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All Occultist Features: A Guide to Rerolling Stats

The Occultist in Diablo 4 (D4) is an essential NPC that offers players access to the Codex of Power, the ability to imprint legendary aspects, craft Nightmare Sigils, and reroll affixes. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the Occultist’s features, including a step-by-step walkthrough on how to enchant and replace the affixes on your items.

All Occultist Features

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  • Imprinting
  • Extraction
  • Sigil Crafting

Legendary Aspect Imprinting

One of the primary functions of the Occultist is to allow players to imprint Legendary Aspects onto their Rare or Legendary items. This process requires Veiled Crystals and Gold. By imprinting, you can either upgrade a Rare item to Legendary or overwrite the original Legendary power of an item. Legendary Aspects can be obtained by completing open-world Dungeons for the first time or by extracting them from Legendary Items. Dungeon Aspects can be viewed via the Codex of Power, while extracted Legendary Aspects are visible in your inventory’s Aspects tab.

Imprinting Costs Vary by Item Power

The costs of imprinting depend on the Item Power of the item you wish to imprint Aspects on. For gear with 400 Item Power or higher, imprinting will require Legendary crafting materials like Baleful Fragments, Coiling Wards, and Abstruse Sigils in addition to Veiled Crystals and Gold.

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Here is a breakdown of the imprinting costs for each item type:

  • Weapon:

    • Veiled Crystals
    • Baleful Fragments (400 Item Power and higher)
    • Gold
  • Armor:

    • Veiled Crystals
    • Coiling Wards (400 Item Power and higher)
    • Gold
  • Jewelry:

    • Veiled Crystals
    • Abstruse Sigils (400 Item Power and higher)
    • Gold

Available Aspect Types are Determined by the Gear Slot

Not every item can be imprinted with every Aspect. Each Aspect Type is limited to specific Gear Slots. Here is a breakdown of the allowed Gear Slots for each Aspect Type:

  • Offensive:

    • Amulet, Weapon, Gloves, Ring
  • Defensive:

    • Shield, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet
  • Resource:

    • Ring
  • Utility:

    • Shield, Helm, Chest, Amulet, Gloves, Boots
  • Mobility:

    • Amulet, Boots

Legendary Aspect Extraction

In addition to imprinting, the Occultist offers the option to extract Legendary Aspects from your extra Legendary Items. This process requires Gold but permanently destroys the item from which the Aspect is extracted. The extracted Aspects can be found in your inventory’s Aspects tab and can only be used once. Once imprinted into an item, they cannot be extracted and reused again.

Craft and Scrap Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils play a crucial role in Diablo 4’s endgame, as they allow you to transform Dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons. These Nightmare Dungeons are more challenging than regular open-world Dungeons and feature harder enemies and multiple afflictions similar to the Challenge Rifts in Diablo 3.

To craft Nightmare Sigils, you will need Sigil Powder, which can be obtained and salvaged. Crafting Nightmare Sigils from Tiers 1 to 100 can be done at the Occultist. Additionally, you can salvage existing Nightmare Sigils in your inventory to recover Sigil Powder for crafting higher-tier Sigils.

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How to Reroll Stats

Obtain a Rare or Legendary Item With an Affix You Want to Change

To enchant an item in Diablo 4, you need to have a Rare or Legendary item of the desired quality in your inventory. Once you have the item, place it in the Enchanting tab of the Occultist and select the affix that you want to change.

If you’re unsure which stats are considered affixes, simply hover over the item, and look for the stats displayed in bullet points. These are the current affixes of the item, and they can be replaced through the enchanting process.

Replace an Affix via the Enchanting Tab

The cost of enchanting an item depends on its quality. For Rare items, the process requires Veiled Crystal and Gold. For Legendary items, Fiend Rose, Veiled Crystal, and Gold are needed.

After selecting the affix you want to replace, spend the required materials to proceed. Once replaced, you will be given three options. Two of these options will randomly provide new affixes to replace the current one, while the third option allows you to keep the current affix. Keep in mind that even selecting the “No Change” option still consumes the materials you spent.

Please note that you can only replace one affix per item. Once you have replaced an affix through enchanting, you will not be able to replace any other affixes apart from the one you rolled.

How to Unlock the Occultist

The Occultist can only be unlocked by obtaining a Legendary Aspect or reaching Level 25. The easiest way to unlock the Occultist NPC is by completing a Dungeon for the first time and acquiring your first Legendary Aspect.

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For a fast leveling guide, please refer to “How to Level Up Fast.”

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