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How to Obtain Aspect of Retaliation in Diablo 4

The Aspect of Retaliation is a highly sought-after Legendary Aspect for Druids in Diablo 4. If you’re looking to obtain this powerful aspect and strengthen your character, this guide will provide you with all the essential information.

Druid characters in Diablo 4 possess a wide range of customization options, including Aspects and items that cater to various playstyles. While Druids may initially appear challenging for newcomers, there are numerous ways to enhance their abilities through the right build.

The Offensive Aspect of Retaliation stands out as one of the best Aspects for Druids in the game. It significantly boosts damage dealt through Core Skills based on Fortified Health. If you frequently utilize Fortify, here’s everything you need to know about acquiring the Aspect of Retaliation in Diablo 4.

Obtaining the Aspect of Retaliation

To obtain the Aspect of Retaliation in Diablo 4, players must complete a specific dungeon called Seaside Descent. This side dungeon can be found in the Dry Steppes region, located on the western edge of the map in Kotama Grasslands.

It is crucial to note that attempting this dungeon before reaching the minimum required level for the region is not advisable.

Clearing Seaside Descent Dungeon

Clearing the Seaside Descent dungeon in Diablo 4 is a relatively straightforward process. The dungeon consists of three distinct areas, each with its own set of objectives.

1. Secluded Grotto

The first area, known as Secluded Grotto, requires players to eliminate all enemies. Make sure to thoroughly explore every corner of this area before proceeding further, as stepping into the next area prematurely could result in missing enemies.

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2. Murky Depths

The second area, Murky Depths, presents the challenge of defeating two Avaricious Captains. One of them can be overcome by evading its ranged attacks. However, the other Captain is shielded by a circle that blocks any ranged assaults from outside. To deal damage, you’ll need to get close, but it’s advisable to position yourself along the edges of the circle for tactical maneuverability.

3. Lost Hoard

The third and final area of the Seaside Descent dungeon is called the Lost Hoard. In this area, your objective is to destroy three Corpse Piles. Expect waves of enemies, including elite adversaries, attempting to hinder your progress. The Corpse Piles periodically explode, inflicting significant damage. Stay alert, evade when necessary, and thoroughly explore the area to locate all three Corpse Piles. Upon their destruction, the Seaside Descent dungeon will be marked as completed.

Congratulations! By successfully completing the Seaside Descent dungeon, you will be rewarded with the Aspect of Retaliation. For more Diablo 4 content and guides, be sure to check out our other articles:

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