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The Ultimate Dislyte F2P Guide: Progression Tips for Beginners

Welcome to the ultimate progression guide for Dislyte. In this guide, we will delve into the nitty-gritty details on how to progress in the game. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to optimize your gameplay, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s embark on this journey to become a Dislyte master!

Progression and Resource Collection

Progression in Dislyte is determined by promoting the right espers and forming a strong team. In the early stages of the game, the resources you collect from Course Rewards will help you easily obtain two 6★ espers. It is crucial to prioritize promoting your damage dealers first, as they need the health, damage, and overall survivability to help you progress further.

Pre-60 Progression

During the first 30 days, you will enjoy the rookie XP bonus, doubling all experience gained in the game. Take advantage of this bonus to level up as many espers as possible. However, after the bonus period ends, leveling will slow down significantly. You can consider purchasing the XP bonus again via the Club shop for quick leveling.

In the early game, you will be flooded with resources, but be aware that they won’t come as easily after the “honeymoon period.” Gold, in particular, will become scarce as you constantly upgrade relics. Make sure to complete the beginner’s course missions to strengthen your espers. If you find yourself stuck in certain areas like Story Mode or Spatial Tower, it means you need to improve your espers further.

The key relics you should aim to obtain are:

  • Chapter 6 Normal War Machine Set (4★)
  • Chapter 9 Normal Hades Set (5★)
  • Spatial Tower 80 Wind Walker Set (6★)
  • Cube Miracle War Machine Set (6★)
  • PvP Tournament Shop The Light Above Set (6★)
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These farmable sets will greatly enhance your team’s performance. The story mode sets should be given to your first farmer or DPS esper, while the Wind Walker set will significantly improve your support’s survivability. Once you’re strong enough, aim to replace the Chapter 6 set with the Cube Miracle set.

Post-60 Progression

After reaching level 60, you will receive Mona, the free archer esper. While she can be your dedicated fodder farmer, it’s not necessary. Alternatively, you can make Li Ling the farmer, although it may result in slightly slower run times. It is highly recommended to choose Li Ling or Tang Xuan as your guaranteed Legendary Espers, as they excel in various PvE content.

As a F2P player, it’s important to choose espers that can be used in multiple areas to provide coverage. Your first 10 6★ espers will determine your performance in Temporal Tower and PvP, so choose wisely. Consider the following factors when deciding where to invest your resources early on:

  • Story Usefulness: Units that help you clear the story from normal to purgatory difficulty.
  • Kronos 10: Ability to farm Kronos at a high success rate, which is vital for progressing to mid game.
  • Apep 10: Suitable for Apep dungeon runs and drops popular sets like Hades, Ocean Waves, and Fiery Incandescence.
  • Fafnir 10: Optional boss dungeon, but completing it grants valuable rewards.
  • Spatial/Temporal Tower: Completing these towers unlocks great rewards, so having useful espers is essential.
  • PvP: Participate in Point Wars and Holobattle for additional resources.

Building Your F2P Core Team

Now, let’s explore the options available for building your F2P core team. It’s recommended to have a balanced team consisting of 2-3 DPS, 2-3 Supports, 1-2 Controllers, and 1-2 Healers. Here are some notable options:

DPS, Farmer Options

  • Mona: A fast fodder farmer for early to mid game, best suited for quick XP stage runs. Can be used in early game PvP or with a Tyranny of Zeus set for stunning enemies.
  • Li Ling and Tang Xuan: Decent options with good War Machine or Hades sets. Can also farm XP stages, albeit with slightly longer run times.
  • Tang Yun: Hits hard but is fragile; ideal for Sonic Miracles and Fafnir 9/10 with proper support.
  • Lynn: Good in Fafnir and can serve as a decent single-target DPS.
  • Freddy: Viable for Apep runs or as a good single-target attacker with lower health.
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Support Options

  • Chang Pu: Provides team immunity and excels in most PvE content. Recommended for Kronos and Apep runs.
  • Berenice: Key in Fafnir and story mode, offering a shield for DPS survival and defense break.
  • Fabrice: A utility support unit suitable for various content, offering AP push, attack buff, and more.
  • Gabrielle: The ultimate support unit for F2P players, providing defense buff, immunity, attack down, and defense break. A must-have for Kronos, Apep, Fafnir, Point Wars, and story mode.
  • Ye Suhua and Dhalia: Available in the Ripple Dimension, they provide unique utility and should be considered when building your team.

Controller Options

  • Melanie: Obtainable from the Club shop, useful in story mode and Spatial/Temporal Tower. Pushes enemy action bars back and can petrify units with low action bars.
  • Jeanne: Overlooked but effective as a stun bot in Spatial/Temporal Tower and PvP.
  • Lucas: Reward from completing Spatial Tower 100, a top controller for story mode purgatory, Temporal Tower, and PvP. Steals AP, has AoE dispel and stun.

Choose your units wisely based on their usefulness in different areas of the game to create a well-balanced team. Upgrade them as needed to overcome challenges.

Completing Story Mode (Dealing with Purgatory)

As you progress through story mode, your DPS units may become less effective due to high enemy damage. This is where your supports and controllers shine. Units like Lucas, Melanie, and Berenice are invaluable in helping your DPS survive the onslaught. Make use of their shields, buffs, and damage mitigation effects to overcome the challenges of purgatory difficulty.

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Beginner Kronos 10 Team

To tackle Kronos 10, a beginner-friendly team can be formed without relying on legendary espers. The core F2P team consists of:

[Image: Dislyte Team]
(Use the images from the original post to represent the team)

Initially, the run times may be slow, around 3.30 minutes, but as you improve your gear, the times will decrease. Focus on obtaining decent 5/6-star relics with appropriate stats for your supports and DPS.

Beginner Apep 10 Team

The F2P Apep team is similar to the Kronos team, achieving a win rate of around 90%. Consider killing the right crystal first to improve your chances of success, even though it slightly increases run times. Here is an example of the initial team:

[Image: Dislyte Team]
(Use the images from the original post to represent the team)

With improved relics, you can train 2 fodders while running a 3-man team, further optimizing your gameplay.

Tackling Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower

Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower provide exciting challenges but require varied team compositions. Some notable F2P options to consider are:

[Image: Dislyte Units]
(Use the images from the original post to represent the units)

As the enemies in Temporal Tower change every month, be prepared to face different compositions. Focus on building Melanie and Lucas, as they will greatly assist you in overcoming these tower challenges. Keep in mind that certain floors may be difficult for F2P players, requiring specific espers to progress.

PvP – Point Wars and Holobattle

For Point Wars, it’s best to stay in tier 6-9, where you’ll find a good number of under-geared teams. This allows for easy wins and efficient farming of PvP tokens. Consider using the following F2P team for offense and defense:

[Image: Dislyte PvP Team]
(Use the image from the original post to represent the team)

In Holobattle, aim for battles with 50 or fewer club points per battle. This will ensure easier and more rewarding battles.

With this comprehensive progression guide, you now have a clear roadmap for success in Dislyte. Whether you’re advancing through story mode, conquering dungeons, or battling it out in PvP, these tips and strategies will help you level up your gameplay. Good luck on your Dislyte journey!

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