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Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula: A Comprehensive Walkthrough and Artifact Guide

Unlocking the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Unveiling the Location

Bishui Plain in Liyue is home to the mysterious Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.

Adventure Rank and Unlock Requirements

To access this domain, players must reach Adventure Rank 30. It becomes available after achieving this milestone.

Domain Information for Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Basic Details

  • Domain Type: Artifact Challenge
  • Resin Cost: Varies
  • Unique Rewards: Lavawalker and Crimson Witch of Flames Artifacts
  • Enemies: Defeat the demons trapped within this labyrinthine domain.

The Sealed Evil and Ritual

Rumors circulate about an ancient ritual that sealed an evil Chi, preventing it from escaping through one of the eight gates. Explore the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula to uncover the truth.

Ley Line Disorders

Ley Line Disorder Level I:

  • Triggering Superconduct results in an Energy Blast that damages nearby opponents.
  • The Frozen status effect lasts significantly longer.
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Ley Line Disorder Level II:

  • Triggering Melt causes an Energy Blast that damages surrounding opponents.
  • Overloaded triggers a powerful blast, dealing damage to your character.

Ley Line Disorder Level III:

  • Superconduct triggers an Energy Blast, damaging nearby foes.
  • Overloaded triggers a forceful blast, harming your character.

Ley Line Disorder Level IV:

  • Melt triggers an Energy Blast, damaging opponents in close proximity.
  • Overloaded results in a powerful blast, affecting your character.

Additional Mechanics

Beware of the Pyro Elemental Node within this stage. It periodically grants nearby opponents a Pyro buff, bolstering their offense and defense. Elemental Reactions can remove this Pyro buff.

Enemies in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Enemy Levels in All Domains

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Walkthrough Tips for the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Utilize Freeze and Superconduct

  • Leverage the power of the Cryo element against enemies in this domain due to the Ley Line Disorder’s extended duration of the Frozen status. Attack freely without concern for enemy retaliation.

Best Elements for Success

  • Top Choices: Cryo
  • Not Recommended: Bad Elements

Recommended Characters for Success

  • Ganyu: Charged Attacks hit multiple enemies, Elemental Burst excels against mobs, and Elemental Skill prevents enemy attacks.
  • Eula: Swiftly clears mobs with Elemental Skill and Burst. Grimheart enables uninterrupted attacks.
  • Kaeya: Quick Elemental Skill cooldown and Elemental Burst freezes mobs.
  • Chongyun: Provides Cryo DMG with Elemental Skill and high DMG with Elemental Burst.
  • Qiqi: Applies Cryo in a wide area and provides healing.
  • Diona: Elemental Skill generates shields, and Elemental Burst provides healing AoE.

Artifacts and Rewards in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

Acquiring Artifacts

  • Lavawalker Set
  • Crimson Witch of Flames Set
  • Defender’s Will Set
  • Martial Artist Set
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Recommended Characters for Artifacts

  • The characters listed above have the highest chances of obtaining 5-Star Artifacts from the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. Consult our comprehensive Artifact List & Best Builds guide for additional information.

Other Drops by Domain Level

  • Level 1:
    • Primogems: 100
    • Adventure EXP: 1850
    • Mora: 15
  • Level 2:
    • Primogems: 100
    • Adventure EXP: 2025
    • Mora: 20
  • Level 3:
    • Primogems: 100
    • Adventure EXP: 2200
    • Mora: 20
  • Level 4:
    • Primogems: 100
    • Adventure EXP: 2525
    • Mora: 20

Domains in Genshin Impact

Complete List of Domains

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  • Liyue Domains
  • Inazuma Domains
  • Sumeru Domains
  • Fontaine Domains

Domain Walkthroughs and Guides

Mondstadt Domains

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  • Talent Materials: Forsaken Rift
  • Artifact Domains: Midsummer Courtyard, Valley of Remembrance, Peak of Vindagnyr

Liyue Domains

  • Weapon Materials: Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula
  • Talent Materials: Taishan Mansion
  • Artifact Domains: Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula, Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, Domain of Guyun, Ridge Watch, The Lost Valley

Inazuma Domains

  • Weapon Materials: Court of Flowing Sand
  • Talent Materials: Violet Court
  • Artifact Domains: Momiji-Dyed Court, Slumbering Court

Sumeru Domains

  • Weapon Materials: Tower of Abject Pride
  • Talent Materials: Steeple of Ignorance
  • Artifact Domains: Spire of Solitary Enlightenment, City of Gold, Molten Iron Fortress

Fontaine Domains

  • Weapon Materials: Echoes of the Deep Tides
  • Talent Materials: Pale Forgotten Glory
  • Artifact Domains: Denouement of Sin

One-Time Domain Guides

  • Mondstadt One-Time Domains: Temple of the Falcon, Temple of the Wolf, Temple of the Lion, Eagle’s Gate
  • Liyue One-Time Domains: Domain of Forsaken Ruins, Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula, Domain of the Wayward Path
  • Inazuma One-Time Domains: Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates, Shakkei Pavilion, Formation Estate, Palace in a Pool, Moshiri Kara
  • Sumeru One-Time Domains: Under the Umbrella’s Shade, The Dark Valley, Fragment of Childhood Dreams, The Coordinates of Sun and Rain, Altar of Mirages, Red Desert Threshold, Garden of Endless Pillars, City of the Deceased, Fane of Panjvahe, Purification Spring, Somalata Inland Sea
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With this comprehensive walkthrough and guide, embark on your journey through the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula and uncover its secrets. Good luck, Traveler!

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