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How to Conquer the Ultimate Challenge in Diablo 4

Nightmare difficulty may not be enough of a challenge for some players. For those seeking a true test of their skills, World Tier 4: Torment is the answer. But unlocking it requires defeating the most formidable dungeon in the game. This guide will show you how to overcome the World Tier 4 Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Defeating the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4

The final capstone dungeon will transport you to the Fallen Temple, where you first encountered Elias. This temple is recommended for players of level 70 and above. However, it is possible to beat it at an earlier level, as I managed to do so at level 62. But be warned, the final boss is one of the toughest challenges in the game. To reach him, you must first complete three dungeon missions.

Completing the Sigil of the Indolent

The path known as the Sigil of the Indolent may be titled as such due to the abundance of exploding Fallen Lunatics. You do not need to kill them as they will meet their demise on their own accord. However, be cautious, as they can take you down with them. Navigate the map until you encounter a barrier. Eliminate all nearby enemies to bring down the barrier.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You will find yourself trapped in a small room with an Idol of the Fallen Temple, which must be destroyed. A Shaman will spawn on the opposite side of the room. It is crucial to eliminate it quickly to prevent resurrection.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Idol will continuously spawn Fallen Lunatics and other enemies, but the Fallen Lunatics will almost always detonate upon resurrection. Once the Idol is destroyed, a Tainted Fallen Overseer will appear. Maintain a safe distance, as it creates toxic pools and deals devastating damage.

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After vanquishing the Overseer, a stone will appear where the Idol was. Take the stone back to the main room and place it on the pedestal.

Completing the Sigil of the Weak

The path known as the Sigil of the Weak presents a challenge due to the presence of Overseers, Crushers, Gorgers, and Punishers. Smaller mobs will also be encountered, but it is the large, hard-hitting enemies that define this path.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Multiple formidable enemies await you in the blue square.

Similar to the Sigil of the Indolent, follow the square path until you reach a chamber with a Demonic Barrier. Interact with it, and you will be prompted to “Survive the Trial of the Weak.”

Screenshot by Prima Games

Waves of enemies, starting with Bilefiends, will assault you as the timer counts down. The enemies become progressively more lethal. Expect approximately four waves of enemies, including numerous powerful adversaries encountered earlier in this dungeon. The final enemy will be a Fiery Fallen Overload (Mortar).

After successfully defeating the waves, a bloodstone will appear where the Demon Barrier was. Pick it up and return to the pedestal in the main room. This will unlock the way to the Temple of Flesh.

Completing the Cathedral of Flesh

Now that you have deposited both stones, a new path will open up. This segment acts as the last obstacle before the boss fight. Your goal is to kill one Animus collector, harvest the purple Animus they drop, and deposit it in the relic outside the boss door. Although there are four Animus Holder Elites in this area, acquiring enough Animus from a single collector is sufficient.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The quickest route to the boss door, with the fewest enemies, is this way.

Screenshot by Prima Games

While making your way, you are likely to encounter at least one Animus Holder. However, if you wish to clear every enemy, expect a mix of mobs encountered in both the Sigil of the Weak and Sigil of the Indolent sections of the dungeon.

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Upon reaching the canister where the Animus must be deposited, two mini-bosses will appear:

  • Draven: Mortar, Explosive
  • Chaol: Waller, Summoner

Screenshot by Prima Games

Although Draven inflicts the most damage, it is advisable to eliminate Chaol first. Their continuous summoning of enemies makes it challenging to avoid Draven’s mortars. The difficulty of these bosses is similar to the elites encountered earlier. Beware of exploding blights on the outer rim of the fight, as they can deal significant damage within their radius. Try to stay close to Draven and Chaol when possible.

Defeating Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

Elias, the final boss, is a formidable opponent who heavily relies on long-range fire magic, mobs, and occasionally poison damage. To prepare for this encounter, I highly recommend having a Desert Escape Magic Incense and a Strong Elixir of Fire Resistance. If Flawless Rubies dropped while you killed mobs in this dungeon, it is advisable to socket them into your equipment, as they provide fire resistance. You can return to town through a portal whenever necessary to prepare.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Elias possesses the following abilities:

  • Fire Ring: Summons a ring of fireballs around him, which then shoot off in all directions.
  • Counter: Encircling himself with flames, Elias creates outward-moving fires. Stay farther away to make dodging easier. Getting hit by a fireball will knock you back and stagger you momentarily.
  • Three Orbs: Generates three scarlet orbs that act as homing missiles towards you.
    • Counter: When three orbs are summoned, retreat and run around Elias in a wide circle. This phase is short-lived, so only dodge if it seems imminent.
  • Fire Wave: Summons a fan-shaped fire wave that covers a quarter of the arena. Later in the fight, more waves will appear, covering the entire arena.
    • Counter: Initially, only one wave will be summoned. Move out of the marked triangle and position yourself behind Elias, where he will be locked in animation. When Elias is near defeat, he will unleash a second wave, positioned to the right of the previous wave. Take cover within the blackened zone of the first wave. As he reaches critical health, flames will engulf the entire arena. Have a barrier or defensive ability ready for this crucial moment.
  • Ritual Circles: Creates around a dozen damaging circles on the floor. Periodically summons mobs of Succubus and Flesh Threshers.
    • Counter: When the floor starts to be marked with circles, position yourself between them. If mobs are summoned, anticipate a Three Orb attack shortly afterward, so keep moving.
  • Large Triangle Ritual: Summons a large flaming triangle in the middle of the arena. Three Balrogs will spawn near each corner of the triangle, at the end of which resides a poisonous summoning pool.
    • Counter: Position yourself in the middle when Elias begins the summoning process. He will be locked in animation and vulnerable to attacks.
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These abilities are highly telegraphed, providing ample time to prepare and position yourself accordingly.

Elias’s opening combination is as follows:

  • Fire Ring
  • Three Orbs
  • Fire Wave

I recommend maintaining distance during the first two moves. Close in only when Elias is engrossed in the Fire Wave animation. The remainder of the fight revolves around managing mobs and evading Elias’s attacks. By utilizing the aforementioned counters and gradually depleting the enemy’s forces, victory can be achieved. In case you are struggling, barrier aspects are effective in keeping you alive.

One highly recommended aspect is the Aspect of the Protector, accessible to all classes. It grants a barrier that absorbs a specific amount of damage for 10 seconds upon damaging an Elite enemy. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds. The Aspect of the Protector can be found at the Lost Archives in Fractured Peaks.

Once Elias is defeated, all that is left is to visit Kyovashad to change your World Tier level. With World Tier 4 unlocked, you can finally obtain Ancestral Equipment, a substantial upgrade. Discover the significant difference it makes in this article: “What’s the Distinction Between Sacred and Ancestral Equipment in Diablo 4 – Explored”.

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