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How to Enhance Your Corpse Explosions with Howl from Below in Diablo 4

Most Necromancers in Diablo 4 have likely experimented with the Corpse Explosion ability, as the allure of creating countless explosions can be hard to resist. The prevalence of Blighted Corpse Explosion also makes it a common sight in builds, and that ability can become even more powerful with the addition of the Howl from Below Unique gauntlets.

These Unique gauntlets provide significant benefits to Corpse Explosion, along with a few special bonuses. While you can pair them with the Black River one-handed scythe for more firepower, Howl from Below is powerful and unique enough that you’ll likely want to add it to your build. In this article, we’ll discuss what Howl from Below does, its effects, and the best way to incorporate it into your build.

What Does Howl from Below Do in Diablo 4?

The key feature of Howl from Below is its ability to boost Corpse Explosion’s damage. While most of its affixes aren’t particularly impressive, its core effect is more than enough reason to include it in a build.

The specific attributes of our roll of Howl from Below were as follows, though yours may vary depending on upgrades, item level, and RNG:

    • Lucky Hit chance (5.4 to 11 percent)
    • Corpse skill attack speed (10.5 to 17.5 percent)
  • Lucky Hit: Chance to inflict Stun (7 to 14 percent)
  • Lucky Hit: Chance to inflict Fear (9.5 to 16.5 percent)
  • Unique Effect: Instead of detonating immediately, Corpse Explosion summons a volatile skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes. Corpse Explosion’s damage is increased by 30 to 40 percent.
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The unique effect of Howl from Below significantly enhances your Corpse Explosions. The flat damage buff is the primary benefit, but the addition of the volatile skeleton chasing enemies greatly improves the ability’s range. This means you can hit distant enemies even when surrounded by corpses.

An item tooltip showing the Howl from Below gauntlets in Diablo 4.
The Howl from Below gauntlets will make your Corpse Explosions even deadlier. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There is some degree of RNG involved, and obtaining this Unique item can be challenging due to its random drop chance. The summoned skeletons may not always go where you want them to, but that’s a minor inconvenience compared to the improved firepower and flair this effect brings. After all, one of the coolest Necromancer abilities becomes even more impressive with the addition of this Unique item.

How to Obtain Howl from Below in Diablo 4

Howl from Below can be obtained by killing enemies randomly, opening chests, or completing activities in World Tier three or higher. We obtained this item as a random drop from enemies in World Tier three, and an Ancestral version dropped in World Tier four after completing a level 40+ Nightmare dungeon.

This seems to be the standard procedure for most Unique items in Diablo 4. We’ve found random drops from mobs, received rewards at the end of Nightmare dungeons, and discovered Uniques in chests. While we don’t recommend farming cellars specifically for Uniques, it’s worth noting that they can drop anywhere.

Best Builds for Howl from Below in Diablo 4

Howl from Below doesn’t require any specific builds. The only requirement is to use Corpse Explosion, which isn’t terribly difficult. We’ve tested various Necromancer builds, from Bone Spear to Blood Surge, and found room for Corpse Explosion in all of them. Therefore, incorporating Howl from Below into your build should be seamless.

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The only caveats are that you’ll miss out on a potential slot for an Aspect and have to forgo certain Affixes that drop on gauntlets. These Affixes include increased crit damage, increased crit damage with Bone skills, ranks of Bone Spear or Blood Surge, and even a Lucky Hit mechanic to restore Essence. However, even the best Necromancer builds may utilize Corpse Explosion, so whether or not to use Howl from Below depends heavily on player preference.

Howl from Below works well with both versions of Corpse Explosion. For example, if you’re using Blighted Corpse Explosion, the volatile skeleton you summon will chase an enemy and create a pool of Blight upon exploding. This makes it a great addition to Shadow builds.

Corpse Explosion also synergizes well with Fueled by Death (increased damage after consuming a Corpse) and Grim Harvest (consuming a Corpse grants a small amount of Essence). Hewed Flesh can potentially help create more Corpses. For the Paragon boards, aim for class-specific ones and consider investing in Flesh-Eater (increased damage after consuming five Corpses) and Scent of Death (damage reduction while near two or more Corpses, increased damage when no Corpses are nearby).

If you’re fortunate enough to obtain two Uniques, consider pairing Howl from Below with the Black River scythe. This combination allows you to consume more Corpses, resulting in a larger, more damaging Corpse Explosion.

By incorporating Howl from Below into your build, you can take your Corpse Explosions to a whole new level in Diablo 4. Its unique effect and enhanced damage will give you a significant advantage in battle. So, venture forth, brave Necromancer, and unleash the power of Howl from Below!

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