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Diablo 4 Scosglen: Uncovering All Side Quest Locations

Diablo 4 is packed with exciting side quests, and the region of Scosglen alone boasts a whopping 47 of them. Completing these quests not only earns you 20 Renown for the region but also grants various rewards. Some quests can be simply initiated by speaking to a person marked by a blue “!” on the map, while others may require specific gestures or the completion of previous quests. In some cases, you might even stumble upon a quest item that will trigger a quest when picked up in certain areas.

Exploring Scosglen: More Than Just Side Quests

Before we dive into the side quests themselves, let’s not forget about the other fascinating features Scosglen has to offer. Here are some highlights:

  • Scosglen Waypoints
  • Scosglen Strongholds
  • Scosglen Areas
  • Scosglen Side Dungeons
  • Scosglen Altars of Lilith
  • Diablo 4 All Collectible Locations

Now, let’s take a closer look at the side quests you can find in Scosglen.

Westering Lowlands

1 – Chronicling the Old Ways

Location: Outside Eldhaime Keep

To start this quest, head to the designated area and defeat Beast enemies to collect 3 Runic Tablets.

Quest 1 Quest 1 Quest 1

2 – Braega’s Chronicles

Location: Westering Lowlands

Pick up “A History of Scosglen,” which can be obtained by defeating Khazra enemies. Return the book to Wilfred.

Quest 2 Quest 2 Quest 2

Firebreak Manor

3 – A Plea For Aid

Location: Firebreak Manor

This quest becomes available after progressing Act II. Head to Cerrigar and speak to Corman.

Quest 3 Quest 3 Quest 3

The Emerald Chase

4 – What Ails Thee

Location: The Emerald Chase

Upon arriving in Cerrigar, you can start this quest by speaking to Phelan in Blycroft.

Quest 4 Quest 4 Quest 4

5 – The Fledgling Merchant

Location: The Emerald Chase

After completing Act II, you can take on this quest by eliminating Tusked Chargers in the designated areas to collect 10 Charger Tusks.

Quest 5 Quest 5 Quest 5

6 – Blood of Brigands

Location: The Emerald Chase

Once you’ve completed Act II, this quest becomes available. Defeat 50 Bandit enemies in the marked area to progress.

Quest 6 Quest 6 Quest 6

7 – Daughter of the Oak

Location: The Emerald Chase

After completing Act II, venture into Tur Dulra and explore the Underroot dungeon. Search for roots to cut, and then return to complete the task.

Quest 7 Quest 7 Quest 7

Wailing Hills

8 – The Starving Strand

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Location: Braestaig

Upon arrival, head to the Strandflats and talk to Tadhg to start this quest.

Quest 8 Quest 8

9 – Stolen Artifice

Location: Braestaig

When you reach Braestaig, embark on this quest by hunting down and defeating Darcel in the marked area.

Quest 9 Quest 9 Quest 9

10 – Votive Passing

Location: Braestaig

After making progress in Act II, head to the marked area and search for three resting sites. Once you have found the items, deliver them as instructed.

Quest 10 Quest 10 Quest 10

11 – Ravenous Predator’s Offering

Location: Wailing Hills

This quest involves searching for the Ravenous Predator’s Offering, which can be found on searchable corpses in Wailing Hills. Harvest spirit enemies from Beast enemies in the marked area.

Quest 11 Quest 11 Quest 11


12 – A Briny Fate

Location: Marowen

Upon arrival, head to the marked area and talk to the Wounded Soldier. Proceed north to open a Sailor’s Chest and retrieve a letter, then return to Fergus.

Quest 12 Quest 12 Quest 12

13 – Stemming the Tide

Location: Marowen

After arriving in Marowen, embark on this quest by defeating 100 Drowned enemies in the marked area.

Quest 13 Quest 13 Quest 13

14 – Whispers from Below

Location: The Gaunt Eyrrs

Upon arrival, head to the marked area to find Cecil and start this quest.

Quest 14 Quest 14 Quest 14

15 – A Sodden Pact

This quest kicks off automatically after completing “Whispers from Below.” Head to the quest marker and find 5 Sodden Growth in the area. Then, proceed to the beach and speak to Roina.

16 – Untangling Truths

This quest starts automatically after completing “A Sodden Pact.” Head to the quest marker and place offerings at the 3 Derelict Shrines.

17 – Threads of Envy

This quest automatically begins after completing “Untangling Truths.” Head to the quest marker, enter Mithering Descent, and defeat the Sodden Effigy. Return to Marowen to complete the quest.

18 – Warded Sailor’s Vessel

Location: The Cursed Scarps

To initiate this quest, obtain the Warded Sailor’s Vessel from searchable corpses in The Cursed Scarps. Then, head to the marked area and harvest anima from Drowned enemies.

Quest 18 Quest 18 Quest 18

Deep Forest

19 – A Deepening Shadow

Location: Shob’ha’s Perch

Once you arrive in Shob’ha’s Perch, head to the designated area and defeat corrupted deer. Examine three spots and eliminate Barret. Finally, return to complete the quest.

Quest 19 Quest 19 Quest 19

20 – The Old Ways

This quest automatically starts after completing “A Deepening Shadow.” Conquer Tur Dulra, speak to Scholar Yuein, enter the Lair of the Despoiler, and defeat the three Wildwood. Activate the Sacred Stones, then return to Scholar Yuein and Shob’ha.

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21 – A Sliver of Light

After completing “The Old Ways,” speak to Mochrann and accompany him to three corrupted fonts, eliminating any enemies along the way.

22 – Tending Nature

Location: Tur Dulra

In Tur Dulra, head to the marked areas and acquire three items by scavenging/killing enemies. Follow the quest markers and eliminate the Poachers.

Quest 22 Quest 22 Quest 22

23 – The Diviner

Location: Tur Dulra

Once you’ve conquered Tur Dulra, search Piles of Stones to find a Runestone. Activate three Runestones in the designated areas.

Quest 23 Quest 23 Quest 23

24 – Left in Ashes

Location: Tur Dulra

After completing “The Diviner,” head to the marked area and defeat Cursed Eadaoin’s Spirit.

Quest 24 Quest 24 Quest 24

25 – The Traveling Scholar

Location: Southern Briars

After conquering Tur Dulra, escort Aria to marked areas and search for druid items.

Quest 25 Quest 25 Quest 25

The Downs

26 – Fields of Ruin

Location: Blycroft

Upon arrival, place wardstones in the marked areas. Then, head to The Unhallowed Pit and defeat Blackhorn.

Quest 26 Quest 26 Quest 26

27 – Feral Moon

Location: The Harrowfields

After completing “What Ails Thee,” enter Sarat’s Lair and retrieve the Light-Blessed Amulet from a searchable corpse.

Quest 27 Quest 27 Quest 27

28 – Ever Faithful

Location: Wraithstead

Upon arrival, head to the marked area and enter the Abandoned Smuggler’s Den. Eliminate Faolan to complete the quest.

Quest 28 Quest 28 Quest 28

29 – First Among Wolves

Location: Wraithstead

After completing “Fields of Ruin,” search for Una’s Journals and defeat all the werewolves in the marked area.

Quest 29 Quest 29 Quest 29

30 – The Snare

This quest starts automatically after completing “First Among Wolves.” Find a druidic totem in the marked area and complete the blood ritual by defeating waves of enemies at two different locations.

31 – With Fangs Bared

Automatically started after completing “The Snare.” Enter the Abandoned Barrow and eliminate Una.


32 – The Seer

Location: The Cinder Woods

Upon arrival, head to the marked area and collect 5 Goatman Entrails from defeated Khazra enemies. Then, speak to Baewyn.

Quest 32 Quest 32 Quest 32

33 – Smoke Signals

Automatically started after completing “The Seer.” Visit Kealer Farm and return to Baewyn.

34 – Reclamation

Automatically started after completing “Smoke Signals.” Enter the Domhainne Tunnels and search for the Cathedral Cross three times.

35 – Message in a Bottle

Location: Razor Shoals

Find the Washed-Ashore Bottle on the shore in Razor Shoals. Speak to villagers in Corbach to locate Padrig and engage in conversation.

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Quest 35 Quest 35 Quest 35

The Shrouded Moors

36 – An Acquired Taste

Location: Tirmair

In Tirmair, eliminate Thorn Beasts in the marked area to collect 12 Thorn Beast Meat.

Quest 36 Quest 36 Quest 36

37 – Of Pests and Pestilence

Location: Tirmair

Defeat 75 Stinging Swarms within the Shrouded Moors to progress in this quest.

Quest 37 Quest 37 Quest 37

38 – Settling the Tab

Location: Tirmair

Visit the Fat Goose Inn and speak to the Innkeeper to initiate this quest.

Quest 38 Quest 38 Quest 38

39 – The Wrong Hands

Location: Wraithstead

Obtain the Broken Carving, which can be found by searching objects throughout The Shrouded Moors or Highland Wilds after completing “With Fangs Bared.” Speak to Artair in Wraithstead to begin this quest.

Quest 39 Quest 39 Quest 39

40 – A Different Beast

Location: Wraithstead

After completing “The Wrong Hands,” find the Broken Totem on searchable corpses throughout The Shrouded Moors or Highland Wilds. Speak to Artair in Wraithstead to proceed.

Quest 40 Quest 40 Quest 40

41 – The Broken Bear

Location: Wraithstead

After completing “A Different Beast,” you can find the Broken Bear Totem, which is dropped by Grizzly Bears throughout The Shrouded Moors or Highland Wilds. Speak to Artair in Wraithstead to begin this quest.

Quest 41 Quest 41 Quest 41

Highland Wilds

42 – Remembering the Goose

Location: Under the Fat Goose Inn

Upon arrival, head to the marked area and find Nairne. Place Tavish’s daggers at the three quest markers to progress.

Quest 42 Quest 42 Quest 42

43 – Wagered Honor

Location: Under the Fat Goose Inn

Head to the marked area and eliminate Gormothos to complete this quest.

Quest 43 Quest 43 Quest 43

44 – Claws at the Throat

Location: The Great Northern Plains

After completing “Remembering the Goose,” head to the Inn and then to the marked area to find the Slain Merchant.

Quest 44 Quest 44 Quest 44

45 – Pyre of Ash

Automatically started after completing “Claws at the Throat.” Head to the marked area and enter the Embered Recess. Defeat the enemies encountered along the way.

46 – Chasing Embers

Automatically started after completing “Pyre of Ash.” Head to the Scar and locate the victim’s pyre on a cliff.

47 – The Bear of Blackweald

Automatically started after completing “Chasing Embers.” Head to the quest marker and enter Seared Hollow. Defeat Stana to complete the quest.

And there you have it! These are all the side quests you can find in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4. Keep an eye out for more exciting quests and adventures as you progress through the game. For additional collectibles and quests in other regions, consult the comprehensive Diablo 4 Collectible Guide.

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