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Diablo 4: Mastering the Poisoned Hearts Side Quest

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in Diablo 4? The Poisoned Hearts side quest awaits you, and this guide will show you how to complete it with ease. As you reach the culmination of The Heretic questline and delve into the mysterious secrets of Hawezar, your curiosity for what lies ahead is only natural. Fear not, for this article will illuminate your path.

Unraveling the Diablo 4 Poisoned Hearts Quest

To initiate the Poisoned Hearts side quest in Diablo 4, seek out Vera, who awaits your arrival at the very spot where you previously boiled the Spider Venom. As you approach her, she will accuse you of aiding Aneta. To the left of the pot, you’ll discover Aneta’s Keepsake. Collect it, and your mission will be to locate the elusive Aneta.


Armed with the keepsake, venture eastward to extinguish three Strange Braziers. These braziers are conveniently situated close to one another, making the task swift. Once extinguished, Aneta will regain her freedom.

Engage in a conversation with Aneta, ensuring her well-being before presenting her with the keepsake. At this point, Gulyas will appear. Speak to him and opt for the “What must we do?” dialogue option. Prepare yourself to gather Rotten Livers for a ritual that will aid Aneta.

You’ll find four Rotten Livers nearby, but be prepared for potential encounters along the way. Aneta will inform you about Gulyas’ kindness while you search for the first two Rotten Livers, which should be easily located without much resistance.


As you progress and approach the third Rotten Liver, be prepared to defend yourself against enemies. Dispatch them swiftly and continue your search for the final Rotten Liver. Once found, you’ll enter the Hidden Glade.

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Follow Aneta as she rushes to place the Rotten Livers in the bowl, initiating the ritual. However, the ceremony attracts a horde of serpents, spiders, and other malevolent creatures. Eliminate them all while the ritual unfolds.

Once you’ve vanquished the waves of enemies, Vera and Hateful Villagers will confront you. Swiftly dispatch them and witness Vass blaming Vera for the events that have transpired. Aneta will then burn Vass, leaving Vera to flee, closely pursued by Aneta.


Follow their path and discover that Vera has met her demise, leaving Aneta grief-stricken. Your next task is to rendezvous with Gulyas, who will inform you that Aneta has departed, but not before leaving a message specifically for you.

Read the letter to successfully conclude the Poisoned Hearts side quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with 20 Hawezar Renown, 58,800 XP, and 3600 Gold. With The Heretic questline completed, you can now proceed to the next chapter: Necrotic Research.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their comprehensive walkthrough of this Diablo 4 questline.

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