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Exploring Kehjistan in Diablo 4 (Season 1)


Kehjistan, the desert region housing Alcarnus and Caldeum, is facing a severe threat from a group of cultists rapidly gaining power. As they loot the desert ruins, their newfound strength only serves their ultimate goal of resurrecting the Prime Evils. In this article, we will provide an overview of Kehjistan, emphasizing its key features, points of interest, and activities.

Zone Map

To get a better view of Kehjistan, click on the image below:

Kehjistan Zone Map

Main Town: Gea Kul

The bustling town of Gea Kul serves as Kehjistan’s primary hub. Here, you’ll find numerous NPCs and a convenient waypoint for quick travel. The central area of the town houses important shops like the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Occultist. Whenever you use the town portal within Kehjistan, you’ll be transported back to Gea Kul.


Kehjistan boasts six Waypoints that facilitate swift movement across the region. By utilizing these Waypoints, you can significantly reduce travel time, particularly when attending World Boss Events. Here are the Waypoints found in Kehjistan:

  • Altar of Ruin: Located inside the Stronghold, north of Amber Sands. Accessible once the Stronghold has been cleansed of evil.
  • Iron Wolves Encampment: Situated northeast of Ragged Coastline.
  • Imperial Library: Found in the town, at the northernmost point of Caldeum.
  • Gea Kul: Positioned in the town center, west of Southern Expanse.
  • Denshar: Nestled inside the town, west within the Fields of Hatred.
  • Tarsarak: Situated within the town, in the central area of the Scouring Sands.
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Unique Materials

Inside the Kehjistan region, you’ll discover a special herb known as Lifesbane. This herb is exclusive to the area, making it a valuable resource for adventurers.

Renown and Completion

Increasing your power in Kehjistan primarily relies on Renown, which you can acquire through a variety of activities. As you venture through the region, ensure you explore thoroughly, engaging in side dungeons, liberating strongholds, and collecting Altars of Lilith. Here’s a breakdown of the known Renown activities in Kehjistan:

  • Waypoints: 6
  • Strongholds: 3
  • Side Quests: 44
  • Side Dungeons: 23
  • Altars of Lilith: 31
  • Areas to be discovered: 54

To keep track of your progress, open the Map and review the number of side quests and dungeons you still need to complete. This way, you can collect all available Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Paragon Points effectively. Don’t forget to check out our separate page dedicated to the Altars of Lilith in this zone, which also details their rewards.

Renown Rewards

Completing Renown activities in Kehjistan unlocks various rewards. Take a look at the summary below:

Renown Rewards

To swiftly gain Renown in Kehjistan, follow these tips:

  • Explore the entire region to discover all available Waypoints for quick travel.
  • Regularly assess your Renown progress using the Map.
  • Clear out all three Strongholds to transform them into player-friendly areas.
  • Complete all (blue) Side Quests and Dungeons.
  • Collect Lifesbane herbs along your journey.
  • Seek out and collect all Altars of Lilith.


Marked by a red skull on the mini-map, Strongholds are event areas that must be cleared of enemies to unlock their full potential. Most Strongholds become friendly towns once purged, although some may transform into dungeons. Each successfully cleansed Stronghold grants 100 Renown and valuable experience. Additionally, certain Waypoints and Dungeons can only be accessed after purging a Stronghold. Here are the three Strongholds in Kehjistan:

  • Altar of Ruin: Located in the northern part of Kehjistan.
  • Alcarnus: Positioned in the center of Kehjistan, northwest of Tarsarak.
  • Omath’s Redoubt: Found east of Gea Kul, in the southern region of Kehjistan.
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World Boss

The World Boss Zone of Kehjistan can be found in an area known as Seared Basin, northeast of the region or all the way north from the Tarsarak Waypoint. Prepare yourself for formidable battles against these colossal monsters, challenging for both melee and ranged players. For an in-depth guide on World Boss encounters, check out our article on Avarice The Gold Cursed Guide. Don’t miss the opportunity to fight alongside other players or friends, as world bosses have a chance to drop a special item called Scattered Prism, which grants the ability to add sockets to specific gear slots.

With this comprehensive overview, you’re ready to embark on your adventure through Kehjistan in Diablo 4 (Season 1). Stay vigilant, hone your skills, and emerge victorious against the forces of darkness!

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