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Diablo IV Race to 100: Unveiling the Leaderboard

The Diablo IV Race to 100 leaderboard is an exalted arena where only the mightiest players can showcase their valor and achieve a magnificent feat through sheer grit. As the title was released a few days ago, millions of players have eagerly hopped into the game. However, with the introduction of the new “race to 100” feature, the competition has become even more intense. Climbing the leaderboard requires hours upon hours of non-stop grinding and practice. Let’s delve into what all the fuss is about.


  • Diablo IV race to 100: What is this leaderboard?
  • Diablo IV race to 100: How to check your ranking?
  • The first to complete the Hardcore mode challenge

Diablo IV Race to 100: What is this leaderboard?

According to Blizzard, the developers of Diablo IV, this leaderboard is exclusively crafted for the best of the best. The Diablo IV Race to 100 is a challenge that can even stump prominent speedrunners and novice players alike. The objective is to rapidly maximize your character level to 100, the game’s maximum level. However, the true challenge lies in the requirement itself.

To secure a place on the leaderboard, you must achieve this level milestone in the game’s Hardcore Mode, where death is permanent. Only the first 1000 players who conquer this challenge will have their names engraved on this prestigious leaderboard.

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Diablo IV Race to 100: How to check your ranking?

Blizzard has announced that the first 1000 players to reach the maximum level will be bestowed with the title of “Tempered Champion” in-game. As an added honor, these chosen champions will have their BattleTags featured on a physical Lilith statue enshrined at the Blizzard HQ. However, it’s important to note that it is Blizzard who decides which statue will bear your name engraving.

Unfortunately, there is no official tracker to check your leaderboard rank. However, a dedicated fan has taken it upon themselves to meticulously update every detail and showcase player rankings on Although this list may not include every player due to the fan’s limited resources, it provides valuable insight into your standing.

The First to Complete the Hardcore Mode Challenge

Within just five days of early access, streamer cArn emerged as the undisputed champion by triumphing over the Hardcore mode challenge. This remarkable achievement secured them the prime position on the illustrious Lilith statue. While cArn currently holds the top spot, the race is far from over. There are still plenty of slots up for grabs, and anyone can seize this prestigious position. If you’re curious to keep up with the players who are tirelessly grinding, simply follow the #Diablo4Hardcore tag on Twitter. This will ensure you receive updates on all related tweets from these dedicated players.

The current top 10 players in the Diablo IV Race to 100 challenge are:

  1. Carn (level 100)
  2. Wudijo (level 100)
  3. Nugiyen (level 100)
  4. Zizaran (level 100)
  5. Steelmage (level 100)
  6. Ben (level 100)
  7. Shroud (level 100)
  8. Alkaizer (level 94)
  9. Datemodz (level 82)
  10. Maximum (level 77)
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