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Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 Bug: A Disadvantage for Necromancers Explained


The ongoing woes for Diablo 4 players continue as Activision Blizzard’s attempts to adjust game balance have unintentionally led to glitches affecting certain character classes. Despite assurances from the development team about further updates and improvements, the latest update 1.1.0a has had serious repercussions for all five character classes in Diablo 4. One of the most troublesome issues has been dubbed the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug, which specifically impacts the Necromancer class.

What is the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 Bug?

It turns out that the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug revolves around a passive ability called Imperfectly Balanced, found within the Necromancer’s skill tree. As described officially, this skill increases the damage output of the Necromancer’s core skills by 5% but at the expense of a 3% increase in Essence cost. Essentially, it provides Necromancers with the opportunity to significantly enhance their attacks for a slightly higher cost in Essence.

Normally, passive abilities like Imperfectly Balanced can be upgraded with multiple skill points. However, with the arrival of update 1.1.0a during Diablo 4 Season 1, Necromancer players were dismayed to discover that only one skill point could be allocated to Imperfectly Balanced, instead of the usual three. This limitation severely reduces the potential damage boost that Necromancers could previously enjoy with this skill.

Interestingly, the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug seems to affect only Necromancers created in the Seasonal Realm. Those who created their Necromancers during Diablo 4’s initial launch or independently from the Season of the Malignant expansion do not appear to experience this issue. Until Activision Blizzard provides a much-needed fix, Necromancer classes in the Seasonal Realm will remain significantly weaker compared to those in the Eternal Realm.

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Is there a Fix for the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 Bug?

Regrettably, despite the community’s best efforts, there is currently no way to resolve the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug. However, there is hope for Necromancers who wish to utilize this passive ability during the Season of the Malignant. Activision Blizzard is aware of the issue and has acknowledged the need for an actual patch to rectify it. Diablo’s global community development director, Adan Fletcher, responded on Twitter, assuring fans that this bug will be addressed.

While there is no specific timeline for when the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug will be fixed, it is anticipated that the upcoming 1.1.1 update will address this issue. Fans eagerly await the release of the patch notes, expected to arrive this Wednesday via a blog post on the official Blizzard website. Only then will we know for certain if Necromancers can fully unleash their potential during this ongoing season.

In conclusion, the Imperfectly Balanced Diablo 4 bug has inadvertently disadvantaged Necromancer players, hindering their ability to maximize their damage output. However, the development team is aware of the issue and is actively working towards a solution, giving hope to the Necromancer community eagerly awaiting a fix. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming 1.1.1 update and its potential resolution of this bug.

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