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How to Obtain Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives: Edge of Intent, Edge of Concurrence, and Edge of Action | Comprehensive Guide

To unlock the brand new Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives, players must complete the Report: Reverse-Lure quest found in the Evidence Board on Mars. However, obtaining this quest was initially challenging due to its locked status, which could only be unlocked by completing all the Evidence Board quests, one of which was not yet available in the game.

The release of the Vow of the Disciple raid changed this. With the raid’s release, the final Evidence Board quest became accessible, making the Report: Reverse-Lure exotic quest available as well.

Quick Guide to Obtaining Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives

  1. Complete all the Evidence Board quests:

    • Report: Resonance-Comp
    • Report: Altar-Reflect
    • Report: Relic-Data
    • Report: Steps-Retraced
    • Report: Scorn-Order
    • Report: Pyramid-Inspect
  2. Complete the Report: Reverse-Lure exotic quest.

Accessing the Evidence Board

To unlock the exotic Glaives, players must first gain access to the Evidence Board. This can be achieved by completing The Investigation mission, the third mission of The Witch Queen campaign. After completing The Investigation, players should speak with Ikora Rey at the Enclave. She will then provide the Hard Evidence mission.

Completing the Hard Evidence mission requires players to venture into Savathun’s Throne World. Upon arriving, head to the designated location marker in the Quagmire area and defeat the waves of enemies that spawn. Afterward, return to Ikora Rey at the Enclave to gain access to the Evidence Board.

Unlocking the Report: Reverse-Lure Quest

Once the Evidence Board is unlocked, players will see several quests, including the Exotic Quest Report: Reverse-Lure. However, they will not be able to acquire the exotic quest until they complete all the other quests on the board. Some of these quests require specific steps to unlock them, such as accessing the Wellspring and completing higher difficulty weekly missions.

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Refer to the detailed guide below for information on each Report quest on the Evidence Board and the requirements for completing them.

Report: Resonance-Comp

This quest is relatively simple. Players need to search the Quagmire, Fluorescent Canal, and Miasma areas for interactive locations where they can eliminate enemies that will spawn. Upon defeating these enemies, players will obtain a Resonant Rune. The next step involves traveling to the Witch’s Echo to collect an Osmic Fragment. Finally, players must report their findings to the Evidence Board.

Report: Altar-Reflect

In this quest, players must complete the Altar of Reflection: Catalyst mission. The mission involves solving puzzles by shooting patterns that differ from the majority. After completing the puzzles, players need to defeat the Lucent Brood Hive Guardians and the Altar Witch Eye Shrieker. Interacting with the Altar will trigger a memory about Savathun’s experience with the Glaive, which players must then share with the Evidence Board.

Report: Scorn-Order

The Report: Scorn-Order quest is straightforward. Players must travel to Savathun’s Throne World, eliminate challenging Scorn enemies, and collect 12 Marching Orders dropped by these enemies. Once done, they should return to the Evidence Board to share their findings.

Report: Relic-Data

The Report: Relic-Data quest is the most time-consuming and challenging mission of them all. The first step requires players to shape Throne World weapons: Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring at the Enclave on Mars. To accomplish this, players must acquire the respective weapons, which require the Deepsight Resonance to drop a few times.

In the second step, players must repeat the process for the Come to Pass and Tarnation weapons, which are obtained from the Wellspring activity. Obtaining these weapons can be time-consuming because Wellspring drops are rare and available on a four-day rotation. Players must dedicate time to farming Wellspring or attempt the challenging master version for more frequent drops.

Once players have acquired two Come to Pass and two Tarnation weapons with Deepsight Resonance, they can extract the materials and unlock their Patterns. These shaped weapons can then be crafted at the Enclave. Check out the Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Guide for more information.

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The next step involves reshaping a weapon with an Enhanced Trait using Ascendant Alloys. Players must level up a weapon until they reach a level where they can reshape it with the Enhanced Trait. This can be accomplished by using the weapon during activities or defeating enemies in locations like the Shuro Chi checkpoint or the first encounter of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

After completing all the steps, players should return to the Evidence Board to share their findings.

Report: Steps-Retraced

The Report: Steps-Retraced quest is initially locked and can only be accessed by unlocking the weekly story missions. Players need to level up their Fynch reputation on Savathun’s Throne World by completing Patrols, Public Events, and other activities. Once unlocked, players must complete the weekly story mission and collect Insights dropped by Champions within the mission. Afterward, players should return to the Evidence Board to share their findings.

Report: Pyramid-Inspect

The Report: Pyramid-Inspect quest was unlocked with the release of the Vow of the Disciple raid. This raid introduced the Perseverance mission, which is similar to the raid entrance but with slight differences. To complete this quest, players must finish the Perseverance mission and collect Resonant Runes by defeating Scorn enemies.

During the Perseverance mission, players must power up a boat by collecting fonts of knowledge each time it stops. Players must collect a total of nine fonts of knowledge, but they can only carry three at a time. Afterward, players proceed through the mission until they reach a room with multiple doors. By entering the room with the open door and eliminating the enemies inside, players will trigger a symbol indicating the next door they should enter.

After repeating the process, players will enter an open space area where they must defeat a group of Scorn Fanatics. Once this is completed, players should travel to the Evidence Board to share their findings.

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Completing the Report: Reverse-Lure Quest

After completing all the Evidence Board Report quests, players can finally pick up the Report: Reverse-Lure exotic quest. This quest represents the final step in acquiring the exotic Glaives and is straightforward.

Interact with the Evidence Board to obtain the Osmic Fragment and travel to Queen’s Bailey to set a trap for Immaru, Savathun’s Ghost. Follow the Lucent Brood back to their base and defeat them. Finally, return to the Evidence Board to claim the exotic Glaive Pattern for the class in which the player completed the quest.

With the exotic Glaive Pattern in hand, players only need to visit the crafting relic and shape their new Glaive. The crafting process does not require any materials.

Obtaining Additional Exotic Glaive Patterns

Unlocking all three exotic Glaives can be frustrating as the patterns are acquired through random drops. After obtaining the first exotic Glaive Pattern via the Report: Reverse-Lure quest, the remaining two patterns can be obtained by completing the Wellspring activity. However, these drops are rare and random, so players should be prepared to invest more time into Wellspring if they desire all three exotic Glaives.

Consider completing the Report: Reverse-Lure quest on the class that corresponds to the desired exotic Glaive.

Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives List and Perks

Edge of Intent

Destiny 2 Edge of Intent
The Edge of Intent is the Warlock’s exclusive Solar Glaive. Its exotic perk is called Restorative Turret. When the Glaive is fully charged, players can consume its energy by pressing the reload button. This action deploys a healing turret upon impact with the next shot.

Edge of Concurrence

Destiny 2 Edge of Concurrence
The Edge of Concurrence is the Hunter’s exclusive Arc Glaive. Its exotic perk is called Lightning Seeker. When the Glaive is fully charged, players can consume its energy by pressing the reload button. This action causes the next shot to track targets across the ground and unleash chain lightning upon impact.

Edge of Action

Destiny 2 Edge of Action
The Edge of Action is the Titan’s exclusive Void Glaive. Its exotic perk is called Remote Shield. When the Glaive is fully charged, players can consume its energy by pressing the reload button. This action deploys a protective shield upon impact with the next shot.

Refer to the Exotics List for more information.

With this comprehensive guide, players can now confidently embark on their journey to obtain the Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives. Good luck!

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