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Diablo 4 Season 1 Druid Spirit Boons: Choosing the Best Boons for Wolf, Eagle, Deer, and Snake Spirits

By delivering offerings to the animal spirits in Túr Dúlra, Druids in Diablo 4 can unlock powerful Spirit Boons. These passive buffs can greatly enhance your build when combined with specific skills. In this guide, we will explore the best Spirit Boons to choose from each of the four spirits (Deer, Eagle, Wolf, and Snake) and discuss the best spirit to bond with. The meta for Druids has shifted in Season 1, so read on to discover which Spirit Boon you should go for.

How to Unlock Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

To unlock Spirit Boons in Diablo 4, your character must reach level 15 and conquer the Túr Dúlra Stronghold in Scosglen. Unlike some other classes, we don’t receive our specialization system as a default. Defeating Túr Dúlra can be challenging at lower levels, but we highly recommend prioritizing it as soon as possible.

Once Túr Dúlra is reclaimed, continue the short quest you’re given to gain access to the four animal spirits. Alongside regular loot, you will start acquiring Druidic Spirit Offerings when slaying enemies. Every 25 Druidic Spirit Offerings given to a Spirit will unlock a new Boon, up to a maximum of 100 offerings.

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You can activate only one Boon per Spirit at a time, except for your Bonded Spirit, which allows you to choose an additional Boon. This means you can have a total of five active Boons once you’ve provided the maximum amount of Offerings for each spirit. You can switch Boons at any time for free in the Spirit Boons menu next to the Abilities/Skill Tree tab.

Best Druid Eagle Spirit Boon in Diablo 4

The best Eagle Spirit Boon for your Druid will depend entirely on your build and difficulty. Avian Wrath is a fantastic option for many Druid builds, as it increases Critical Strike damage by a significant 30%.

Scythe Talons is more suitable for builds that utilize Toxic Claws and similar abilities that rely on Critical Strikes. Iron Feather increases your maximum Life by 14%, making it an excellent choice for Hardcore players or those who feel a bit too squishy.

In my personal experience, I bonded with the Eagle to choose both Scythe Talons and Avian Wrath. Scythe Talons synergize with the Packleader Wolf Boon, increasing the frequency of Companion skill resets, while Avian Wrath enhances overall damage output.

Best Druid Deer Spirit Boon in Diablo 4

Wariness is considered the best overall Deer Spirit Boon for Druids in Diablo 4. It reduces the damage taken from Elite enemies (including bosses) by 10%, which can be a lifesaver in potentially deadly situations.

As a Werewolf-focused Druid, I opted for Gift of the Stag, which increases Maximum Spirit by 10. This may be a better option for those who frequently find themselves running out of Spirit.

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Best Druid Wolf Spirit Boon in Diablo 4

If you’re using a Companion, Packleader is by far the best Wolf Spirit Boon. Having a high chance for your cooldown to be reset is invaluable, particularly with Companions like Poison Creeper. As mentioned earlier, this synergizes well with Scythe Talons, allowing them to proc more frequently.

Builds centered around an Ultimate Ability will benefit from Calamity, which increases the duration of these abilities by a decent 25%. Bolster is also an option for improved survivability, while Energize can aid in Spirit generation on Lucky Hits.

Best Druid Snake Spirit Boon in Diablo 4

The Snake Spirit offers a range of powerful Boons suitable for all types of builds. Any Druid that shapeshifts will want to choose Masochistic, which causes Critical Strikes while shapeshifted to heal you for 3% of your Maximum Life automatically. Calm Before the Storm is also an excellent choice if you’ve chosen an Ultimate ability, reducing its cooldown by 2 seconds on Lucky Hits with Nature Magic. However, note that in Season 1, Masochistic requires a Lucky Hit Chance of 75 percent to trigger the healing effect. It may take some time to activate, but it will be worth it when it does.

While the aforementioned Boons are the most popular, Obsidian Slam can work well in a build focused on survivability, and Overload is a viable choice for lightning damage-focused builds.

Which Druid Animal Spirit should you bond with in Diablo 4?

The most popular Animal Spirit to bond with in Diablo 4 is the Snake Spirit. This is because Masochistic and Calm Before the Storm synergize incredibly well with shapeshifting and Ultimate abilities, both of which are prevalent in meta Druid builds.

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The Eagle Spirit is usually a better option for builds that don’t involve shapeshifting or using an Ultimate Ability. As mentioned earlier, combining Scythe Talons and Avian Wrath can be devastating when paired with the right abilities.

Don’t be afraid to experiment; there are no penalties for regularly switching your Boons or the spirit you’ve bonded with. Fine-tuning your abilities and specializations to find the perfect playstyle for you can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing Diablo 4.

What does each Boon offer and how to obtain them?

All Boons in Diablo 4 must be earned by offering Druidic Spirit Offerings. Here’s a breakdown of each Boon and the exact offering requirements, as well as their benefits:

Deer Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: Gain 4 Thorns
  • 50 Offerings: Increase maximum Spirit by 10
  • 74 Offerings: Reduce damage taken from Elite enemies by 10%
  • 100 Offerings: Reduce crowd control effects on you by 15%

Eagle Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: Increase Critical Strike Chance by 5%
  • 50 Offerings: Increase Health by 10%
  • 74 Offerings: Increase Attack Speed by 10%
  • 100 Offerings: Increase Critical Damage by up to 30%

Wolf Spirit Boons

  • 25 Offerings: 20% chance for Lucky Hit to reset your Companion’s skills
  • 50 Offerings: 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit on a Lucky Hit
  • 75 Offerings: Convert Max Health into a 10% Fortify bonus when using a Defensive Skill
  • 100 Offerings: Increase duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%

Snake Spirit Boons

  • 100 Offerings:
    • For every 20 kills, the next Earth-based skill becomes Overpowered
    • 20% chance of Static Discharge on Lightning Attacks upon a Lucky Hit
    • Critical damage heals for 3% when shapeshifted
    • 10% chance for Nature-based skills to speed up Ultimate cooldown by 2 seconds on a Lucky Hit

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