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How to Defeat Ecthar Shield of Savathun in Destiny 2 – Guide to the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Encounter 2

Ecthar, known as the Shield of Savathun, is the first boss you’ll encounter in the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon in Destiny 2. While it may seem daunting at first, mastering this fight is all about patience and staying calm. Although there’s no enrage mechanic, it’s crucial to be cautious, as the risk of wiping out is high for the average Fireteam. To overcome this challenge, we’ll explore the E-E-A-T factors and break down the encounter step by step.

Understanding the Dungeon Arena

The arena is divided into two main layers: above and below water. Familiarizing yourself with both areas before the fight is highly recommended. For this guide’s purpose, we’ll refer to the raised area with stairs and statues (seen in the first encounter) as the “front” of the room. On the other hand, the area with coffin-like stones and the spot for the Banner will be called the “back” of the room.

Mastering the Mechanics: Step by Step

  1. To initiate the encounter, take out the kneeling acolytes near the large burning flame. Keep in mind that this is where Ecthar will spawn later.

  2. Three Blistered Knights will appear in the front of the room, positioned on the left, right, and central raised areas. Eliminate all three of them.

  3. Once the knights are defeated, the Keeper of the Deep, an Ogre, will spawn. Dispose of the Ogre to generate a Deepsight node where the Acolytes were kneeling.

  4. Interact with the node and examine the blank hive runes to your left and right. Each rune will display three symbols that you need to locate under the water.

  5. Dive into the water through any of the holes (remember, you can only resurface through the large hole with upward-flowing bubbles). Take your time and maintain distance from Ecthar, who will follow you. Having a map of the area, like the one created by the skilled Destiny 2 community member pryanie, can greatly assist you.

  6. Find and interact with all three runes in any order you prefer. Air bubbles are available underwater, allowing you to resurface and dive back down whenever necessary.

  7. Activating the Hive runes will trigger the appearance of a Lightbearer Hive Wizard. Players who remained out of the water can eliminate these wizards and destroy their Ghosts. Doing so grants them the Vestige of Light buff for a short period.

  8. The players with the Vestige of Light buff should approach one of the three statues located on the right, left, or far front of the room and imbue it with the buff. The order of imbuing doesn’t matter, but doing one closer to the back of the room last minimizes travel time.

  9. Ecthar will spawn where the Acolytes were positioned initially. Make your way to the back of the room, where the Raid Banner can be placed. Here, a Wellkeeper Knight will appear. Defeat the Wellkeeper Knight, and they will leave a pool of green goo on the ground.

  10. Stand within the green goo to expose Ecthar’s shield and deal damage. Weapons like Arbalest work well against the shield, and Supers can deal significant damage. Repeat this process until Ecthar is defeated. Remember to smash Ecthar’s Ghost to truly end the fight.

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And there you have it! I managed to successfully complete this encounter solo by utilizing the powerful Titan Solar Synthoceps build that excels in challenging content. Patience is key. If a teammate goes down, take your time reviving them. Assign specific roles to each member of your Fireteam, and you’ll overcome this encounter with ease.

Ecthar Damage Strategies

Dealing damage to Ecthar can be tricky, as it depends on the weapons available to you. Grand Overture blast, Lament, Supers, Xenophage, and the reliable Bonk Hammer build have all proven effective in various runs I’ve participated in.

Ultimately, patience is essential. If your Power level is low or your damage output is lacking, it becomes a waiting game. Focus on avoiding wipes and maximizing your damage during each phase. It might be more beneficial to engage in easier content to boost your Power level and acquire better equipment instead of repeatedly struggling in the Dungeon without making significant progress.

If you find yourself running low on Heavy Ammo, ensure that you and your team equip Heavy Ammo Finder and Heavy Ammo Scout on your Helmets. This will increase the chances of solid drops for everyone.

Once you’ve successfully completed the fight, you can refer to the video below for guidance on reaching the next encounter. The video also reveals the location of a secret chest, providing extra loot.


Map designed by pyranie, courtesy of r/RaidSecret subreddit.

Feel free to click the image for a full HD version or visit the provided link for more details. Utilize this map to enhance your journey through the depths of the dungeon.

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By following these strategies and utilizing effective teamwork, you’ll emerge victorious in the encounter with Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun. Good luck, Guardian!

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