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Diablo IV Crucible of Worth: The Search for the Great Axe of Raekor

Diablo 4 Crucible of Worth is an intriguing side-quest in Act 3 that takes place in the Dry Steppes region of the immersive video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In this quest, you will embark on a mission to retrieve the Great Axe of Raekor for Gerti, an NPC located in Ked Bardu. However, this won’t be an easy task, as the weapon has been stolen from the forge under suspicious circumstances.

Initiating the Crucible of Worth Quest in Diablo 4

To begin the Crucible of Worth quest, part of the 38 side-quests available in the Dry Steppes, you need to venture to the town of Ked Bardu in the Kotama Grasslands area. It is in this town that you will also find the starting point for the first main quest of Act 3, The Spreading Darkness.

Once you arrive in Ked Bardu, seek out Gerti, who can be found on the southern side of the town, near the Blacksmith. Engage in a conversation with Gerti to learn more about the stolen Great Axe of Raekor and kickstart your adventure.

Diablo 4 Crucible of Worth becomes available in Ked Bardu town in the Kotama Grasslands area

Unveiling the Location of the Great Axe of Raekor

The prime suspects behind the theft of the Great Axe of Raekor were last spotted hiding on the southern coast of the Dry Steppes region. Consult the map below for the exact search area where you can uncover the whereabouts of the coveted weapon.

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The Great Axe of Raekor is located on the southern coast of the Dry Steppes region

Once you reach the designated spot, you will have to confront a group of adversaries and locate the weapon amidst a collection of candles near the western edge of the area.

The Broken Great Axe of Raekor is found in the middle of some candles

However, there’s a catch — the axe is broken. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope just yet. Return to Ked Bardu and report back to Gerti to see if he can repair the weapon.

Acquiring an Oppressor Horn in Diablo 4

Gerti believes he has the skills to restore the axe, but he requires specific materials. To assist him in repairing the Great Axe of Raekor, you must first obtain an Oppressor Horn and three Silver Quartz.

To find the Oppressor Horn, journey to the north side of the Khargai Crags area. Once there, you’ll encounter an Oppressor enemy whom you must defeat to acquire the horn.

Oppressors can be found on the north side of the Khargai Crags area

Remember, when you approach an Oppressor, a red dot will appear on your map, pinpointing the mob’s precise location.

Gathering Silver Quartz From the Infected Delve

The second material required for the repair is Silver Quartz. Journey to the Infected Delve, a dungeon located in the northern part of the Kotama Grasslands area, as depicted on the map below.

Infected Delve is located on the north side of the Kotama Grasslands area

Within the dungeon, keep an eye out for Glittering Ore Veins, which resemble rock deposits. Interact with these veins to obtain Silver Quartz. Be aware that the material may not drop every time, so you may need to continue searching until you have collected three.

Interact with Glittering Ore Veins to get Silver Quartz

Once you have acquired the third Silver Quartz, make your way back to Ked Bardu and hand over the materials to Gerti. He will then undertake the task of repairing the Great Axe of Raekor.

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Congratulations, adventurer! You have successfully completed the Diablo 4 Crucible of Worth side-quest. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive the restored weapon, as well as XP, Gold, and 20 Dry Steppes Renown points.

Great job, friend! Remember to explore our Diablo 4 Wiki Hub for more helpful guides, or dive straight into the Malign Devotion quest, available in the same region. Keep up the excellent work, and enjoy your Diablo 4 experience!

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