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Best Dungeons for Efficient Diablo 4 Farming After Nerf


After the recent Nerf update, Blizzard has taken significant steps to create a more balanced and rewarding experience for dungeon farming in Diablo 4. The disparity in experience points (XP) between different dungeons has been greatly reduced, resulting in a more consistent gameplay experience. However, not all dungeons are equal in terms of the XP they offer. In this article, we will explore the top dungeons that provide the maximum XP per hour.

Third Place: Champion’s Demise and Iron Hold

Tying for the third spot are two well-known dungeons – Champion’s Demise and Iron Hold. Iron Hold, located in Hawezar near the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint, still features formidable Elite packs of mobs. After clearing the initial part and retrieving the enemy’s key, the second part of the dungeon becomes a haven for Elite swarms that yield millions of XP. On average, running Iron Hold rewards around 8.8 million XP.

Offering a similar XP return is Champion’s Demise, a dungeon found in Kehjistan, to the right of the Jirandai Waypoint.

Second Place: Blind Burrows and Charnel House

Securing the second position are Blind Burrows and Charnel House. Interestingly, these dungeons are located near the previously popular XP farming spots. Blind Burrows offers approximately 9.3 million XP per hour and is conveniently situated near the now-nerfed Ruins of Eridu, which still provides a respectable 7.6 million XP per hour. This allows for a smooth loop where you can run Blind Burrows, exit the dungeon, proceed to the Ruins of Eridu, and repeat the process without saving and quitting the game. These dungeons reset upon completing an activity.

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A similar efficient loop can be done with Champion’s Demise and Charnel House. While Charnel House offers around 9.3 million XP per hour, it is important to note that it is a more efficient XP farm compared to Champion’s Demise. Both dungeons, however, offer a seamless experience by minimizing loading screens and interruptions.

First Place: Uldur’s Cave

The top spot goes to Uldur’s Cave, a solo dungeon located in Kehjistan. This dungeon stands out due to its straightforward design and ease of completion, granting a remarkable 10 million XP per hour. It is an excellent choice for players who prefer a solo play style and aim for maximum XP. However, it is worth noting that the narrow layout of Uldur’s Cave might not be as suitable for group play. For players in a group, Blind Burrows and Champion’s Demise remain viable options.

Other Notable Dungeons

While our focus is primarily on the highest-performing dungeons, there are several other noteworthy dungeons that deserve recognition for their unique characteristics and challenges.

  • Mercy’s Reach: Though offering approximately 7.2 million XP per hour, this dungeon stands out for its distinctive design and intriguing backstory, making it a must-try for all Diablo 4 players.

  • Guulrahn Canals: With a maze-like layout, this dungeon provides an engaging experience while offering a respectable 7.9 million XP per hour.

  • Anica Claim: Consistently providing 7.8 million XP per hour, this dungeon is a reliable option for players seeking a more stable XP farming experience.

  • Ruins of Eridu: While its XP reward has decreased to 7.6 million per hour after the Nerf, the intricate architectural design and quests make it worth exploring for its immersive gameplay.

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While these dungeons may not be the most efficient for XP farming, they offer diverse and captivating experiences that add depth to the game.

Room for Improvement

Despite the improvements made by Blizzard in balancing XP rewards across dungeons, there is still room for further enhancements. Currently, the gaming meta favors repeatedly running easier dungeons for higher XP rewards, which undermines the challenge level. To address this issue, one potential solution could be to increase the XP points given in Nightmare Dungeons. This would create a more balanced risk-reward ratio, encouraging players to take on these more challenging dungeons.

Additionally, increasing the XP values of elites within Nightmare Dungeons would further incentivize gameplay within these demanding environments. Currently, there is little motivation for players to engage in Nightmare Dungeons, which diminishes the end-game experience. It is our hope that Blizzard addresses these concerns in the future, providing a more balanced and rewarding gaming experience across all levels of play.

Video Guide: An Additional Resource

For readers who prefer video content, we have included a video guide that showcases the dungeon runs and provides detailed insights into achieving the best XP rates. This video guide supplements the information in this article and offers an enjoyable way to enhance your farming experience. Watch the video and happy farming!

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