformation, but don’t worry! Simply swap the item back into your inventory. The affixes on the right side should remain as they were before, allowing you to enjoy your newly customized gear.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Diablo 4 Affix Rerolling

Rerolling affixes in Diablo 4 enhances your gameplay experience, enabling you to fine-tune your gear to match your desired playstyle and build. While the method described in this guide may be restricted to armor items, it still offers unprecedented flexibility for character customization. Remember to consult trusted sources such as D4 to familiarize yourself with the affix possibilities for each class, guiding your decision-making process effectively. With persistence and a touch of luck, you’ll soon wield legendary gear that complements your Diablo 4 adventure like never before.

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