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Dragonflight Restoration Shaman Tree Feedback

Hello everyone! This discussion aims to address the Restoration Shaman talent tree, including talents, potential improvements, and new additions.

Overview of the Restoration Shaman Tree

The Restoration talent tree offers a decent balance of abilities. It encompasses AoE healing (left-middle part), single target healing and mana management (middle-right part), and totem healing and management (right part). However, there is room for improvement. Let’s delve into the suggested changes* (visualized in the link below; remove the space before “com” to access the link – red arrows indicate position changes, yellow squares represent tweaks to existing talents, green squares indicate new talents, and green slashes denote talent additions as choice nodes to other talents): [imgur .com/a/YtSCMkN](imgur .com/a/YtSCMkN)

*Please note that Vesper Totem is not included in this thread, as I have already suggested it be placed in the general Shaman tree as a left side end choice talent alongside Ancestral Guidance. This way, players who enjoy it can pick it regardless of their specialization.

For a quick summary, here are the suggested changes:

  • Primordial Wave: Modify it to affect either Healing Wave (for single target/AoE healing) or Lava Burst (for single target/AoE damage). This enhances its versatility for Resto Shamans.
  • Water Totem Mastery: Buff it to increase competitiveness.
  • Wavespeaker’s Blessing: Provide a buff to improve competitiveness.
  • Undercurrent: Enhance its competitiveness by providing a buff.
  • Water Ascendance: Transform it into a choice node with Earth Ascendance. Earth Ascendance offers an additional shield instead of extra healing, does not distribute its bonus among allies, and can protect against one-shot damage. This alternative adds variety and interest for Shamans by introducing a fourth element Ascendance.
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For a detailed list of suggestions, please review the following:

Row 4:

  • Water Totem Mastery: This talent requires a buff. Consuming Tidal Waves takes a full global cooldown, and the 0.25-second reduction per heal is negligible. Suggested solution: Increase the CD reduction per Tidal Wave stack consumed to 0.5-1 second.

Row 6:

  • Wavespeaker’s Blessing: The current 3-second duration increase of Riptide proves insignificant. Suggested solution: Boost the duration increase to 6 seconds.

Rows 8-9:

  • Primordial Wave and Improved Primordial Wave: Allow them to affect both Healing Wave and Lava Burst (but consume the charges on casting either spell). This choice lets players use it for either (AoE) healing or (AoE) damaging abilities. It synergizes well with offensive or healing-oriented builds.
  • Undercurrent: This talent appears undertuned. The minor healing increase it provides for a 2-point investment is lacking, especially when healing 3 or fewer targets. Suggested solution: Increase the healing increase to 1/2% per active Riptide to enhance competitiveness.

Row 10:

  • Earth Ascendance: Introduce it as a choice node alongside the standard Water Ascendance. Here is the proposed description: “Transform into an Earth Ascendant for 15 seconds, instantly applying a shield to the current allied target (or yourself if no target/enemy is selected). The shield’s value is based on N% Spell Power. While affected, your healing spells create an absorb shield equal to X% of their healing value on their target(s), lasting Y seconds and stacking with itself.” This talent serves a dual purpose of offering a fourth element Ascendance option and addressing certain issues with Water Ascendance. Water Ascendance can heal unintended targets, has diminished value for the main target due to this, is susceptible to Mindgames, and cannot save allies from one-shot damage. Earth Ascendance remedies these concerns by providing a bonus shield solely for the targets of your healing spells. This shield can prevent one-shot damage and is unaffected by Mindgames (though Shattering Throw can still punish it). To balance this and account for potential overhealing, the shield’s value could be slightly reduced (around 80-95% of the healing value). This talent allows Resto Shamans to choose between AoE/healing duplication cooldown and single target/shield generating cooldown, based on their needs in PvE/PvP, thereby adding more variety.

  • Deeply Rooted Elements choice: Adjust it to align with the aforementioned talent’s implementation. If the Restoration Shaman chooses no Ascendance or Water Ascendance, it should activate Water Ascendance. If the Restoration Shaman selects Earth Ascendance, it should activate it instead.

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These are my suggestions for the Restoration talent tree. Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas on potential changes and additions. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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