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Nerdologists: A Comprehensive Review of Dice Throne Characters


In the world of board games, few titles have captivated my attention like Dice Throne. With its immersive fantasy theme and dynamic gameplay, Dice Throne has become one of my top 2-3 games in recent years. The allure of this dice-chucking battle game is simply irresistible, making me want to play it time and time again.

What is Dice Throne?

Dice Throne is an enthralling 1 vs 1 battle game set in a fantasy realm. It bears resemblance to video games like Mortal Kombat, with each turn dedicated to enhancing your attacks, playing healing cards, or manipulating your dice during offensive maneuvers. Meanwhile, your opponent rolls dice to defend against your onslaught. While the game’s turn structure resembles Magic the Gathering, it remains a pure dice-chucking experience. Dice Throne also caters to team play, and in games with an odd number of players, the King of the Hill variant adds an exciting twist. In this variant, you can choose your target, but attacking the healthiest opponent brings certain advantages. The last character standing ultimately emerges as the victor.

The Top 10 Dice Throne Characters

10 – Moon Elf

Let’s begin with a character that’s perfect for beginners: the Moon Elf. Recommended as an introductory character, the Moon Elf offers a delightful gameplay experience. It provides a wide array of tokens, including defensive options such as “evasive,” as well as negative effects like “blind” and “entangle.” The character’s defensive nature adds a layer of complexity, as you focus on reducing damage rather than solely dealing it.

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9 – Artificer

Moving on, we encounter two more intricate characters, starting with the Artificer. This character revolves around constructing and utilizing three different robots, or alternatively, placing nanites on your enemies to unleash explosive attacks. The Artificer demands careful management of its numerous moving parts. Personally, I relish the challenge of solving the puzzle presented by this character. Deciding how to allocate my resources, represented by “synth,” adds an extra layer of intrigue. The more elements there are to manage, the more captivating the experience becomes.

8 – Treant

Shifting gears, let’s explore the Treant. Compared to the complexity of the Artificer, the Treant simplifies certain aspects of the game. It boasts seedlings that grow every turn, offering a unique strategic element. You face the dilemma of whether to nurture a seedling to its maximum potential or maintain multiple smaller ones. This decision adds another fascinating dimension to the puzzle. Furthermore, the Treant possesses superior healing capabilities, making it adept at defensive maneuvers. It excels at constructing effective defensive strategies.

7 – Ninja

Accompanying the Treant in the duel packs is the Ninja, another character that earned its place in my Top 10. I recently had the pleasure of playing this character in person. The Ninja stands out due to its intriguing abilities. The delayed poison ability, which triggers at the end of a round, spices up the gameplay. While not particularly defensive, the Ninja benefits from well-timed smoke bombs. Personally, I’m drawn to this character’s offensive potential, courtesy of the delayed poison and ninjitsu.

6 – Shadow Thief

The Shadow Thief occupies a unique position among the Dice Throne characters. It derives much of its power from combat points (CP). Although CP typically serve the purpose of playing cards, the Shadow Thief generates damage based on its CP count. Moreover, successful attacks can grant additional CP. While the ability to steal CP from opponents has been diminished, the character remains highly versatile. The Shadow Thief offers a multitude of options, making it one of the most adaptable characters in the game.

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5 – Vampire Lord

Some characters that focus on healing fail to capture my interest. However, the Vampire Lord injects excitement into the healing mechanic by draining the life force of others. The character possesses numerous blood-related powers, including the captivating mesmerize ability. The Vampire Lord deals consistent damage that is difficult to defend against, making it a formidable opponent. Personally, I relish the characters that emphasize power accumulation, where abilities or tokens become more potent as you amass them.

4 – Cursed Pirate

Another standout character is the enigmatic Cursed Pirate. Unlike most characters, the Cursed Pirate lacks options to upgrade attack spots and defenses. Instead, it features two sides: the ordinary Cursed Pirate and the potent Ghost Pirate. Transitioning to the Ghost Pirate side involves a push-your-luck mechanic. By becoming a Ghost Pirate, you incur damage on your turn, and there’s no turning back. The Ghost Pirate side presents superior abilities, prompting a difficult decision. Should you rush to unleash devastating blows or prolong your survival as a cursed pirate?

3 – Monk

When it comes to defense, the Monk reigns supreme among the Dice Throne characters. Its evasive ability allows for potential damage avoidance, while chi offers additional damage mitigation. The Monk can even cleanse negative effects afflicting itself. The chi resource adds an intriguing element to the character’s gameplay, enhancing its survivability. With patience, players can upgrade their abilities and unleash powerful strikes. While excessive defense might not always enthrall me, the Monk’s approach stands out due to its unique execution.

2 – Pyromancer

Transitioning from defense to offense, we encounter the Pyromancer. This character excels at retaliation. While the Pyromancer cannot prevent incoming damage on defensive rolls, it boasts the ability to retaliate and inflict damage upon its opponents. Playing as the Pyromancer evokes an exhilarating rush as you strive to maximize your damage output and race towards victory. The inclusion of fire mastery further diversifies the gameplay, challenging you to make strategic decisions regarding resource allocation. Timing your high-impact strikes becomes crucial, as the fire mastery resource diminishes each turn.

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1 – Gunslinger

Finally, we arrive at the crown jewel of Dice Throne characters: the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger impresses me as a character that excels in multiple domains. By placing bounties on opponents, the Gunslinger amplifies its damage output. What truly captivates me, though, is the defensive mechanic, represented by thrilling duels or roll-offs that significantly reduce incoming damage. This thematic element, present in all Dice Throne characters, is particularly impressive in the Gunslinger. Playing as this character never fails to immerse me in its captivating world.

Other Notable Characters and Conclusion

While the characters excluded from my top 10 have their merits, they require further exploration on my part. The Huntress, characterized by her intriguing tiger pet, warrants additional playtime for a more comprehensive evaluation. Both the Seraph and Paladin offer additional defensive capabilities. The Tactician and Samurai, regrettably, have yet to receive adequate attention. Lastly, the Barbarian, while not as complex as other characters, serves as an ideal choice for newcomers seeking a straightforward gameplay experience.

Which Dice Throne character is your favorite? Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or send me a direct message on Twitter at @TheScando. You can also connect with us on Facebook or support us on Patreon.

Dice Throne Characters

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